Quizitri Review and Discount (30% CASHBACK)

Quizitri Cash Back Discount:
25% 30% Front End + 25% 30% OTO #1

Welcome to my Quizitri review and 25% Cashback discount (Front-End & OTO #1).

Quizitri is a product that allows you to create quizzes based on a proven system that engages your leads, segments them based on responses from your visitors and boosts conversion rates as a result of this segmentation.

Altogether, this amounts to a formula that generates increased profits for you and it’s quite easy to see why it does that.

In my Quizitri review, I am going to start by taking you inside the product itself by showing you the official demo video.

After that, we will get into the actual review section where I will explain what it is and whether it works and delivers as advertised.

But here is the BEST part:

I have an Exclusive offer of CASH BACK aka money sent to your PayPal account when you purchase Quizitri through this review page! I am the ONLY Quizitri reviewer that is offering an exclusive 25% 30% PayPal Cashback Discount on the Front-End product and OTO #1 (first upsell). Normally, my discount is “only” 25% but I am doing 30% for Quizitri ONLY and I will explain why in the Pricing section below (along with everything else you need to know about my offer)…

Quizitri Demo

Check out this official Quizitri demo to watch this product in action!

Quizitri Demo Video

Quizitri Review

Quizitri is a powerful quiz software that performs two main functions. First, you can create quizzes to drive traffic to your properties and offers. Second, you will be able to segment leads for highly targeted lists and boost conversion rates in the process.

Quizitri was designed as a response to the way the Internet works today. In other words, opt-in pages are no longer working the way they used to. In the past, you could build out a huge list in short time by simply offering a random free report and then watching the leads swarm into your new list. But we are in the engagement era today which means leads need interaction before they convert. That is where quizzes have become a remarkably powerful tool and literally a game changer for online marketers.

Let’s have this statistic from Buzzsumo speak for itself:

“82% of people engage with quizzes that appear on their newsfeed”

I mean, I can find a lot of people that cannot remember the last time they clicked on an online ad…

But when it comes to quizzes and polls, ask practically anyone and they will remember a specific quiz they responded to.

It isn’t rocke science; quizzes are fun! People like to fill something out and find out how they are going to be labeled or how other people responded to the same question, etc.

As online marketers, we can use this natural interest to our advantage and generate highly targeted leads.

Now, when I mentioned how Quizitri allows you to segment your leads, let me give you an example:

Meet Steve, a struggling online marketer. Steve is looking for a course that can provide him with some of the information he needs to get his business on the right track.

With a quiz, we can find out that Steve is struggling with his Shopify store, and suggest an ecommerce course to him accordingly.

But without a quiz, maybe we send him to an email marketing product, which is something he is not interested in at the moment and it is highly unlikely that he is going to buy it.

This is an example of how Quizitri allows lead segmentation AND why it boosts conversion rates.

Believe it or not, I still have not told you the BEST part…

I am offering a 25% 30% cash rebate that you will not find on ANY other review page. Whatever you spend on Quizitri (FE & OTO #1), I am putting 30% of that right back into YOUR pocket! So if you want to save extra cash on this product instead of getting a handful of cheap bonuses that you will never use, look no further! My entire discount system is explained below (and I’ve also explained why I’m doing 30% this time only instead of 25%)…

Product Features

Lead segmentation: Send your leads to different pages and offers based on their answers

Quiz Logic: Utilize follow-up questions to maximize the benefit of lead segmentation

Professional Templates: Quizitri includes several beautifully designed templates that will jump out and grab the attention of your visitors

Pre-Written Quizzes: You will have a set of pre-written quiz templates to help you.

Lead Value: Quizitri tracks the value of your impressions so you always know if you are getting positive returns.

Full Rights: With the commercial license, you will have full rights to create & sell quizzes to your clients

Additional Features:

Answer Scoring

Quiz Embedding

Multiple Question Types

Mobile Responsive

Landing Pages

Thank You Pages

Autoresponder API

Viral Sharing

Built-in Analytics

Remove Branding

Pricing & Cashback

Quizitri will become available beginning on 6/12 at 11:00 AM EST. At this time, Andy Fletcher will have a limited time discount and pricing will start at $69 but is subject to increase over time, so it is best to get in early!

By purchasing this product through my review blog, you will qualify for my exclusive 30% Cash Rebate.

With this discount, I am proud to say that I am literally offering the BEST PRICE ONLINE…

But why am I doing 30% CB instead of the usual 25%??

For the vast majority of products that I promote, I earn my commissions instantly through PayPal. I.e. if you made a purchase through my review blog, I will receive my commission through PayPal immediately.

With Quizitri, the vendors have a delay on when they commission is released to me, which means there is going to be a bit more of a delay on when I can release the rebate to YOU…

So that’s why I decided to give you a little more as my way of saying “sorry for the (possible) extra wait!”

That said, the delay should not be significant. Usually, I am able to release funds in 30 days from date of purchase.

In this case, I am expecting 30-45 days from date of purchase, and it could very well end up being 30, but I do not want to make any promises unless I’m 100% positive of it, so we are calling it 30-45 days.

Quizitri Funnel:

[Front End] Quizitri $69 (30% Cashback)

Create quizzes to drive traffic, boost conversion rates and segment leads.

[OTO #1] Quizitri Template Pack $69 (30% Cashback)

Includes additional quiz templates for Quizitri.

[OTO #2] Quizitri Pro $69

Comes with additional PRO version features.

Cashback Information (MUST READ):

Although prices in the sales funnel are subject to change throughout the launch, I will honor the 30% PayPal Cashback on any amount you paid.

The 30% Cashback offer is ONLY valid for the Front-End purchase and OTO #1 (first upsell). It does NOT apply to any upsells after OTO #1.

***Please be advised***

Quizitri comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Since you have the right to request a full refund of the total amount paid from the vendor within 30 days of your purchase, I will have to wait until the end of your refund period to send your cash discount as well.

Simply put, since I am giving you a cash rebate from the commission I earn when you purchase through my review blog, I also lose my commission in the event of a refund, which means I lose your share of the cash rebate too!

PLEASE NOTE:  As stated earlier in my review, since my Quizitri commissions are going to be released on a delay, your 30% CB will be honored within 30-45 days after purchase, instead of the usual guaranteed 30 days. That said, it may still be only 30 days, depending on the vendor. Just a head’s up!

If you have any questions about my Cash Back system please visit the How it Works page or contact me.

3 Steps to Claim Your Cashback:

IMPORTANT: Please CLEAR YOUR COOKIES to make sure you will receive credit for this purchase! Click here to see how.

1. Purchase Quizitri through any link on this review page or HERE

2. Check your Email and find your receipt from JVZoo (subject line will usually begin with ‘[RECEIPT]’)

3. Fill out your Claim Rewards form

Money Back Guarantee

Quizitri also comes with a money back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied, the vendor will issue a full refund of your purchase. Please note that a refund will void your Cashback offer as well. Otherwise, at the end of the refund period we will promptly send your 30% PayPal Cashback.


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