100k Factory Ultra Edition Review and Bonus

100k Factory Ultra EditionUPDATE: I am offering an exclusive $500 CASH BACK bonus to everyone that purchases 100k Factory Ultra Edition through this page. This offer was a huge success last year so I’ve brought it back for 100k Factory Ultra Edition! Please continue reading for complete details…

100k Factory Ultra Edition is the successor of 100k Factory which became the best selling product in Jvzoo history last year.

This version is built around the same principles as the original (fast, scalable, profitable) but the path to the end result is different.

In fact, 100k Factory Ultra Edition teaches you how to maximize your profits selling physical products on your own eCommerce stores but the method itself is much different from everything else out there.

In a nutshell you will be leveraging some trends of physical product sales without taking risks such as stocking up on large quantities of products that may or may not sell.

Not to mention, you do not have to worry about tedious packaging and shipping because 100k Factory is based on drop shipping which means you make the sales and someone else handles the inventory and shipping.

One of the main differences between 100k Factory Ultra Edition and almost every other similar product out there is that other products teach you the methods, show you how to build the site or store, but leaves you in the dark about how to generate traffic… and that’s ONLY the most important part of the equation!

Well you will not have to worry about this anymore because 100k Factory Ultra Edition gives you a proven laser targeted traffic system.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. This course is broken down into phases which I will be going over in my review.

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100k Factory Ultra Edition Review

100k Factory Ultra Edition was built upon many of the same fundamental concepts that helped make the original 100k Factory quickly become the best-selling product in the history of Jvzoo marketplace.

Where the original 100k Factory was about building a 6-figure income around the development of 4 core websites, 100k Factory Ultra Edition introduces an extremely powerful approach to selling physical products in your own eCommerce stores using a much different method than you may have seen in similar products.

Mind you, just because nobody has revealed this secret eCommerce blueprint previously does not mean we are dealing with uncharted territory; this system has been repeatedly proven to produce monster results and it will be presented to you on a silver platter so you can literally copy this business model and receive the same benefits.

When it comes to eCommerce business models one of the biggest inconveniences is the process of placing large inventory orders and having hundreds of stock on hand for each item in your store not knowing for sure if you will be able to sell everything and even if you do exhaust your inventory that means you are going to spend hours at a time packaging and shipping the physical products.

Well guess what? You do not have to do any of that with the 100k Factory Ultra Edition business model because it is based on dropshipping which means:

– You do not need to purchase inventory

– You do not need to handle packaging and shipping

Instead you will be doing direct dropshipping from China which means you list the physical products in your eCommerce store and each time you make a sale the supplier will ship directly to the customer for you.

100k Factory Ultra Edition consists of 3 phases and the process I’ve just described is essentially what you will learn in Phase 1.

Here is a breakdown of each phase:

Phase 1: Create your own eCommerce store that operates around dropshipping which means you do not need to purchase large amounts of inventory and worry about whether it will sell and whenever you make a sale the product will be shipped to the consumer directly from China with no money down!

Phase 2: Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar to you. You purchase a course based on a proven online business model and as you go through the course you begin to get excited and motivated because the business model is logical and you can totally visualize how it would work but once you’ve finished the course you realize they didn’t explain how to generate traffic! Getting traffic is perhaps the most important element in any online business model and unfortunately far too many vendors will conveniently leave this out. Nothing is going to work without traffic which is why 100k Factory Ultra Edition has dedicated a huge chunk of the course to traffic and income automation. You will learn how to create dirt cheap ads that yield very high conversion rates. You are not going to be left in the dark on this one…

Phase 3: This phase is all about scaling your business and turning your income into an empire through strategic expansion. Remember the name of this course is “100k Factory” and that’s because the main objective is to empower YOU to make $100k+ per year. In order to do this, we have to introduce the business model, build it out, establish our business and then scale up. For instance, you might start following this business model with a single product. This will give you the experience of going through the entire process all the way through making sales and this is the perfect system to rinse and repeat as much as you would like! So it would not take much to jump from 1 product to 100 products (depending on what you are selling) and it is especially easy to scale this quickly if you are dropshipping which is taught inside 100k Factory Ultra Edition.

