Traffic Zombie 2.0 Review and Bonus

Traffic ZombieTraffic Zombie 2.0 is a powerful and user-friendly software that gives your visitors incentives to share your links.

This can result in having your links go viral and bringing in hordes of free traffic to any link desired.

Traffic Zombie isn’t new to the industry. It was first released over 5 years ago and it was sold to thousands of customers that paid $97 per license.

And if you get in on the new version of this game changing software shortly after its launch, you can have it for only $27.

Be sure to watch the Traffic Zombie 2.0 video below and observe how this software will allow you get lots of highly targeted traffic.



Traffic Zombie 2.0 in Action

Check out this Traffic Zombie 2.0 product demo which demonstrates how you can run this software to get LOTS of free traffic…


What is Traffic Zombie 2.0?


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Traffic Zombie 2.0 is used to make your visitors actually want to share your links by offering them incentives such as coupon codes, bonuses, or freebies.

In the process, they will receive their gift automatically in return for sharing your link, promo, and/or offer through Facebook, Twitter, or any other website.

Traffic Zombie 2.0 is very easy to use and definitely falls under the category of a low maintenance “set and forget” software that will increase your traffic without consuming your time.

I am not talking about low quality traffic either. Most traffic shared directly through social media profiles are clicked on by people that know the person sharing these links which makes it highly targeted and even trusted traffic.

Furthermore, when you are publishing links through social media there is always going to be a chance of having your link go viral where someone shares your link to their profile, their friends like it and share it, and so on.

The beauty of Traffic Zombie 2.0 on top of the fact that you’re getting people excited to share your links and offers is the fact that if you are strategic about the links you share on the content that appears on them, your chance of going viral increases exponentially.

Traffic Zombie 2.0’s system is also PROVEN. Here are some results from a recent webinar:

The vendors used Traffic Zombie 2.0 to offer the audience a free training course if they shared a promo for the webinar and the link to the registration page.

Over just 3 days, this campaign resulted in 1,178 clicks on the shared link and 435 registrations!

Ultimately, they made $11,431 from this single campaign that was heavily influenced by Traffic Zombie.

But since some of the shares went viral, there was another 1,289 residual clicks on the shared link.

This software truly gives marketers a realistic and proven method to generate traffic that benefits all parties involved which is why I personally can’t wait to use this early and often for my own campaigns.



Traffic Zombie 2.0 will launch on 5/26 at 10:00 AM EDT. The early-bird discount price will be $27. After the discount period has expired, the price will gradually increase every few days. If you purchase the software through this review page, you will also receive the FREE Bonuses shown below…

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Just 3 Easy Steps to Claim Bonus:

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Your Turn

Traffic Zombie 2.0 is a proven software that significantly increases targeted traffic to your offers by rewarding your visitors for sharing your links. Since they will be sharing your link through social media, there’s also a great opportunity to reel in viral traffic. This product comes with a money back guarantee through the vendor which means if it does not meet your expectations, you will be refunded. Last but not least, do not forget to claim your FREE Bonuses shown above if you purchase through any of the links on my review page…


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