CryptoSuite Review and Discount (25% Cash Back)

CryptoSuite Cashback Discount:
25% Back on Your First Payment!

CryptoSuiteCryptoSuite is the very first cryptocurrency software designed to help you identify the most profitable digital coins of the day and make money!

Let me start by telling you a little bit about my first hand experience with cryptocurrency, bitcoins to be specific.

This is a story that pains me to tell because it does not have a happy ending and it represents the biggest missed opportunity of my entire life.

You see, I was raving about bitcoins years ago before anyone in my circles even knew what they were.

I started buying them at between $7-$50 and owned well over 100 bitcoins over a year’s time which would be enough to make me a millionaire today.

However, since it was my first investment, I made some serious mistakes and when I watched bitcoins skyrocket to $1000+ at an alarming rate and then subsequently start to crash for the first time, I panicked… and sold everything.

Sure, I did make money from my original investment, but I cannot imagine what my life might have been today if I simply followed my own advice, had faith in cryptocurrency, and remained patient.

The reason I tell you this story is because I wanted NOTHING to do with cryptocurrency for the longest time. I’ve literally tried to live my life pretending that my bitcoin experience never happened.

This honestly changed for me when I discovered CryptoSuite by Luke Maguire.

I’ve talked to a lot of people about bitcoins in the past year and the common sentiment is “I wish I went in on it earlier” or even “I wish I listened to you” (because I told nearly everyone in my circle that it was the real deal).

If you can relate to these regrets, I have good news:

CryptoSuite truly represents a second chance for all of us to get rich from cryptocurrency; it is NOT too late. Here is why…

Did you know there are over 1800+ different cryptocurrencies and many of these are extremely volatile often exponentially increasing in value in a 24 hour period?

This volatility is precisely what makes cryptos the most profitable investment today. Heck it is making the stock market look like a thing of the past because the opportunity to profit is so much greater with crypto!

Have we not learned this already from bitcoin? From litecoin? From ethereum? From ripple?

It seems every month a different name pops up, but what if you could be a step ahead of that?

What if you could identify the most volatile cryptocurrencies on the market every single day?

In my experience with cryptocurrency, I learned that day traders were among the biggest money makers because they were profiting from this volatility, but a lot of them were getting their information inside circles, online forums like bitcointalk and word of mouth.

CryptoSuite literally automates the manual work done by seasoned expert day traders so that you are going to have a huge advantage over EVERYONE, including them!

Man, I cannot remember the last time I’ve had so much excitement writing a product review, but there is good reason for it…

After all, when you combine Luke Maguire, the top vendor in Jvzoo history, with crypto currency, the most profitable trend in the world right now, you have something that is going to make a LOT of money for a LOT of people and I know I am going to be part of that. How about you?

CryptoSuite Review
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Vendor: Luke Maguire et al
Launch Date: 4/11/2018
Price: $37+/Month or $247+/Year
Cash Back: 25% (See review for details)
Official Link:

CryptoSuite Demo

I have created a bunch of videos for my CryptoSuite review but I have chosen to show you my PowerPoint presentation here because in this video I give you an introduction to CryptoSuite and give you examples of how this product can help you make money from cryptocurrencies…

CryptoSuite Review

CryptoSuite is a groundbreaking and exciting new software that maximizes the profitability of cryptocurrency investing by automating the manual processes being used by crypto experts so that you have the ability to identify the most profitable coins every day without the need for manual work or expert knowledge.

Most importantly – if you happened to catch my own story earlier in this review – CryptoSuite represents a SECOND CHANCE for any of us that missed the boat on bitcoins.

For many of us, bitcoins are a bit “out of reach” at this point. We are long past the days of being able to purchase a single bitcoin for under $100.

But that hardly means there are no more opportunities for us. On the contrary…

There are over 1800+ other crypto coins on the market right now and this figure is constantly increasing.

Bitcoin itself is extremely flawed and many of these newer crypto coins represent a “new and improved” version of bitcoin or perhaps “what bitcoin was supposed to be”.

That means it is very likely that someday one of these alt currencies will rise above bitcoin and establish itself as the standard and that means we have a HUGE opportunity in front of us RIGHT NOW.

Think about it…

Before Google became synonymous with searching the Internet, Yahoo was known as the world’s biggest search engine.

Before AOL became the biggest Internet Service Provider in the United States, there was CompuServe and Prodigy.

It happens all the time. Someone comes out with a groundbreaking idea, creates it, and then another person or company comes out later to optimize that idea and eventually takes over.

So, in the world of cryptocurrency, who is going to be the next Google and AOL?

Right now the crypto world is like the Wild Wild West and that means we have an amazing opportunity in front of us…

There are constantly different crypto coins rising to the top as the day’s biggest gainer in terms of its market value.

If we have a system to identify the top gainers (and losers) of the day that means we have an excellent opportunity to cash in on the most volatile coins of the day and cash out profits over and over again.

After all, this is what the top experts in crypto day trading have been doing for a long time, but the reason CryptoSuite review changes the game for everyone is because it’s a platform that automatically puts this valuable information right in front of our eyes.