The entire process can be grouped in these 7 steps:

1. Find and choose your product

2. Use exclusive 100k Factory ROI software to test profitability of your product.

3. Use 100k Factory Command Center to find your target audience and establish yourself

4. Generate buyer traffic through FB Ads (works with any budget)

5. Convert traffic into sales – Your shopping cart and checkout system is already going to be setup  so all you need to do is publish listings for your products on your website and send traffic to them.

6. Increase ROI by analyzing and optimizing conversions

7. Rinse & repeat – As I’ve just mentioned, this system is tailor made for scaling. You can apply this formula to as many products as you are willing to manage.

100k Factory Ultra Edition is the most comprehensive and complete training on eCommerce ever created and it comes with a predefined plan that practically guarantees your success if you stick with it and attend each of the training sessions included. Not to mention, you will have access to the private Facebook group and expert assistance is available whenever you need it. It literally does not get better than this.

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What is Drop Shipping?

I’ve actually learned quite a bit about eCommerce and drop shipping since getting back from Chris Record’s 3C Conference in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year and I met several people that were having unbelievable success with eCommerce and/or Shopify. A lot of these people were far from being tech savvy and others had only been doing this for a few months because it really didn’t matter; this business model could be adopted by anyone and the screenshots were right there on their iPhones to prove it.

After attending that conference I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing out on a huge opportunity. The “problem” was that I had been doing full-time online marketing for over a year by this time and I was fully invested in affiliate marketing primarily through my product review website. In other words, it was already a full-time job and I already had a long term plan which was getting into product creation since I felt like I could finally contribute to aspiring marketers by creating a product of my own.

I never thought something else would trump my plans which had been all but “set in stone” at this point, but with everything I had seen about eCommerce to this point, this opportunity was just too valuable to pass up, so I decided that I would be willing to sacrifice a bit of my time that was going into affiliate marketing and spent it towards eCommerce instead. Need proof? Check out how many reviews I published in February and March of this year compared to last year; a lot of my time has shifted to eCommerce because it is a surefire business model that can be scaled up insanely fast when you are following a proven business model.

Most of the people I spoke to at 3C were using a killer combination of Shopify and Facebook Ads to generate astonishing amounts of sales. Here is how I understood it to work in a nutshell:

They would either start with an existing product idea or they would do product research through websites like Watchcount to find out what products were in high demand to consumers right now.

With that information they would move on to a wholesale website like Ali Express or Alibaba and look to purchase “lots” of these items at wholesale price. Sometimes the supplier will have a specific minimum order to get the wholesale price which makes sense.

Now here is where the path splits into an “easy” path or a “hard” path. (HINT: The easy path involves dropshipping which is part of what you will be learning inside 100k Factory Ultra Edition)

If you take the hard path you would purchase your products from the supplier, have them shipped to you, create listings for these products in your Shopify store, sell the products, and finally package & ship to your customer.

If you take the easy path with dropshipping you would be able to cut out significant amounts of time and money which makes it easier to profit and scale.

Taking the easy path involves purchasing your products from the supplier, creating your listing for these products in Shopify and then selling them… that’s it!

In this case the supplier or dropshipper is handling the inventory (it never has to be shipped to you) and they are handling the packaging and shipping that takes place after you make the sale which means you don’t need to track physical inventory, buy all the necessary shipping supplies, package every single product that sells and make daily mail runs at the post office to ship in a timely manner which is expected of anyone selling physical products online.

Dropshipping is so much easier that it can almost make you feel sorry for everyone that still does it the hard way. And the best part is that each time I’ve contacted a supplier on Alibaba in regards to a product that I was looking into selling, they said I could dropship through them.

