Affiliate Marketing or Performance Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, members of the marketing sector are advising that ‘affiliate marketing’ be replaced with an alternative reference. Affiliate marketing often is confused with either multi-level marketing or network marketing. Performance marketing includes a typical alternative, yet additional recommendations were made, too.

cookie jarCookie stuffing

Cookie stuffing includes putting an affiliate tracking cookie upon a site visitor’s computer without their knowing that then will generate revenue for an individual performing the cookie stuffing. It not just generates fraudulent affiliate sales, yet additionally possesses the potential to overwrite additional affiliates’ cookies, pretty much robbing their legitimately made commissions.


Most voucher code sites utilize a click to reveal format, requiring a site user to click to reveal a voucher code. The act of clicking will place the cookie upon the site visitor’s computer. The IAB stated that ‘affiliates mustn’t utilize a mechanism in which a user is encouraged to click in order to interact with content in which it’s confusing or unclear what the outcome is going to be.’

Affiliate marketing will overlap with additional Internet marketing techniques to some level, because affiliates oftentimes utilize regular ad techniques. These techniques involve organic SEO (search engine optimization), pay-per-click PPC (paid search engine marketing), email marketing, and within a sense, display advertising. Affiliates, on the other hand, occasionally utilize less orthodox methods, like publishing reviews of services or products provided by a partner.

Commonly, affiliate marketing is confused with referral marketing, as these forms of marketing utilize 3rd parties to drive sales to a retailer. But, both include distinct marketing forms and the primary difference between them includes affiliate marketing relying purely on financial motivations in order to drive sales, whereas referral marketing will rely on personal relationships and trust to drive sales.

Why is Performance Marketing a more fitting alternative?

Performance Marketing includes a comprehensive phrase which refers to advertising programs and online marketing where advertisers (also known as merchants or retailers) and marketing businesses (also known as publishers or affiliates) are paid as a certain action is completed; like a click, lead, or sale.

business womanWhat makes Performance Marketing so special?

Performance Marketing includes a blend of innovation and advertising which assists affiliates and retailers in growing their companies in ever-changing ways. Campaigns will be highly targeted for all retailers in such a way that everybody may be successful. Such marketing performed correctly develops win-win chances for both affiliates and retailers.

How does Performance Marketing differ?

Unlike additional types of traditional advertising in which charges are paid up front and don’t depend on the success of the advertisements, advertisers in performance marketing just pay for successful transactions. Such marketing successfully has reversed advertising’s traditional value proposition and also permits for real-time ROI measurement.

What kinds of companies are included in the space?

The different players involve retailers/merchants/advertisers, networks, affiliates/publishers, OPMs (outsourced program managers), agencies, as well as solution providers. Businesses range from sole-proprietor companies to publicly traded Fortune 500 businesses.

What kind of innovation comes out of the space?

Besides developing a special value proposition for advertisers, an affiliate is on the cutting edge of niche marketing, social media, mobile apps, and content creation.

How measurable is Performance Marketing?

Such marketing is measurable and can be tracked down to a click. Advertisers may measure all things from the acquisition cost to incrementality (that is, average order value or new customers of new customers).

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