Here is what CryptoSuite can do:

 It picks the “winning” coins of the day so you will know exactly which coins are growing the fastest on a daily basis. No more guesswork, just raw data at your fingertips in REAL TIME.

 You will receive LIVE NOTIFICATIONS on when it is time to invest in the hottest coins on the market by emailing you and updating your dashboard when a new coin is on the brink of taking off so you can get in EARLY.

 You can request Trigger Alerts on individual coins so you will not only know the best time to BUY but also the best time to SELL by getting live alerts when your portfolio drops below ‘X’ or grows by ‘Y’

 You will have access to live tables that show you ALL digital currencies in the world so you have full visibility into what is happening RIGHT NOW.

 Get the full history and background info on ANY crypto coin of interest.

✓ Keep track of your profits with CryptoSuite’s built-in portfolio that will show you how much you have earned and how much your portfolio is worth.

 Includes a complete training series that will guide you with everything you need to know about crypto currency including how to open a wallet, how to buy, how to trade and how to pick winners and make serious profits.

 Access to the VIP CryptoSuite Group which gives you direct access to Luke Maguire and others that have become multimillionaires through crypto investments. You will also be able to connect with other CryptoSuite customers like you!

Although we are only in April of the new year, it is easy to see how CryptoSuite will be going down as one of this year’s biggest JVZoo products in terms of highly profitable systems. It is no secret that cryptocurrency is where it’s at in 2018 and if you do not want to miss the boat (again) this is a tool that can truly make you a lot of money.

CryptoSuite Preview

Cryptocurrency and I have a long history, so even if I made a huge mistake in the past by not holding on to the bitcoins that I purchased at price points between $7 and $50, at least I came away from the experience with a crypto knowledge that helps me explain and review CryptoSuite to you perhaps a little better than the next affiliate

In this section, I’m going to take you through the CryptoSuite platform and review what each section can do for you.

Let’s get started…


Home Page

This is a screenshot of the CryptoSuite dashboard as you will find it after logging into your account.

The platform is mobile responsive, so if you are logging in from a mobile device, this will look a little different to you, but as I’ve tested the platform on mobile devices, I can tell you that it is equally impressive from any device with all of the information and options you see above, cleanly laid out in the mobile optimized versions as well.

The first thing you’ll find is live values of the Total Market Cap, Total Coins (total count on all crypto coins in the world right now), Bitcoin Share % and 24h Volume.

As you can see, there are a LOT of crypto coins in circulation right now and that’s precisely why I’m not surprised how it seems every day I read about someone that got rich from another coin that I never heard of!

Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, someone can profit from cryptos faster than any other investment I can think of especially with live visibility into the Top Gainers like we see here.

The amazing thing to me is that each day I’ve logged into CryptoSuite, the Top Gainers have been completely different and thanks to the Live Notifications you will be getting, the app will automatically notify you when another hot coin is on the rise so you can capitalize on it early instead of being too late. That is HUGE because it eliminates the guesswork…

Also, I’d like you to make note of the price points of the Top Gainers. See how cheap they are? Unlike Bitcoin, most crypto coins are affordable for EVERYONE that wants to get in on them and with ridiculously high price increases in just a 24 hour period, it is common sense why people are going nuts over crypto all over the world today.

Below the Top Gainers and Top Losers, you will also see the Favorites area. Mine is empty in the screenshot, but this is where you can “favorite” any crypto coin and CryptoSuite will always keep track of it on your home page.


Crypto Markets

This section gives you live market information on all the coins out there and also allows us to filter our results based on any combination of Market Value, Daily Volume, Percent Change and % Change Duration.

Each value is sortable and all of the information is brought to you in real time so any changes in these values will be automatically updated as soon as it happens.


Here you can set specific alerts for your portfolio. For example, you can tell CryptoSuite to alert you when one of your favorite coins increases by x% or decreases by y% so you will be notified when it is time to buy/sell. I remember sitting at (which no longer exists) and constantly watching the values change every minute. It would go up, down, up, up, down, down, down, etc. and it would drive me crazy! CryptoSuite allows users to “set and forget” with the Alerts system, plus it is a much smarter and more efficient way to manage your Portfolio anyway.



This is perhaps my favorite section of all because it’s pretty much a “cheat sheet” for the easiest way to make profits on cryptocurrency on my opinion.

There are LOTS of cryptocurrency exchanges out there and all of them have slightly different market values for each crypto coin (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.)

That means it is entirely possible to buy bitcoin (for example) from one exchange where bitcoin is priced lower than other exchanges and then flip it for profit on another exchange that has a higher value associated with bitcoin.

This method is extremely popular, but until CryptoSuite came along, the process was extremely tedious because you would have to manually search and keep track of a crypto’s value on each exchange of interest.

With the Arbitage table, you have live access to the current prices of any crypto on any exchange to find out where you can buy cheap and sell high (over and over again).

When you hover over any of the prices in the Arbitage table, you will see this:


How awesome is that? Do you see why this is my favorite section in the entire app? This section – by itself – is one of my favorites in this review and it is a game changer for all of us because it allows us to make accurate decisions and flip these coins with much greater efficiency.


