Aiwis 2.0 Review and Discount (25% CASHBACK)

Aiwis 2.0 Cash Back Discount:
25% Front End + 25% OTO #1

Welcome to my Aiwis 2.0 review and 25% Cashback discount (Front-End & OTO #1).

Aiwis 2.0 is the new and improved version of Craig Crawford’s highly advanced AI video marketing sales system.

Since I figured you might be wondering, AIWIS stands for “Artificial Intelligence Website Interactive System”.

In a nutshell, Aiwis 2.0 allows you to create customized marketing messages and deploy personalized marketing strategies.

It comes with highly professional pre-loaded skins and templates, so there is no need for technical skills here; the designs are completely done-for-you.

I have published nearly 500 reviews on this blog to date, but I had never seen anything quite like Aiwis.

The demand and popularity of the original Aiwis product definitely helped pave the way for this latest version which has been refined and upgraded as you will see in the official Aiwis 2.0 demo video.

In fact, I would highly recommend watching the Aiwis 2.0 demo below to SEE why it has so many marketers excited about what it can and will do for their business.

BUT FIRST… I have not even told you the BEST PART:

I have a very special discount that you will not find on any other Aiwis 2.0 review page because it is exclusive to Mecanto Reviews. I am offering a CASH BACK aka money sent to your PayPal account when you purchase Aiwis 2.0 through this review page! I am the ONLY Aiwis 2.0 reviewer that is offering an exclusive 25% PayPal Cashback Discount on the Front-End product and OTO #1 (first upsell). Do not worry; I have outlined all of the details in its own section below…

Aiwis 2.0 Demo

Check out this official Aiwis 2.0 demo to watch this product in action!

Aiwis 2.0 Review

AIWIS 2.0 (Artificial Intelligence Website Interactive System) is a powerful app that allows users to create and deploy personalized marketing messages and strategies so that you are treating each of your visitors like the unique individuals that they are, as opposed to a general “one size fits all” approach which, unfortunately, is how the vast majority of websites are.

By creating a unique and personalized experience for your visitors, you are putting yourself in a position to maximize the value of each person that checks into your website.

And of course when you are giving your audience a superior experience which makes them engage during their visit, your websites and campaigns will become more profitable as a result (more engagement leads to increased conversions and sales).

In fact, this was the concept behind the original version of AIWIS.

It is a known fact that videos are associated with much higher conversion rates than any other form of content.

It is also a known fact that viewer engagement has several benefits and among those are higher rankings (Google and YouTube) and increased conversions (and more profits).

So the question was “how do we leverage the power of video to increase visitor engagement?”

Because the thing is, so many marketers are fully aware that they need videos and they need engagement, but they do not have a solution on how to get the desired results.

This is what Aiwis 2.0 is able to achieve which is what makes it such a powerful app.

Aiwis 2.0 includes “journeys” which basically allows Aiwis to perform according to what your visitors are doing (or not doing).

Inside the app there is a store for people to purchase more journeys for their marketing campaigns because it is evergreen, so they can list their own and sell them to other people within the Aiwis community to enhance their money-making efforts.

If you are familiar with Click Funnels’ share links, Aiwis 2.0’s journey system is somewhat like that.

Aiwis 2.0 gives you the ability to gather intelligence on your visitors including information such as where they came from and even their actions.

In addition, it can send vocal messages in 24 different languages including different genders and ages.

“But that feature was already included with Aiwis 1.0”.

True, but here is a brand new feature:

With Aiwis 2.0, you will be able to convey vocal marketing messages that are personal and it can speak to your visitors in their own language on auto-pilot and the messages are personal too!

I had to put that part in bold because it is so advanced and so cool! And yet it could not be any easier to implement than it is.

Example of how you would use AIWIS 2.0

I took the following example from the vendor’s JV page because I have personally always liked to have examples of products that I am interested in, so I can visualize how it works and whether it would benefit my business.

So here is a scenario using AIWIS:

Now, let’s imagine that you are using Aiwis 2.0 and you are setting up your marketing strategies/journeys in your language.

Everything is setup and ready to work its magic on auto-pilot as soon as visitors start coming into your website.

