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Impact IncomeREAD FIRST – Impact Income Cash Back: 

While Impact Income is designed to teach you an entire online business model that will help you attain the wealth you desire, I realize that you might not be at that point right now; $1997 is a lot of money for anyone to spend.

I’ve made this more affordable for you by introducing a cash back offer that you will not find on other Impact Income review pages.

When you purchase Impact Income through this review page I’m going to put $500 back into your pocket! More details follow below…

Welcome to my honest and comprehensive Impact Income review.

Impact Income is a powerful course that teaches 4 different proven 6-figure online business models that have been tested by Paul Counts, Paul Evans and their clients as well.

Other premium courses in this price range usually focus on 1 business model all the way through, while Impact Income gives you more freedom to choose which proven model you would like to pursue based on your pre-existing interests and skills.

In other words, Impact Income leads you more towards “discovering the business within yourself” as they put it in the video below.

After all, if we are making a lot of money by doing something we do not actually like to do, can we honestly call ourselves “successful”?

In writing this review, my goal is to help you determine whether Impact Income is right for you based on whether it sounds like something that will give you the opportunity you have been waiting for towards achieving your goals.

Many of these lessons inside this course are cutting edge and have never been shared before in any other product.

Impact Income has also been spearheaded by Paul Counts who has established himself as one of the most trusted product creators in the business.

Paul Counts has partnered up with Paul Evans to develop one of the most comprehensive courses I’ve ever seen based on 4 business models that are working online today. 

In the simplest terms, Impact Income was designed to enable you to create the wealth that you deserve (and everyone deserves) while becoming your own boss and living on your own terms.

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Impact Income Overview

Check out this Impact Income overview video for a look inside the product itself. This video explains how Impact Income is a unique course that was designed in contrast with many of the “business in a box” courses and the reasons behind Paul Counts’ and Paul Evans’ collective decision to build a course like this…

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Impact Income Review

Impact Income introduces 4 different highly effective business models – each of which have been proven to earn up to 6-figures or more – so you can tap into a business that fits your background and interests.

Paul Counts and Paul Evans have constructed a comprehensive course that completely outlines each of these business models, how they work, and how you can replicate the models on your own following a clearly presented step-by-step format.

One of the things that particularly impresses me about Impact Income is that it truly starts with the most important step of all – no matter what business model you are learning – which is mindset. I’ve always been a firm believer that having the right mentality must precede everything. In fact, that is the only reason I’ve been able to get to where I’m at today as someone that has been able to leave their day job after 7 depressing years and have more success as an independent online marketer.  I’ve noticed that as soon as I become less conscious of my mindset, my work begins to suffer as a result. There is no question that you must “get your mind right” before you take action on any business model. If you don’t? Guaranteed fail. But if you do approach this with the correct mindset, you will have success when you are given the exact blueprint along with all of the necessary tools and resources.

As they say in the Instant Income overview video, “there is such a difference between the employee-minded person and the entrepreneur-minded person”. I can vouch for this 100% because I’ve been both of these and the main difference is the fact that the employee-minded person does not believe they can be successful on their own; it’s more of a belief that being your own boss is unrealistic even though it clearly is not!

Instant Income’s system is based on the “4 C’s”:

Core (October 10): Shift from puppet to person

Connect (October 17): Shift from model to mission

Custom (October 24): Shift from conforming to transforming

Command Center (October 31): Shift from confusion to clarity

Each of these will be covered for you in their own separate training webinar.

In the “Core” business model, each attendee will take an assessment to determine which of the four business models would make the most sense to follow.

The “Connect” webinar will connect your business model with direction and a mission that gets you inspired and motivated to begin the process and stay the course. It’s important that this is something you will want to do as you move along as opposed to something you are feeling forced to do. This obviously ties in with mindset which is always important as you move along in your journey (or mission).

Each of the four business models will come with a detailed process so you will understand how it works before you begin to take action. I would say that most courses underestimate the importance of understanding before action.

In the third week you will learn how to pave your own path in the “Custom” webinar. Although the core principles of each model will remain the same, the goal within Impact Income is that your path has been tailored to your own knowledge, beliefs, personality and style. We do not want to get stuck on conforming.

Finally, the “Command Center” training in the fourth week helps you take your launch to the next level by aligning your individual skills and traits with what is effective in today’s market. One of the biggest obstacles that prevents most of us from doing our own launches is telling ourselves what we cannot do.

For example, “I cannot record myself on video”, “I cannot write sales copy”, “I cannot create a product about ____, let alone a sales page!” Does this sound familiar?

That’s why Impact Income is about making the process true to yourself the whole way through because you are the only person standing in your way, so if you can approach this in a way that allows you to believe it then you can do it.

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Special Offer

Impact Income will be available from 9/27 at 11:00 AM EST. The price tag is normally $1997 and since I am an affiliate, I will receive a 50% commission if you purchase through my review page which means I would get paid $998.50 for each sale (let’s call it $1000 to make it easier). I’ve decided to be very generous with my cut…

If you are wondering why I would be willing to do this, let me start by saying that if it wasn’t for you I would not be able to make $1000 from your purchase of Learn Build Earn in the first place.