This is where you can enter all of your crypto assets just once and then CryptoSuite will keep track of them for you automatically.

I do not mean that you have to go through the trouble of linking your bitcoin wallet to the CryptoSuite platform; it’s as simple as clicking Add > Specify Coin Type > Specify Price > Specify Quantity you have > Transaction Date > Add any notes you want… and CryptoSuite takes care of your Portfolio automatically from there!

The portfolio is incredibly simply and even more convenient.

ICO Calendar

The ICO Calendar tells you the latest crypto coins that have gone live, upcoming cryptos and past cryptos.

For each coin, you will see its logo, name, when the ICO opened, when it will close and a description.

By clicking on the name, you get additional information such as its origin location, the name of its founders, official website and more.

Training Videos

As I’ve mentioned in this review, I do have more experience with digital currency than most other reviewers and affiliates, but even for someone with my experience, I found the training videos to be incredibly helpful because it explains how to get the most out of CryptoSuite.

For beginners, the Training videos are excellent because they assume nothing. Even if CryptoSuite is your first experience with digital currency, these videos have you covered as they are very informative and clearly presented.

Facebook Group, Support, News and Settings

I’ve decided to combine the last four sections to close out this review because they’re pretty straightforward.

All CryptoSuite customers will have access to the Facebook Group which can be understood as more of a community of other individuals with the same goals as you which creates a great opportunity to combine knowledge and learn from one another.

In addition to connecting with other members, the FB group gives you direct access to Luke Maguire and some of the biggest movers and shakers in the business.

Luke Maguire is known to have a massive support team behind his products and I’d honestly expect nothing less from one of Jvzoo’s biggest vendors.

If you have ANY questions, comments, etc. you can open a support ticket with Luke’s “Social Media Mansion Support Desk” and they will get respond to you in a very timely manner, in my own experience.

The latest crypto news will be presented to you in the News section which keeps you up to date with everything going on at all times, all in one place which I find to be very convenient.

Finally, there is the Settings section which allows you to modify certain information associated with your account.

That concludes my CryptoSuite review and tour of the app. If you prefer something more visual, I have plenty of videos available through my CryptoSuite playlist on YouTube.

And if you like what you see, you will not find CryptoSuite at a better price anywhere else online thanks to my exclusive discount. Details of this offer are in the very next section of my review…

Pricing & Cashback

CryptoSuite will become available on 4/11 at 11:00 AM EST. At this time, Luke Maguire will have a limited time discount and pricing will start at $37/mo. on the front-end.

Please continue reading for a breakdown of our exclusive 25% PayPal Cash Back on ALL CryptoSuite subscription plans (Monthly and Yearly)…

CryptoSuite Funnel:

[Front End] CryptoSuite $37-$57/Month or $247-$297/Year

Cashback Information (MUST READ):

I am offering an EXCLUSIVE 25% PayPal Cashback on your purchase of CryptoSuite. This discount is ONLY available through this review page on my blog.

How it Works:

If you purchase the CryptoSuite monthly plan at $37-$57/Month, I will return 25% of your first month’s payment to you via PayPal at the end of your refund period. Your cash back will be issued for the first month’s payment only, not future recurring payments.


If you purchase the CryptoSuite yearly plan at $247-$297/Year, I will return 25% of your payment to you via PayPal at the end of your refund period. This option gives you the biggest savings by far!

CryptoSuite does not include any upsells.

How to Calculate Your Cashback:

Sometimes prices can fluctuate during the course a product launch which is why my reimbursement is based on a percentage.

To find out exactly how much money will be returned to you for your purchase of CryptoSuite at the end of your refund period, you need to calculate the following:

[Amount Paid] x 0.25 = [Amount You Will Receive]


If you buy the Yearly plan for $247, you would receive $61.75 because: $247 x 0.25 = $61.75

I also used the above example to prove to you how much more money you can make (and save) by getting the Yearly plan through my offer!

***Please be advised***

CryptoSuite comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. Since you have the right to request a full refund of the total amount paid from the vendor within 14 days of your purchase, I will have to wait until the end of your refund period to issue your PayPal cashback as well.

Simply put, since I am giving you money from the commission I earn when you purchase through my review, I also lose my commission in the event of a refund, which means I lose your share of the funds too!

If you have any questions about this exclusive offer please visit the How it Works page or contact me.

3 Steps to Claim Your Cashback:

IMPORTANT: Please CLEAR YOUR COOKIES to make sure you will receive credit for this purchase! Click here to see how.

1. Purchase CryptoSuite  through any link on this review page or HERE

2. Check your Email and find your receipt from JVZoo (subject line will usually begin with ‘[RECEIPT]’)

3. Fill out your Claim Rewards form and I will confirm receipt of your form via e-mail within 24 hours

Money Back Guarantee

CryptoSuite also comes with a money back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied, the vendor will issue a full refund of your purchase. Please note that a refund will void your Cashback offer as well. Otherwise, at the end of the refund period we will promptly send your 25% PayPal Cash Back. Thank you for visiting my CryptoSuite review!!



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