P1 Targeting App Review and Bonus

P1 Targeting AppP1 Targeting App is a keyword research utility used to find keyword opportunities based on a profitability score.

Keyword research is the essential prerequisite to building a website and this stage can make or break a website by itself.

For instance, if you find a niche that seems to have high search volumes and medium or low competition, a simple misunderstanding that reveals there is in fact heavy competition would mean your website is not viable.

It’s a harsh reality in this business, but with the right tools and resources we can actually find thousands of profitable opportunities.

Think about it this way. P1 Targeting App can take one keyword and produce 10,000 targeted keywords from that original keyword!

Among those keywords, it is inevitable there will be some viable micro-niches, some highly targeted buyer keywords, and much more.

This is important because times have changed and in today’s SEO it is important to target multiple related keywords when creating and ranking a website.

P1 Targeting App is tailored to help you identify multiple related keywords and bring the most profitable opportunities to the surface.

And instead of relying on manual work and human error to determine if we can build a website from these keywords, P1 Targeting App systematically analyzes the keywords and the corresponding competition, and then assigns a score that can be used to nail down your winning niche and keywords.



P1 Targeting App Demo

Check out the demo video below to see P1 Targeting App in action and have a look at its functionality and features…


P1 Targeting App Review

P1 Targeting App is a cloud based keyword research and mapping tool.

The power of this app is being able to type in a keyword and retrieve thousands of suggestions based on that keyword in any niche market.

In addition to instantly displaying search volume, CPC (cost per click), and other important statistics for each keyword, P1 Targeting App generates its own “profitability score” which indicates how profitable that keyword is.


The higher the number, the better the keyword is according to the app’s built-in algorithm.

P1 Targeting App was also designed with an emphasis on allowing users to spy on their competition and gauge the level of competition for any keyword of interest.

This is a critical feature in my opinion because in the keyword research phase, it’s not enough to trust a score by itself to determine whether or not you have identified a profitable keyword.

With that said, you can not only retrieve keywords directly from your competitors on Google, but you can also identify how many total keywords your competitors are ranking for. Here’s a screenshot:


While I wouldn’t put P1 Targeting App in the category of a “groundbreaking app” because it’s certainly not the first keyword research tool that identifies profitable keywords and measures competition, but this is an important tool to have nonetheless.

For that reason, I would recommend P1 Targeting App to anyone that does not already have a keyword research product in their toolbox.

There are some aspects of keyword research that should be handled by computers because we do not have the ability to generate thousands of keyword opportunities and corresponding statistics with the click of a button.

Likewise, there are also aspects of keyword research that should be done yourself in conjunction with the automation that you get through the use of tools.


Product Features

✓ Unlimited keywords per project

✓ Instantly generate keywords from unlimited targeting ideas

✓ Real time filtering system

✓ Get profitability scores for all keywords

✓ Root match competition checking

✓ In-depth analysis of top 10 competitors

✓ Bulk domain search

✓ Relevancy search

✓ Advanced import & export options

✓ “Spy Competition” keyword research system



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Money Back Guarantee

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