So, your first visitor shows up and it triggers Aiwis to activate and do its thing.

This particular visitor is coming from Mexico, so Aiwis takes the message that you originally wrote in English and auto-translates and engages the visitor in their Spanish native language. Simple as that.

Your next visitor arrives at your site. This time the person is in India. Still, it’s no problem for Aiwis 2.0. The system will proceed to automatically vocalize your original English message in the Indian language to connect with your visitor.

Alright, now back to my review…

Remember, with websites we are in a worldwide business!

It seems too often marketers are guilty of neglecting everything that is outside their part of the world and I have made this same mistake many times (heck, most of the time).

But when you look at your website stats you can see where all of your visitors are coming from and I guarantee that you are getting a LOT of visitors from different countries all over the world…

…and if you are only speaking one language to all of these visitors, you might as well forget about the traffic you are getting from foreign countries because it will never convert for you.

The AIWIS 2.0 technology is fully compatible with smart and mobile devices. It also allows you to display opt-in forms, buttons, overlays and more, in addition to the personalized marketing messages. that have been my focal point in this review

The product is sweet, but my EXCLUSIVE bonus discount is sweeter…

In addition, I am offering an Exclusive 25% PayPal Cash Rebate which means I will share my Aiwis 2.0 commission with YOU and put money back into your pocket through PayPal. As a result, I am literally offering the BEST price online guaranteed! More details on my discount are below…

Pricing & Cashback

Aiwis 2.0 will become available beginning on 8/8 at 10:00 AM EST. At this time, Craig Crawford will have a limited time discount and pricing will start at $27-$37 but is subject to increase over time, so it is best to get in early!

By purchasing this product through my review blog, you will qualify for my exclusive 25% Cash Rebate.

With this discount, I am proud to say that I am literally offering the BEST PRICE ONLINE…

Aiwis 2.0 Funnel:

[Front-End] Aiwis 2.0 $37 (25% Cashback)

Please note:  After launch week, Aiwis 2.0 is going to increase to $47/monthly! This is your ONLY chance to get this product for $37 lifetime. That means only one payment that is also cheaper than the regular monthly fee and gets you lifetime access. Not to mention, my exclusive discount on top of that! There are insanely good savings on Aiwis 2.0 if you act today.

[OTO #1] Aiwis Academy $37 (25% Cashback)

[OTO #2] Aiwis Ambition Club (AAC) $27/month

Alternatively, you can sign up for the AAC trial for only $1 which renews to $27/month if you decide to keep your subscription.

[OTO #3] Aiwis 2.0 Commercial License $67

This license allows you to sell Aiwis 2.0 and keep 100% of the profits to yourself as if it were your own product.

[OTO #4] Captipic – The Ultimate Personalisation Suite $37/month or $270/ya

Cashback Information (MUST READ):

Although prices in the sales funnel are subject to change throughout the launch, I will honor the 25% PayPal Cashback on any amount you paid.

The 25% Cashback offer is ONLY valid for the Front-End purchase and OTO #1 (first upsell). It does NOT apply to any upsells after OTO #1.

***Please be advised***

Aiwis 2.0 comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Since you have the right to request a full refund of the total amount paid from the vendor within 30 days of your purchase, I will have to wait until the end of your refund period to send your cash discount as well.

Simply put, since I am giving you a cash rebate from the commission I earn when you purchase through my review blog, I also lose my commission in the event of a refund, which means I lose your share of the cash rebate too!

If you have any questions about my Cash Back system please visit the How it Works page or contact me.

3 Steps to Claim Your Cashback:

IMPORTANT: Please CLEAR YOUR COOKIES to make sure you will receive credit for this purchase! Click here to see how.

1. Purchase Aiwis 2.0 through any link on this review page or HERE

2. Check your Email and find your receipt from JVZoo (subject line will usually begin with ‘[RECEIPT]’)

3. Fill out your Claim Rewards form

Money Back Guarantee

Aiwis 2.0 also comes with a money back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied, the vendor will issue a full refund of your purchase. Please note that a refund will void your Cashback offer as well. Otherwise, at the end of the refund period we will promptly send your 25% PayPal Cashback.


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