Best Products of 2015 Q4

I’m not sure if it was the holidays or the fact that I’ve been doing this review thing for so long which has made me think about when I’m going to take the next step in my online marketing career path, but 2015 Q4 was probably the slowest quarter for me in terms of review production and there were points at which I looked at the launch schedule and felt too much disappointment towards the quality of products coming out which made me not want to write about them at all… and I didn’t.

But ironically 2015 Q4 also produced a few gems. And when I say “gems” I am talking about products that have become essential to my online business. In the case of ScaleSocial, it has become a product that I use for every single review that I publish and there is nothing else like it so there is no substitute for it. And then there’s Profit Canvas, a revolutionary multi-function page builder that I’ve been using for all of my landing pages so far even though I had been so pleased with Optimize Press and Instabuilder 2.0 previously that I didn’t think I would ever use something else, but I knew this is what would happen as soon as I reviewed that product, and I was right. Profit Canvas is my “go to” tool for landing page creation and interactive video creation (and pop-ups if I ever end up making any). Needless to say, ScaleSocial and Profit Canvas are my #1 and #2 respectively and I’m not sure they wouldn’t be #1 and #2 if I was doing a list of best products since I started this website.

I also wanted to elaborate a bit more on a comment I made in the opening paragraph about how I was too disappointed to review a lot of products in Q4. Maybe I can only speak for myself, but I just hate writing about products that do not impress me. To me, writing an entire article in a negative tone is not enjoyable to me and it makes me feel like my job is boring and depressing. That said, sometimes you have to make sacrifices if you want to move forward with a business and at one point I realized that as long as I’m reviewing products, a lot of people won’t take me seriously if all I do is review the products I like. So as of 2016 Q1, I’m publishing reviews of products that normally don’t make it past my testing phase. For example, before 2016 Q1, you would have never seen my SociFunnel review. I guess an overall rating of 70-something isn’t horrible, but normally I wouldn’t bother with such products and now you will see them (unless I really can’t stand writing about these digital turds).

With that all being said it’s time to reveal the Top 5 of 2015 Q4…

Top 5 Products of 2015 Q3

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Scale Social is a web based system that gets real people to watch, like, and share your videos through a private exchange that gives credits as incentive. The credits are distributed by the exchange, not at your expense. This is a brilliant way to increase video views and engagement. I almost do not want to share this because I’m always paranoid about competition but I’ve been using Scale Social on just about everything that I publish to my money sites and most of my YouTube videos. I’ve continued to do this why? Because the results are obvious. My web properties went through a slide at one point in 2015 and I did not think they would ever recover, but Scale Social is a huge part of the reason I’ve been able to hold my ground. I can’t say I’m surprised either, the concept behind Scale Social made perfect sense when it came out because engagement is a huge factor in SEO today, but it takes a LOT of resources to create a product that can naturally increase engagement using real people like Scale Social does. I would say this is easily Joshua Zamora’s best product ever or at least since I started reviewing. And as much as I like the #2 product on this list, it did not challenge Scale Social for a second.
Profit Canvas
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Profit Canvas is the ultimate software and training bundle with everything needed for list building, affiliate marketing, product creation, webinars and more. I primarily use Profit Canvas as a landing page builder because it comes with great templates that are super clean and very easy to modify, but these days a lot of products have included premium landing page templates. What set Profit Canvas over the top for me and what made it better than a lot of similar products on the market was its drag-and-drop functionality. Here is the best way I can describe it: When it comes to Profit Canvas, drag-and-drop means the same thing as it does when you are using Adobe Photoshop in terms of being able to bring elements into the canvas and move them around freely ultimately placing them wherever you like. Other drag-and-drop page builders I’ve used were still impressive, but they did not offer the same freedom to move elements around as Profit Canvas does. For instance, I used Optimize Press and Instabuilder 2.0 quite a bit before I started using Profit Canvas. With those 2 products, you can select and element and drag it into your canvas – hence drag-and-drop – but when it’s dropped into the canvas, it has to occupy an entire row or it has to be split into columns. And that didn’t surprise me because that’s how websites worked as far as I knew, but when I saw the way Profit Canvas worked, I realized that some of the things I thought were impossible before were indeed possible.
Ecom Premier Academy
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eCom Premier Academy was a limited time offer and is no longer available for purchase.

eCom Premier Academy is a comprehensive eCommerce course based on a proven 7-figure Shopify business model. It also comes with exclusive themes and apps that will help you automate your business and work more efficiently. eCom Experts Academy has already resulted in lots of successful students making money through eCommerce. In fact, one of the first impressions of eCom Premier Academy was “holy sh*t that’s a lot of testimonials”. If you’re wondering where the testimonials would come from, they came from the original round of Devin Zander’s eCom Academy which was called eCom Experts Academy the first time around. The class included a private Facebook group which eventually turned into a success reporting hub for all customers that bothered to stay on top of the assignments throughout the course’s duration and take action. Then again, the success should not come as too much of a surprise because eCommerce is one of the most reliable online business models and when you combine that with marketing experts that have turned their tried and tested methods into an actual course, it all starts to make a lot of sense.

Zapable Evolution
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Zapable is currently “sold out” as per their sales page, but I am sure they will be back with a new version this year. Stay tuned…

Zapable Evolution is a cloud based service that builds professional mobile apps in a user-friendly interface that does not require any technical work. Unlike similar products on the market, this is not a limited “website to mobile app” product; it actually has loads of features that are typically included with higher end mobile apps and implementing them is a breeze. I never got into the mobile app business myself, so I can’t really speak from first hand experience on this product, but it has stood the test of time. Months after its release I am still hearing about how Zapable Evolution is such a valuable tool and I’m hearing about this from some of the most reputable marketers and customers. If you’re wondering why Zapable Evolution is so valuable, consider the fact that mobile apps are extremely hot and there are many business owners seeking their own mobile app and they are ready and willing to fork over a lot of money to someone that can create a mobile app for their business. Enter Zapable Evolution. This incredible program requires zero technical skill to produce professional mobile apps in very little time and gives users tons of flexibility in terms of being able to customize these apps. Every time I write about Zapable, I get upset with myself for not starting a side business of my own selling mobile apps. And if I did use Zapable for that purpose, I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be the #1 product on this list. (After all one of the main reasons Scale Social is the #1 product on my list is because of how it fits in to my existing business perfectly)

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It’s easy to get bored as a reviewer of online marketing products. By the time you’ve been doing it for a year, you’ve seen it all. And there are some types of products that seemingly come out every week and it sucks because a lot of the time while they are not very original, I’ll give them props because they are still good products overall and they normally improve on at least one function from the last one, but it just makes my job feel boring sometimes. Fortunately, every now and then our product creators will come up with great ideas that we haven’t seen before and they will execute these ideas beautifully. That’s what I can say about VidEngage. I mean how many times have you been on a website with an embedded video that you start to watch, but quickly scroll past the video because you are anxious to see the rest of the web page. What if the video was about to reveal something really important and you just missed it? VidEngage benefits the website owner and visitor by allowing visitors to start watching a video on a web page and when they start scrolling down the site, the video simply sticks to any corner of your web page and continues to play while your visitor can freely navigate the page however they like. It’s one of those simple little things but it’s just so cool. Put it this way, if you could implement this feature on every article you have that has a video surrounded by text wouldn’t you want to make sure that video is always playing without getting in the way of your visitor while still allowing them to freely navigate your site?

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