Designa Review and Discount (25% CASHBACK)

Designa Cash Back Discount:
25% Front End + 25% OTO #1

Welcome to my Designa review and 25% Cashback discount (Front-End & OTO #1).

Designa is a cloud based app that allows users to easily create stunning pro quality designs such as Facebook Ads, social media covers, posts, ecovers, business cards, mockups, PDF books and much more.

The idea behind Designa is that even if you lack the experience or technical skills, you will have no problem diving in and creating high-end designs for your business (or perhaps even for your clients).

With so many templates and graphics in your arsenal, Designa gives you an abundance of tools and resources and the templates included are a big part of the reason anyone can create marketing graphics at a high level with this software.

You might be wondering, “How do I know there will be templates in my niche?”

Legitimate question! And here is your answer:

Designa comes pre-loaded with 3000+ ready-made templates AND over 3 million stock images, fonts and other graphic assets.

Check out the official Designa demo video that I’ve posted below to see how you can utilize this great variety of tools and features to create killer designs.

BY THE WAY… Would you like to know the BEST PART??

I have a very special discount that you will not find on any other Designa review page because it is exclusive to Mecanto Reviews. I am offering a CASH BACK aka money sent to your PayPal account when you purchase Designa through this review page! I am the ONLY Designa reviewer that is offering an exclusive 25% PayPal Cashback Discount on the Front-End product and OTO #1 (first upsell). Do not worry; I have outlined all of the details in its own section below…

PLUS:  Use coupon code DESIGNAVIP for a limited time launch discount. This is IN ADDITION to your Cash Back!!! This code expires by 7/12.

Designa Demo

Check out this official Designa demo to watch this product in action!

Designa Demo Video

Designa Review

Designa is a powerful and user-friendly design suite that gives any user the ability to create awe inspiring designs like Facebook ads, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, business cards, ecovers and more.

The need for graphics and images comes up frequently for marketers and it almost always creates an obstacle and/or inconvenience.

If you do not know how to create your own graphics and logos, it is always a matter of trying to figure out your budget and then finding the right person to do it for you. If you want something specific, you’re most likely going to pay a premium for it.

Even if you have some design skills, creating marketing graphics from scratch can be a time consuming headache in itself (thinking of a design concept, creating it, refining it, revising it, etc).

The concept behind Designa was to create a product that would make it easy for ANY marketer to create as many graphics as they could possibly need, regardless of skill level.

With Designa, there is no limit to what you will be able to create within a user-friendly interface with loads of resources to work with (over 3k templates, 3 million stock photos, fonts and more).

Not only can Designa be used to create graphics for all of your personal business needs, but it also opens a door for a huge income opportunity:

You can create and sell pro-quality graphics online with Designa.

Here is a breakdown of Designa’s front-end features:

Easy Graphics Designer

Create and edit any type of social media graphics in minutes. You can do it all from social media covers as mentioned earlier to ads, banners, logos and so much more. With the templates and resources included, you can create a professional design in minutes.

PDF Book Designer

Turn plain PDFs into beautiful designs in minutes.

Mockup Generator

Create your own mockups and choose from over 100 mockup templates (laptop, desktop, ipads, etc).

Mockup Scene Creator

Create beautiful desk mockups with drag-and-drop screens and over 300 movable items.

Logo Creator

Create remarkable logos for your business within minutes.

eCover Creator

Turn flat images into eye-popping 3D covers and book covers.

Resources Galore!

Designa comes pre-loaded with 3000+ design templates, 3+ million royalty free stock images, fonts and other graphics assets.

AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT… I saved the BEST part for LAST…

I am offering a 25% cash rebate that you will not find on ANY other review page. Whatever you spend on Designa (FE & OTO #1), I am putting 25% of that right back into YOUR pocket! So if you want to save extra cash on this product instead of getting a handful of cheap bonuses that you will never use, look no further! My entire discount system is explained below…

PLUS:  Use coupon code DESIGNAVIP for a limited time launch discount. This is IN ADDITION to your Cash Back!!! This code expires by 7/12.

Pricing & Cashback

Designa will become available beginning on 7/11 at 11:00 AM EST. At this time, Simon Warner will have a limited time discount and pricing will start at $37 but is subject to increase over time, so it is best to get in early!

By purchasing this product through my review blog, you will qualify for my exclusive 25% Cash Rebate.

PLUS:  Use coupon code DESIGNAVIP for a limited time launch discount. This is IN ADDITION to your Cash Back!!! This code expires by 7/12.

With these discounts, I am proud to say that I am literally offering the BEST PRICE ONLINE…

Designa Funnel:

[Front-End] Designa $27-$67 (25% Cashback)

Designa monthly is $27/month & Designa lifetime is $67. If you purchase the monthly version, my discount applies to first month payment ONLY; not recurring payment. Plus, the lifetime version is a MUCH better deal anyway (and 25% from $67 means more PayPal for you).

[OTO #1] Theme Club Agency $27/m (25% Cashback)

If you purchase Theme Club Agency upsell, you will earn your 25% C.B. via PayPal for your first month’s payment, but not future recurring payments.

[OTO #2] Viral Quote Machine $27/m

[OTO #3] Designa White Label $197-$297

Pricing is $197 for 10 accounts or $297 for 30 accounts.

Cashback Information (MUST READ):

Although prices in the sales funnel are subject to change throughout the launch, I will honor the 25% PayPal Cashback on any amount you paid.

The 25% Cashback offer is ONLY valid for the Front-End purchase and OTO #1 (first upsell). It does NOT apply to any upsells after OTO #1.

***Please be advised***

Designa comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Since you have the right to request a full refund of the total amount paid from the vendor within 30 days of your purchase, I will have to wait until the end of your refund period to send your cash discount as well.

Simply put, since I am giving you a cash rebate from the commission I earn when you purchase through my review blog, I also lose my commission in the event of a refund, which means I lose your share of the cash rebate too!

If you have any questions about my Cash Back system please visit the How it Works page or contact me.

3 Steps to Claim Your Cashback:

IMPORTANT: Please CLEAR YOUR COOKIES to make sure you will receive credit for this purchase! Click here to see how.

1. Purchase Designa through any link on this review page or HERE

2. Check your Email and find your receipt from JVZoo (subject line will usually begin with ‘[RECEIPT]’)

3. Fill out your Claim Rewards form

Money Back Guarantee

Designa also comes with a money back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied, the vendor will issue a full refund of your purchase. Please note that a refund will void your Cashback offer as well. Otherwise, at the end of the refund period we will promptly send your 25% PayPal Cashback.


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