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MemberFactory is a website creation platform and system that gives users an all-in-one solution to create membership websites.

MemberFactory includes a handful of simple and clean templates that have been professionally designed and each layout can be deployed with the click of a button.

It also includes training on how to build a membership site effectively and manage it to create and maintain a recurring income stream.

As you will see in the demo below, the software features an intuitive interface and it is a seamless system from the time someone makes a purchase all the way through accessing their content, getting user details, and making their way through the member’s area.

MemberFactory is a web-based tool which allows it to be compatible with any device and accessible from any location.

LAST CHANCE! MemberFactory is closing at 3:00 PM on 2/18



MemberFactory Demo

Check out the demo video below to see MemberFactory in action and have a look at its functionality and features…

LAST CHANCE! MemberFactory is closing at 3:00 PM on 2/18


MemberFactory Review

MemberFactory is an all-inclusive web-based membership site builder that can be used to create online courses and earn recurring commissions by signing up customers at different membership levels that you create and assign.

MemberFactory is competitively priced with similar tools on the market and it’s no coincidence.

To be clear, MemberFactory is not the same robust membership site creation tool as SmartMember 2.0 which was a high ticket product that came out last month and sold for $997.

It does not have all the same bells and whistles and the templates are not going to knock your socks off either, but it is a user-friendly solution for creating a membership website that comes with the necessary tools and resources to create your online course, manage your customers, and track your earnings.

I was able to receive a review copy of MemberFactory prior to its release which allowed me to create my own “test site” and decide whether I would recommend this software to someone that wants to build their own membership website.

To be honest, I went back and forth with this. I went from being thoroughly impressed with the step-by-step Membership Site Wizard to being disappointed with the setup process in the Seller Dashboard which comes after the Membership Site Wizard and finally back to realizing that MemberFactory was an effective tool for what it aims to be and the problems I had with the product for a brief time were due to a mistake that I made when I created a test page.

Basically I didn’t publish my test page properly which made a 404 Page Not Found error come up every time I tried to access it, but once I resolved this issue, I was actually pleasantly satisfied with the outcome of this Page.

So let’s talk about the website creation process…

Upon logging into MemberFactory I arrived at the dashboard which is where you can either manage your existing sites or create a new site.

By clicking Create New Site you will start the Membership Site Wizard which is a straightforward step-by-step process in which you will enter important details including your site name, site slug (this will be part of your web address), social profiles, membership plans, payment gateways, conversion pixel, and more.

This step-by-step process makes the process of building a membership website a lot less complicated and overwhelming which alleviated one of my personal fears about building a relatively involved website (since this is obviously a bigger deal than creating a standard blog).

Not to mention this stuff is not set in stone so you can always go back and change these settings later with the exception of the slug name you’ve chosen since that factors into the web address that becomes designated for your site.

After entering your info for the payment gateways you would like to use in Step 2, you will enter the Membership Levels in Step 3. I used the generic Bronze, Silver, Gold membership levels which I found to be a very intuitive process with compliments to the wizard.

MemberFactory step 3

After reviewing my settings in the final step of the Membership Site Wizard, I clicked Finish Installation and that brought me into the Seller’s Dashboard which is where you have immediate access to useful information related to your website including customer count, orders, revenue, and forecasted revenue. Unfortunately, there isn’t much going on in my Seller Dashboard, but hopefully you can visualize what it might look like if we had been running our website for a few months…

Now if there is any part of the website creation process that might overwhelm you at first, it would be right here, but rest assured that whatever you are feeling in this moment is nothing compared to how overwhelmed and intimidated you would feel if you were using one of the more robust options on the market.

I say that because MemberFactory was intentionally designed to be more user-friendly and less involved than the other options which was done to make the website setup process easier for you by only giving you exactly what you need to launch your website and nothing more.

I’ve also decided that the best way to approach MemberFactory from this point forward would be to break down each of the 4 sections you see in the top menu of the Seller Dashboard: Content, Members, Subscriptions, Comments, and More.


Unlike WordPress, MemberFactory does not use Posts; it only has Pages. These Pages might also be considered as the “lessons” in your course because each Page is going to have a handy progress tracker at the top so your members can keep track of where they are in the course.


The Page creation interface will look very familiar to WordPress users. That said, it does not have a code-based editor which was the first disappointment that I encountered with MemberFactory because let’s say we wanted to do something as simple as adding a table to our Page. Since there is no option to create a table in the visual editor, we would be out of luck since we cannot use code.

But aside from that deficiency, I was satisfied with the Page creation tool. Fortunately, you can easily add Video, Audio, and Attachments which are critical components to any lesson in an online course.

You can also save your Page as a draft or Schedule or Drip the Page to have it published at a later date. Finally, you can assign which members will have access to each Page based on their membership level or you can make the page Free for anyone to see.


In the Members tab you will be able to see all of your Members conveniently listed along with their Join Date, E-mail Address, Order Amount, Refund Amount, and Monthly Average paid.

