Best Products of 2015 Q4

I’m not sure if it was the holidays or the fact that I’ve been doing this review thing for so long which has made me think about when I’m going to take the next step in my online marketing career path, but 2015 Q4 was probably the slowest quarter for me in terms of review production and there were points ... Read More »

Best Products of 2015 Q3

Each quarter since 2014 Q4 I come out with I say I’m going to come out with a list of the best products released in that quarter. Unfortunately, I missed Q1 and Q2 because I got sidetracked I was lazy (let’s be honest). What I consider to be the best products of 2015 Q3 has nothing to do with that ... Read More »

The Craigslist Theory And How It Has Helped Me

I’ve always wanted to offer something to my subscribers that didn’t involve asking you to purchase anything, but even with all the shortcuts I’ve come across to help me run my online business more efficiently, I can never seem to find time for anything extra (like writing this article). Still, the subject of this article is something that I’ve been ... Read More »

2015 Game Plan

The fourth quarter of 2014 was relatively good to me, but towards the end of the year which is dry season for Internet Marketing products, there wasn’t much to promote. This gave me time to reflect on my plans for 2015. In October 2014, I quit my full-time office job after 7 years and became a full-time Internet Marketer. I always ... Read More »

Best Products of 2014 Q4

I truly enjoyed writing product reviews for the best Internet Marketing products in 2014, but here are the best products of all. My Top 5 list for 2014 Q4. Read More »

Who Am I?

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At this point, I’ve created several product reviews and published them with varying success, but I will say that I’ve had significantly more success since leaving my full-time job on October 1, 2014. And since then I’ve been particularly inspired by Mike From Maine, so hopefully if Mike Thomas ever reads this Post he will feel good about that because there ... Read More »

CPM Affiliate Programs

Online marketing strategies of services and products extensively utilize a mixture of auctions, direct sales, and affiliate systems. It’s a popular strategy for marketing that involves 4 actors or elements. First off, it involves a merchant or seller who wants to enhance the sales of the services/products. Second, there’s a network of blogs, websites, or e-mail marketing platforms which hosts ... Read More »

Affiliate Marketing or Performance Marketing?

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According to Wikipedia, members of the marketing sector are advising that ‘affiliate marketing’ be replaced with an alternative reference. Affiliate marketing often is confused with either multi-level marketing or network marketing. Performance marketing includes a typical alternative, yet additional recommendations were made, too. Cookie stuffing Cookie stuffing includes putting an affiliate tracking cookie upon a site visitor’s computer without their ... Read More »

The Process of Buyer List Building

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but if you are striving to become one of those affiliates that consistently places in the Leaderboard for every product launch you’re involved with, it’s not going to happen overnight. In fact, you should prepare yourself for a process that almost always takes months or quite possibly at least one year before you can reasonably expect to ... Read More »

Launch Jacking Guide

Welcome to the first installment of a section of that you will enjoy particularly if you’re a newbie looking for Free Tips and Guides. I’m going to show you how to do a Launch Jacking campaign today. This is my favorite Affiliate Marketing technique and it also happens to be the first technique that allowed me to feel the immense joys of success ... Read More »