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SocialX is an all-in-one Facebook marketing tool that combines the delivery of important visitor analytics with powerful interactive elements that entice your audience into performing desired actions that lead to conversions and sales.

By combining two very important aspects of social marketing into one web app – social marketing analytics and interactive posts – SocialX is unlike anything else that exists on the market today.

In this review, I will give you a sneak peek inside the actual SocialX product through the demo video below and proceed to review the product itself based on my understanding and testing of the product itself.

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SocialX Demo

Check out the demo video below to see SocialX in action and have a look at its functionality and features…


SocialX Review

SocialX is a complete Facebook marketing tool that gives its users important insight about their fans and visitors through advanced analytics features so you can understand your visitors as individuals as opposed to generalizing them into groups.

In addition to these analytics features, SocialX gives users the ability to create highly engaging interactive posts that can be used towards a number of different purposes including sending visitors to your affiliate offers and sales pages, gathering information about your audience through surveys, building  your list with interactive opt-in forms and more.

SocialX features a user-friendly step-by-step tool that allows users to choose between the creation of 3 different Poll Types: Yes/No, Dual or Multiple.

After choosing your Poll Type you will proceed to choose from three possible Poll Actions which are Call-to-Action, Email Opt-in or Share in Social Media.

All of these options are accessible from the same page (shown below) which makes it very intuitive and easy to setup.


SocialX essentially breaks down into 2 different apps. There are the interactive poll features I’ve just mentioned which are a good way to boost conversions through your Facebook page by engaging your audience and getting them to take action. And then we have the analytics and statistical features which is almost like having Google Analytics on Facebook (and we all know how Google Analytics is essential to websites).

The “Pages Statistics” section of SocialX was very impressive with tons of different charts and graphs and a wide array of statistics available including Reach and Impressions, Interactive Posts, Page and Tab Visits, Fans Online, Likes & Unlikes, Age and Gender, Country & City, Referrers and Sources.

It is very important for Facebook marketers to keep track of their stats and metrics because it gives you valuable optimization insight that directly ties with conversions and sales. Social X gives you this capability at your fingertips with all of its analytics features.

In addition, Social X allows users to find out what demographics will engage with your content, what type of posts yield the most engagement and which keywords generate the most clicks.

You cannot use the same general approach to entice all of your visitors; they are all different people with different interests. Social X allows you to mix it up with different types of interactive elements that you can post directly to your Facebook properties. These are animated elements that will entice your audience to click.

Here is a breakdown of some of the main features you will have access to with the front-end version of SocialX:

Facebook Group Manager

Easily schedule posts to your FB groups by typing your post, selecting a type of poll, choosing which FB groups you want the post to appear in and finally select a date and time to publish this content.

Facebook Fan Page Manager

Set the start date and time interval and your message will be displayed depending on schedule. This will generate more likes, clicks and friends.

In-Depth Fan Page Stats

Comprehensive statistical breakdown of your Facebook properties. This feature allows you to understand how your fan pages are performing, analyze your visitors and strategize accordingly. You can also download data, charts, graphs, etc.

Engaging Interactive Polls

Obtain valuable information about your visitors through polls while engaging them simultaneously. Choose from Yes/No polls, two choice polls and Multiple Choice. This will give you valuable information for targeting purposes and whenever visitors interact with your post it will also appear on their news feed (and their friends’ news feeds).

Interactive Poll Call-to-Actions

Send visitors to a call-to-action after they have completed your poll. From here you can either send them to an affiliate offer or external URL or prompt them to subscribe to your list. After they take action it will give them an option to “share” the poll on major social platforms.

Multi-Step Coupons with Opt-in and Scarcity Timers

Use online discount or coupon codes to offer discounts which creates scarcity and a sense of urgency to take action sooner. SocialX features a built-in editor which allows users to easily customize their coupons with descriptions and expiration dates as well.

There are also a couple features that are only available with the upgraded (Pro) version of SocialX such as the built-in Image Editor / Gif Creator and the Advanced Tab Builder. These tools will help some marketers, but I do not believe they are absolutely necessary towards the main purposes of SocialX.


Product Features

✓ Manage your entire FB account through one platform

✓ Schedule posts to FB groups and fan pages

✓ Detailed statistics and analytics

✓ Get important information about your fans that can be used to boost marketing campaigns

✓ Create interactive elements including polls, surveys, opt-in forms, calls-to-action

 Create multi-step coupons with opt-in forms or scarcity timers



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