Members are either added automatically through your website when someone signs up and pays for their membership or trial membership (if you’ve enabled that option) or you can manually add a member through this tab.


The Subscriptions tab could have arguably been combined with the Members tab, however, it is probably better to be separate as a matter of convenience. Here is a snapshot of the subscriptions tab:

It’s basically more information related to your Members, the plans they have signed up for, and how much money has come in from each subscription except instead of breaking down this information at the Member level we are looking at it from the Subscriptions level.

This would be a good way to get a visual of which plan most people are subscribing to. For example, if your cheapest plan is generating the most subscribers, that would probably tell you that people do not see enough value in your higher plans to warrant spending more money on them.


Pretty self-explanatory much like the Comments section in a WordPress page this is where you can see all Comments posted to your membership site. You can also moderate comments from this area.


This is where you will find the vast majority of settings related to your membership website.


The Site Details, Membership Plans, and Payment Gateways are already setup in the Membership Wizard process at the beginning, but that process did not include the Autoresponder setup so this is where you would simply paste your autoresponder’s code (no need for API key) and it will be setup with MemberFactory.

This is where you can also setup your E-mail Templates which are critical when you are running a membership website. For instance, whenever someone registers and pays, you will need to send them a receipt, Welcome e-mail, and Subscription notification. MemberFactory includes templates for all of these plus Forgot Password and Comments templates. These e-mails will be sent out automatically when visitors and members take specific actions on your membership website.

Other important functions that can be configured through this menu include the ability to choose a template and layout for your website and checkout pages and access to the Power Editor which allows you to edit the individual PHP templates that make up your website which is practically identical to going through Appearance > Editor in a WordPress site.

The site templates are very basic and plain and there is not a lot of variance between each template as you can see from the screenshot below.


However, they are also fast loading templates which is good for your website’s on-page SEO and they will be straightforward to your Members that do not have to feel frustrated and/or overwhelmed as they try to find their way through your website.

LAST CHANCE! MemberFactory is closing at 3:00 PM on 2/18


Product Features

Affiliate Platforms

Integrate your membership sites with the top affiliate platforms including JVzoo, Clickbank, Warrior Plus, and more.

Branding Options

Customize your membership site with your brand including your logo, color scheme, and more.

Digital Downloads

Sell and protect unlimited digital download files (ebooks, videos, audio, software, zip files and more).

Elegant Themes and Templates

Includes templates that have been created by professional in-house designer.

Payment Gateways

MemberFactory is setup to receive payments from your members using the most popular payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, and more.

Post Immediately, Schedule or Drip-Feed

You can publish your posts immediately, schedule them for a specific date or drip-feed the posts so they evenly distributed over a period of time.

Secure Cloud Hosting

All MemberFactory websites including their content will be hosted on the Amazon Cloud data centers where they are safe and secure.

Smart Reporting & Analytics

Reports of your membership sites performance and detailed analytics.

LAST CHANCE! MemberFactory is closing at 3:00 PM on 2/18



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Bonus #1 – Website Setup (Optional)

I am offering my services to get your MemberFactory website up and running at no  additional cost to you. I will also offer additional product support even after your website is running. My setup will consist of going through the Membership Site Wizard, setting up the MemberFactory website on your domain if you have one, and setting up the essentials through your Seller Dashboard. However, you will still need to create your own Pages since this is ultimately your membership website and you will need to publish your own content, but I can offer support along the way if you encounter any issues. I want to make sure this investment works out for you!


Bonus #2 – Private Coaching (30 days)

Most private coaching services cost well over $297 by themselves. I have enjoyed consistent results through natural white-hat SEO and I will make myself available to you through Skype and Private E-mail for 30 days to answer any questions you have about Internet Marketing. If you’re wondering about my qualifications, let’s start with the website you’re looking at right now. As an affiliate marketer, most of my Jvzoo product reviews this year have ranked on Page 1 despite tons of competition for every launch. With success, I’ve had to face many obstacles as well. Other marketers have been using my content and layout for their own affiliate marketing sites, but my review site continues to prevail. I have only offered this service as a bonus with one other product on my website and having a small group of students allows me to dedicate more time to you. I would never claim to be one of the “gurus” of the industry – at least not yet – but I am someone that has worked my tail off enough to be able to quit my day job after 7 years and support myself as a full-time online marketer and this is your chance to get any questions answered from someone that has made it work. Again, my expertise is affiliate marketing and SEO, but you can throw any questions at me and I will do my best. Private coaching begins at the end of your refund period which is approximately 30 days from the date of purchase.

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Money Back Guarantee

MemberFactory also comes with a money back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied, the vendor will issue a full refund of your purchase. Please do not forget to claim your FREE Bonuses listed above if you decide to buy this product through my page!

LAST CHANCE! MemberFactory is closing at 3:00 PM on 2/18


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