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Welcome to my Commission Sniper review and bonus page.

There is no question video has taken over online marketing and converts exponentially better than any other form of online media.

Nobody argues with this fact and the statistics speak for themselves, but…

Unfortunately, it does not change the fact that creating and rankings videos is an extremely tedious chore and it is difficult as well.

Even if you know what you are doing, creating a marketing video takes a lot of time to achieve.

Let me give you an example…

Let’s say you are creating a sales page and you already know your sales pitch.

Which one is easier:

Publishing your sales copy in writing? Or turning that script into a video?

It’s obviously much easier to simply write it out and publish it on a web page…

But it’s also much more powerful to turn it into a video…

So there lies our dilemma… writing is much easier and creating videos gives us much better conversion rates.

Commission Sniper was created to give marketers a solution to that dilemma.

With Commission Sniper we can create these powerful marketing videos AND build backlinks and social signals all with a few clicks of a button.

Now, I know that sounds like a viable and exciting solution, BUT…

Everyone that has purchased online marketing software knows this:

Not everything can be simply turned into an automated process.

Commission Sniper attempts to automate the process of creating videos… which other marketers have tried and failed in the past…

And Commission Sniper also attempts to automate the process of building backlinks… which other products have tried and failed in the past…

And by “failed” I mean that even if it “worked” it may not have been “good enough” to yield the results being advertised.

But that is precisely why I am here to do a fair and honest review for you today and I promise that is what you are going to get especially because if Commission Sniper does accomplish what it advertises at a high level, then it will become a valuable product in my own online marketing business because I have been wanting to harness the power of video marketing for a long time, but I am not particularly good at creating my own videos.

Having said that, please continue reading my Commission Sniper review and speaking of videos, I would recommend that you start by watching the Commission Sniper demo directly below this section to get a look inside the software itself.


Commission Sniper Demo

Check out this Commission Sniper demo to see how it works in action. This demo will give you a visual concept of Commission Sniper so you have a clearer idea of how this product would benefit your online business…

Commission Sniper Review

Commission Sniper is a video marketing software that automates the process of creating marketing videos and then after they have been created, the software further automates the important processes of building backlinks and social signals for your videos so they can be quickly indexed and ranked on Google and YouTube.

Commission Sniper allows users to create promotional videos which means this software can be used to quickly generate marketing videos that promote any offer in any niche.

In other words, it can be used for affiliate offers, eCommerce, CPA and list building, among other possibilities.

On paper, Commission Sniper looks to be something like a gift from the marketing gods…

After all, every online marketer is in agreement that videos are extremely powerful for marketing purposes and they convert better than anything else, but it’s not easy to create a marketing video and it’s very time consuming and tedious to build backlinks.

In fact, while some of us might actually enjoy the process of creating videos, nobody likes building backlinks; it’s about as boring as a full-time data entry job (and very similar).

But the more automation we can achieve in the process of building backlinks, the more tolerable it is.

Commission Sniper seems to promise full automation in that regard, but I’ve seen these things before, so my burning questions were:

1. How many backlinks and social signals can it create?

2. Which backlinks and social signals does it create?

3. What is the overall success rate with its attempts to build backlinks and social signals?

Furthermore, I used to be a user of GSA Search Engine Ranker.

This software was used to build backlinks, but it was also known to be quite difficult for newbies because of its many options when setting up a new link building campaign…

But many of these options were necessary and one of the reasons other link building products have failed in the past is because they tried to add too much simplification to something that could not be simplified that much.

That said, while Commission Sniper had me excited to try it out, my expectations were held in check for the time being.

Does it pass the test?

When trying out the Commission Sniper app itself, I was looking for 3 main things:

1. Does it have an intuitive and user-friendly interface?

2. Is the process of creating videos, backlinks and social signals as easy and automated as advertised?

3. Does it work? Or do we run into a bunch of errors?

In regards to the Commission Sniper interface, I was impressed in terms of it being clean and intuitive.


