Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 Review and Bonus

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Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 claims to be the ultimate video marketing software.

You will be able to do all of the following from one central dashboard

✓ Keyword research
✓ Competition analysis
✓ Track video rankings
✓ Build high quality backlinks

While Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 is not the first video marketing software to offer all of these features, it may very well be the first tool that gives you an abundance of resources to rank #1.

Even though it’s in the early stages, there has been a lot of positive feedback coming in from Tube Sniper Pro users. You can read their testimonials here.

In the meantime, let’s get into this Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 review and product demo!

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Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 in Action

Watch this video for a look inside Tube Sniper Pro and how it can be used to reveal how competitors rank their videos on Page 1…

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What is Tube Sniper Pro 3.0?

Tube Sniper Pro is an all-inclusive online based video marketing tool that mainly looks to achieve two goals:

1. Spy your competitors and find out how their videos rank on Page 1.

2. Give your own videos the tools and backlinks to rank on Page 1.

But the question we all want answers to is does Tube Sniper Pro actually accomplish these things?

Tube Sniper Pro’s dashboard is very clean and intuitive which makes it easy to navigate the dashboard.

Keyword Research

My attention was first drawn to the built-in keyword research tool. This is helpful if you are looking for profitable untapped keywords or if you would like to dig deep into your existing niche and discover high ticket video keywords.

Screenshot #1

By typing in any keyword, Tube Sniper Pro will generate helpful statistics related to your keyword and it will also suggest several related keywords.

The keyword research tool includes data for both Google and Yahoo/Bing and it automatically shows you how many videos are ranking in the Top 10 and Top 100 for specific keywords. In addition, it will reveal the level of difficulty for each keyword.

Based on this, we can find profitable video opportunities if – for example – Tube Sniper Pro gives us a keyword with 0 results in the Top 10 and low difficulty.

Analyze Competition

In the screenshot above, we can see certain keywords with existing competition in the Top 10 results.

If we click View Videos we can research the ranking video itself and find out exactly why it’s ranking and how we can outrank these videos.

For example, Tube Sniper Pro reveals important data such as the presence of keywords in the video’s title and description, likes, views, backlinks, and social signals for Facebook, Twitter, and Google +1.

Keyword Tracker

Screenshot #2

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 comes with a simple but useful keyword tracker tool that I absolutely love.

How many of you check your video rankings manually? I know I’m guilty of wasting my time by using HMA to check all of my video rankings… one… by… one.

With Tube Sniper Pro 3.0, you can save all of the analyzed videos – whether it’s your own videos or someone else’s – and with one click instantly display rankings of every video on your list and its previous ranking which is important to monitor its changes over time, especially if you are trying to outrank another video.

Building Backlinks

I was very interested to find out how Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 builds backlinks to videos since backlinks are usually the difference between videos that rank and don’t rank.

Well, you are going to love the way Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 lets you create backlinks to your videos. In fact, I’ve never seen anything like this…

Screenshot #3

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 has a special feature that no other video marketing software has to offer…

You can literally post your video links to Joshua Zamora’s bank account of 100+ private websites from a single screen in the software!

Better yet, Joshua has stated this network of 100+ sites will continue to grow over time which means this gets better with time and you will have access to websites exclusive to Tube Sniper Pro users!

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Ranking Proof

As I mentioned, Tube Sniper Pro users have been raving about this product even in its early stages.

This might have something to do with its private network of 100+ sites used for creating backlinks for your videos which is kind of like the secret sauce since no other video marketing tool has been able to offer anything like it.

And it might also have something to do with the actual rankings being achieved by its users…

Ranking proof

And in case you’re wondering what earnings look like when people achieve Page 1 rankings…

Profit proof

Honestly, I could keep going with the evidence of video rankings and profits achieved with Tube Sniper Pro, but there is tons of proof waiting at the link below in case you still need to be convinced.

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Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 is currently available for $37 which is the special launch discount that will only be available for a limited time. The product comes with buyer protection in the form of a money back guarantee with no questions asked. You will be refunded by the vendor if you are not satisfied with your purchase. And don’t forget my special gift to YOU…

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Your Turn

With several video marketing tools on the market, the burning question most of us have is, “What makes Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 different from other video marketing products?” Hopefully I’ve been able to answer this question in my review, but let’s recap. As far as keyword research, this product is effective in revealing information about any keywords including existing competition and ranking difficulty. Other tools have offered this data as well, but Tube Sniper Pro takes it a step further by allowing us to break down top ranking videos and dig deep into how these videos are ranking on Page 1. This information combined with Tube Sniper Pro’s exclusive resources allows us to step ahead of them in the rankings. We can also monitor the rankings of our videos and our competitors’ videos with a single click. But the most valuable area of Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 is probably the backlink creation which gives us access to a growing network of 100+ sites and allows us to post our video’s backlink to these sites with a single click. This is something I’ve never seen before. Having access to additional websites is worth more than the asking price by itself. Since this product comes with a money back guarantee, your purchase is entirely risk-free. Last but not least, don’t forget the FREE Bonus offer shown above; these products are all yours with your purchase!



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