eCom Experts Academy Review and Bonus

eCom Experts AcademyeCom Experts Academy is the masterplan for building a highly profitable business through Shopify.

This is the exact blueprint used by Robert Nava and Justin Taylor towards building their own 7-figure eCommerce businesses.

You will watch Robert and Justin reveal each aspect of their 7-figure Shopify empire through over-the-shoulder videos and more. I’ve outlined each section inside this course below.

There is proof of people earning $700+ per day after applying this system within a week of starting.

And how about this? The product creators are so confident in this system they will even refund you and pay $100 on top of that if it doesn’t work for you…



eCom Experts Academy Demo

Here’s what real people have been able to say about the eCom Experts Academy. This video also includes commentary from Devin Zander who is one of the product’s creators…


eCom Experts Academy Review

[highlight]PLEASE NOTE:[/highlight] The new version of this course is coming out on November 10 and it is called eCom Premier Academy. It follows the same structure as eCom Experts Academy, but there are new features as well. You can check my eCom Premier Academy review for more details.

eCom Experts AcademyeCom Experts Academy is the blueprint for building a 7-figure passive income through Shopify stores.

Product creators Robert Nava and Justin Taylor have revealed their own 7-figure Shopify masterplan with over-the-shoulder videos so you will know the exact process each step of the way.

eCom Experts Academy places a strong emphasis on teaching you how to generate the largest possible ROI through website branding and Facebook marketing.

Justin will reveal his personal strategy that has helped him collect unbelievable ROI and profits by using Facebook ads.

One thing I really like about eCom Experts Academy is how they deliver everything you need to succeed within the front-end product.

In other words, they will not sell you the main product and then ask you to purchase additional upsells to “make the most of the product if you want to ensure your success”.

Here is how the course is outlined to give you an idea of what you’re going to learn…

Understanding Shopify

1. As a selling platform
2. The benefits
3. Understanding the dashboard
4. Selling channels

Shopify Setup and Essentials

1. Account
2. Payments
3. Shipping
4. Checkout
5. Theme settings

Sourcing Products and Fulfilling Products

1. What to look for
2. Tools to use
3. Sourcing to scale
4. Drop shipping made easy
5. Shipping basics
6. Tips and warnings

Product Offers

1. Upsell offers
2. Downsell offers
3. Recurring offers
4. Email offers
5. Free offers
6. Bundle offers
7. Bonus offers
8. Referral offers

How to build out and establish a brand

1. Trust
2. Consistency
3. Relatability
4. Passion
5. Customer Support
6. Social Proof

How to optimize your web page for high conversions

1. Landing page resonation
2. Product presentation
3. Social proof
4. Reviews
5. Like count
7. Images

High converting sales process

1. Cross sell compliments
2. Upsells that are comfortable
– Don’t hinder
– Use the supermarket approach

High ROI Facebook Ads Strategy

1. Competition – How to measure and scale
– Bid reach
2. Interest – 3 types of interest for viral selling ads
– Targets: Buying targets, community targets, authority targets
– Budget: How to bid and adjust budget for low costing conversions
– Set theory: FB relativity explained and how it effects your ads frequency and reach

Optimization Clicks

1. Unique
2. Results
3. Thousand

Creating Viral Ads

1. Viral high ROI case studies – 1k ROI and up consistently

This is a genuine training course and a complete business model; it’s something like THE encyclopedia to creating a 7-figure eCommerce business.

And the most incredible part of this is the “success guarantee” that comes with it…

They will not only reimburse you if you are not making money after purchasing this product, but they will also PAY YOU $100 on top of that reimbursement.


Special Offer

eCom Premier Academy will be available on 11/10 at 11:00 AM EST. If you purchase through my review page you will ultimately spend $247 instead of $297 because of the $50 cash back that I’m offering. After this limited time promo offer, the vendors will push the price up to $1997 permanently.

[SPECIAL] You will receive all of the FREE Bonuses shown below when you purchase through this page. I am able to give you the best price online at $247 by taking $50 out of the commission I would receive from your purchase.

Please watch the video below this list for proof of my 100% feedback as a buyer/seller on various sites.
I can also provide references of customers that have received my cash value bonuses upon request.

cash back

#1 – $50 PayPal Cash Back

Towards my goal to offer the best eCom Premier Academy bonus, I will be taking $50 out of the commission that I would earn from your purchase and give it back to you! Please note that I will need to receive confirmation from the vendors that your refund period has passed before I can send your cash back. This will usually take 30 days from the time of your purchase but it can take up to 60 days. If it was up to me, I would love to give you the bonus immediately following your purchase, but I have to do it this way to protect myself against refund abuse. As soon as confirmation is received from the vendor, your PayPal Cash Back will be sent promptly. Lastly, since I’ve offered similar bonuses in the past, I have references that can be provided upon request and I would also encourage you to watch my video below.


#2 – Private Coaching (Value: $197)

Most private coaching services cost well over $497 by themselves. I have enjoyed consistent results through natural white-hat SEO and I will make myself available to you through Skype and Private E-mail for 30 days to answer any questions you have about Internet Marketing. If you’re wondering about my qualifications, let’s start with the website you’re looking at right now. As an affiliate marketer, most of my Jvzoo product reviews this year have ranked on Page 1 despite tons of competition for every launch. With success, I’ve had to face many obstacles as well. Other marketers have been using my content and layout for their own affiliate marketing sites, but Mecanto continues to prevail. I have only offered this service as a bonus with one other product on my website and having a small group of students allows me to dedicate more time to you… Please note this service will also be provided after I have confirmation that your refund period for eCom Premier Academy has ended.


#3 – Premium Internet Marketing Courses (Value: $10k+)

I’ve put together a package of products that covers every angle of Internet Marketing. This includes premium courses in affiliate marketing, list building, product creation, video marketing, Facebook ads, social marketing, WordPress themes and plugins, graphics packs, royalty free stock images, royalty free music, and much more. You will be blown away at the sheer volume of content I’m going to deliver here. Please note: As an alternative, you can can pick any 40 bonus products from my list instead of my pre-selected bonuses. Click here to see my complete list of products. Please remember to let me know what you would like to do when you send your receipt!

Here is a video I made that shows proof of my 100% feedback ratings as a buyer/seller on different websites:

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” width=”500″ ]

3 Steps to Claim Your Bonus:

IMPORTANT: Please CLEAR YOUR COOKIES to make sure you will receive credit for this purchase! Click here to see how.

1. Purchase eCom Experts Academy through any link on this page or HERE

2. Check your Email and forward the receipt to my address:

3. Your FREE Bonus will be mailed directly to your Email within the next 24 hours.[/box]

Money Back Guarantee

eCom Experts Academy is a proven Shopify business model that has helped people earn over $700+ per day within just a few weeks of applying these methods. Shopify is taking off and this product is an extremely viable business model that can help you make more than you ever imagined from a full-time job if you apply yourself. eCom Experts Academy also comes with a money back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied, the vendor will issue a full refund of your purchase AND they will even pay you $100 on top of that if it didn’t work! Please do not forget to claim your FREE Bonuses listed above if you decide to buy this product through my page!



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