The dashboard gives you a nice overview of your videos and campaigns and the menu on the left conveniently gives users access to all of the app’s primary features.

The “Research” tool is used to find profitable keyword opportunities on YouTube and it can also give you some good video marketing ideas.

Commission Sniper will report back to you with suggested keywords based on the main keyword you type in and results with approximate search traffic on Google and YouTube, the number of videos in the Top 10 search results for that keyword and it also gauges the level of “difficulty” for that keyword.

But our main focus is the “Video Creator” and “Backlinks” tools because those are our money makers.

Commission Sniper basically creates marketing videos from still images that you provide (i.e. slideshow style marketing videos).

Slideshow videos are relatively basic, but with the right images (slides) selected they can be very powerful and they can rank as well as any other video.

The only thing you need to do to create your video inside the app is select your images, select your delay between images and then click “Upload”.

In my opinion, it may have been nice to have a few extra features, but they did say we could create videos with the “click of a button” so I guess they were not kidding about that.

After you have a video, the next step is to create backlinks for your video so it can rank quickly on Google and YouTube.

Once again, you can achieve this very quickly inside Commission Sniper by simply typing a title and description for your backlinks and provide your YouTube link.


The “Description” is the same thing as the body of your post for the backlinks being created, so if the backlink was a blog post, your description would be the post itself.

Therefore, you would treat the description as a mini blog post and basically type in a one or two paragraph summary of your video.

After you enter your video URL and click “Save changes” the app will proceed to build your backlinks and signals automatically.

Commission Sniper also gives users the ability to track their video rankings inside the app by using the “Keyword Tracker”.


In the screenshot above, I did not enter a specific YouTube link which is why the rankings all show “0” but I wanted to show you how it looks from inside the app.

You can see both current and previous rankings on Google and YouTube which can be very useful.

Final Verdict

Upon testing the product itself, Commission Sniper did not break any promises. It promises automation and an easy way to create and rank videos and that is exactly what it provides.

The vendor also “pretty much guarantees” that all of your videos will rank. To verify a statement like that, I would have to be using Commission Sniper for about a month after creating several videos and tracking their performance, so that is something I will have to continue testing.

Fortunately, since Commission Sniper offers a 30 day money back guarantee that gives all of its users ample time to create a bunch of videos with the product and determine how effectively they rank with nothing to lose.

For that reason – along with everything I’ve mentioned in the section above – I would highly recommend this product to you.

In terms of value, the amount of time it takes to create videos and automatically build backlinks and social signals for them is unparalleled and highly efficient, so this is a great way to create videos for profitable keyword opportunities in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

And since online marketers make more money by finding ways to save more time, Commission Sniper can be a true asset in your online marketing toolbox in that regard.


Product Features

Here is a list of Commission Sniper’s features (which I pulled from the sales page):

 100% Cloud Based: There is nothing to download or install; just use your unique login at the web address provided.

 Built-In Video Creator: Use the video creation tool included to create your marketing videos with just a few clicks!

 Automated Backlinks: The software builds free backlinks for you eliminating the need to do it yourself or pay for them

 Automated Social Signals:  Your videos will get automatic social signals from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Delicious, Diigo and WordPress

 Video Training: Commission Sniper does not give you the software and then leave you in the dark; you will see how to use it and maximize your profits with video marketing.

 Optimized for Mobile: All of your videos will be fully compatible and conveniently viewed from any device.

 Tiered Link Building: Commission Sniper will backlink your backlinks to ensure they are built to last in the search engines so you can attain high rankings and stay there.

 Keyword Research: Automatically find keywords that will drive more traffic

 Keyword Tracking: Type any keyword and find out where your videos are ranking on Google & YouTube

 Ping Your Backlinks: Includes built-in backlink pinger to get your videos indexed in Google ASAP

 Text-to-Speech: You can either use pre-recorded audio for your videos or take advantage of the text-to-speech feature and let the software do it for you


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