And that’s dropshipping in a nutshell. You make the sale on your end and then someone in China handles the rest of the process so you will never have to maintain a physical inventory or take the time to prepare the items and ship them to your customers.

As you have probably noticed, this system is not far fetched at all; it’s practical and people have been doing it for years with success, but while it’s easy for anyone to buy into the system itself, there is one thing most vendors will conveniently omit from their course (and in many cases it’s because they do not know how to do it themselves). And what are they conveniently omitting from their courses?

How to drive traffic to your product listings, how to market your products and ultimately how to get sales!

Anyone can put the system in place, but what good is a Shopify store with no traffic? What good is a Shopify store with products that have been proven to sell outside of your store but you don’t know how to market them? What good is a Shopify store that is not attracting customers that have an interest in your products?

All of these things are addressed in the 100k Factory Ultra Edition course and training. In fact, the entire course consists of 3 different phases (sections) and the second phase is entirely dedicated to all of these things I’ve just mentioned related to how you are going to get aggressive buyer traffic and how you are going to convert that traffic into sales. And as I mentioned before, all of this is based on the tried and tested blueprints of people that have been earning 6 and 7 figures per year doing eCommerce.

These are the things that truly separates 100k Factory Ultra Edition from other products out there. You might be familiar with the old saying “you get what you pay for” and that is especially true in terms of the value of information and training you will receive throughout this product. If YOU follow the plan YOU will be successful just like many before you that have followed this same blueprint and scaled it to 6 and 7 figures and just like students from the original 100k Factory have already done in the past year. You are now in control of your own destiny…

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Special Offer

100k Factory Ultra Edition is above and beyond anything else I’ve reviewed or promoted since the original 100k Factory in April 2015.

And just like I did a year ago, I’m going to give you a FREE Gift as a (huge) token of my appreciation for making your investment in 100k Factory through my website.

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I must receive confirmation from the vendor that your refund period has ended before I can send your $500 cash back. This will take approximately 60 days from the time of your purchase or when the vendors at 100k Factory Ultra Edition issue my commission at the end of your refund period.

If you choose a payment plan then you will receive three separate cash back payments as well. For example, if you choose a 3 payment plan then I would send you 3 cash back payments of $200 each approximately 60 days after each one of your payments (or when commission is released to me).

If it was up to me, I would love to give you the bonus immediately following your purchase, but I have to protect myself against any possible refund abuse.

I have positive references all over the Internet and I can provide them upon request if it helps you. I have maintained flawless feedback records as a buyer and seller on every website and online marketplace that I’ve used and I’m more than happy to provide ample evidence of this upon request.

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PLEASE NOTE: You will receive your $500 Cash Back in approximately 60 days following your purchase OR when I have received confirmation from the vendor that your refund period has ended. This is the only way I can protect myself against refunds and general abuse.

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Your Turn

100k Factory Ultra Edition is the gold standard for all eCommerce products and courses out there. It is the epitome of a comprehensive business model. At the same time, you must remember that there are many paths you can take in online marketing and with the right approach all of these paths lead to success, so you have to ask yourself if eCommerce is honestly something that interests you in the first place. If this is something you can visualize yourself doing and it feels right to you then this is the course. You will not find a better or more complete drop shipping business model based on the exact actions being taken by some of the most successful people in the business on a daily basis and you will be working with them directly in live training sessions. This is the course to have for anyone that is serious about running a thriving eCommerce business from your own home. If you are serious about going “all in” towards a prosperous and profitable career in Internet Marketing, 100k Factory gives you the blueprint to success and immediate profits that ultimately leads to a 6-figure salary; an opportunity that very few people will ever have. A lot of the time we have to take a leap of faith to seize the opportunity of a lifetime. In this case, you’re protected with a money back guarantee as well, so with the risk factor removed, this is just one big glaring opportunity to claim the life you want and deserve. Thanks for visiting my review page!

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