So here is my proposal to you:

Let’s split the commission 50/50 which means I will return $500 cash right back to you through PayPal which effectively gives you a huge discount that you will not find anywhere else and I am still more than happy with $500 commission per sale on my end!

If that sounds good to you please continue reading to see full details of my offer below, but in the meantime I can tell you this offer is NOT available anywhere else online at the time I am writing this…

[SPECIAL] You will receive all of the FREE Bonuses shown below when you purchase through this page. I am able to give you the best price online at $1497 (instead of $1997) by taking $500 out of the commission I would receive from your purchase.

Please watch the video below this list for proof of cash back payments that I’ve sent to my customers. In the video you will see me log in to my e-mail and PayPal account and show you EVERYTHING.

cash back

#1 – $500 PayPal Cash Back

My goal is to offer the best Impact Income bonus online, so I have made the decision to take $500 out of the commission that I would earn from your purchase and give it back to you! My logic behind this decision is simple. Impact Income is a rare product that will give you the information, tools and resources necessary to running your own successful online business, but that does not change the fact that $1997 is a lot of money to spend on anything and I recognize that. By reducing your expense by $500, I am basically sharing the commission I would earn from your purchase with you and since I am used to promoting products that give me $10-$25 per sale on average, I would be insane to have any problems with earning $500 commission!

“But why are you really doing this? I know you aren’t just being generous…”

Ok you got me! I guess I will have to come clean about why I’m really offering the best Impact Income discount online…

Even though Mecanto Reviews is an authority review site, it is still very small compared to the “super affiliates” that I have to compete with to get your purchase. You probably know some of them by name and some of them have a leg up on me with the ability to offer some very nice bonuses. So giving you $500 cash back is my way of standing out from the crowd and creating a scenario that helps me and you. I have done this in the past with some level of success, so I continue to stick with these cash back bonuses.

Please note: I will need to receive confirmation from the Impact Income vendors that your refund period has passed before I can send your cash back. This will take approximately 30-60 days from the time of your purchase. If you choose the payment plan to split up the payments over time, you will receive your bonus in multiple payments instead based on the amount you have paid the vendor each time and the 30-60 day period will apply for each payment. In this scenario, all of the bonus payments sent to you will add up to $500 by the time we are done.

If it was up to me, I would love to give you the bonus immediately following your purchase, but I have to protect myself against any possible refund abuse. As soon as confirmation is received from the vendor, your $500 PayPal Cash Back will be sent promptly.

Rest assured, I have been offering substantial cash back deals for high end products for over a year so I have references from my customers that can be provided upon request and I would also suggest that you watch my video below.


#2 – Private Coaching (Value: $497)

Most private coaching services cost well over $497 by themselves. I have enjoyed consistent results through natural white-hat SEO and I will make myself available to you through Skype and Private E-mail for 60 days to answer any questions you have about Internet Marketing. If you’re wondering about my qualifications, let’s start with the website you’re looking at right now. As an affiliate marketer, I have a strong history of product reviews that have ranked on Page 1 despite tons of competition for every launch. With success, I’ve had to face many obstacles as well. Other marketers have been using my content and layout for their own affiliate marketing sites, but my review site continues to prevail. I have only offered this service as a bonus with one other product on my website and having a small group of students allows me to dedicate more time to you…


#3 – Premium Internet Marketing Courses (Value: $10k+)

I’ve put together a package of products that covers every angle of Internet Marketing. This includes premium courses in affiliate marketing, list building, product creation, video marketing, Facebook ads, social marketing, WordPress themes and plugins, graphics packs, royalty free stock images, royalty free music, and much more. You will be blown away at the sheer volume of content I’m going to deliver here. Please note: As an alternative, you can can pick any 40 bonus products from my list instead of my pre-selected bonuses. Click here to see my complete list of products. Please remember to let me know what you would like to do when you send your receipt!

Here is a video I made that shows PayPal cash bonuses that were sent to customers in the past through other products I’ve reviewed:

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” width=”500″ ]

3 Steps to Claim Your Bonus:

IMPORTANT: Please CLEAR YOUR COOKIES to make sure you will receive credit for this purchase! Click here to see how.

1. Purchase Impact Income through any link on this page or HERE

2. Check your Email and forward the receipt to my address:

3. Your bonuses – including $500 PayPal Cash Back and Private Coaching – will be delivered once the vendor has released commissions to me which will be at the conclusion of your refund period (usually 30-60 days).[/box]

Your Turn

Impact Income is a premium course that can only be purchased through webinar. All links to Impact Income on this page will take you to the webinar signup page which you will watch for an introduction and in-depth look into Impact Income. If you decide it is something that you would like to pursue and purchase this course, I will receive 50% commission and share it with you 50/50 as detailed throughout this review page.  To claim your bonus just be sure to follow the “3 Steps to Claim Your Bonus” above and you will be good to go! I will also confirm receipt of your bonus request within 24 hours.

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