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Learn Build EarnLearn Build Earn Birthday Special! As it turns out Learn Build Earn is launching on my birthday (8/21) and I would like to celebrate it with YOU. If you purchase Learn Build Earn through this review page we will split the commission 50/50 which means I’m going to put $600 back in your pocket! Keep reading for details…

Welcome to my honest and comprehensive Learn Build Earn review.

We have already established that you will save $600 cash if you decide to purchase Learn Build Earn through my review page, but even with a huge discount, the most important thing to determine is whether you will actually benefit from this course.

My goal is to help you make that determination by the time you have finished reading this review, so I am going to give you a comprehensive breakdown of what Learn Build Earn is all about.

Learn Build Earn is a premium all-in-one online marketing course that packs valuable information from successful Internet Marketers all over the world about generating traffic, Facebook, YouTube and so much more.

Many of these lessons inside this course are cutting edge and have never been shared before in any other product.

Learn Build Earn has also been created by Mark Ling who has established himself as one of the most trusted product creators in the business.

Mark has left no stone unturned on the way to creating the best program that has ever been released on how to make money online from informational products.

In fact, if you are wondering why you haven’t heard as much from Mark as usual over the past few months it is because he has spent most of the year traveling the world creating content for Learn Build Earn and now it is finally becoming accessible for the first time ever.

In short, Learn Build Earn is about creating the wealth you deserve and becoming your own boss with everything covered from beginner to advanced level marketing.

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Learn Build Earn Demo

Check out this Learn Build Earn demo video for a look inside the product itself. Please note this is actually not my own video but I am including it here until I get my own video published to YouTube and also because it takes you inside the Member’s Area to get an idea of what you will see after your purchase…

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Learn Build Earn Review

Learn Build Earn is a very comprehensive product that teaches how to create and sell your own informational products and it starts from the most basic level that anyone can follow all the way through to becoming an expert.

Product creation – including creating your own informational products – is one of the most effective and profitable online marketing business models, but the steps involved are critical towards your success.

I have reviewed a lot of cheaper products on this subject that were very general and took a lot of shortcuts which simply does not work in this case.

There is no way of sugar coating the fact that there is a lot of work involved in creating and selling informational products, but if you know the right steps to take and you follow those steps, you can be successful.

That is where Learn Build Earn comes in. This course covers everything from A to Z including how to find a profitable niche for your product, trip wire offers, upsells, how to write effective sales copy, creating your website, getting traffic and literally everything involved in the entire process; nothing is left out.

The course is also structured so that even someone with no prior experience will not have to feel overwhelmed by a sudden information overload. It starts with entry level material before getting into the more advanced training that includes video sales letters (VSL), selling products with recurring charges, webinars and even creating high ticket launches like Learn Build Earn itself.

In other words, Mark Ling’s goal was to create a program that gives you the exact blueprint for his own high ticket launches as well as the same thing coming from other successful online marketers as opposed to a watered down version of his own business that will only teach you how to create cheap $7 informational products that he would never actually launch himself.

The course is organized into 14 comprehensive modules and also includes additional resources and bonuses such as live recordings from Mark’s “Copywriting and Conversions” event, high ticket private label resources that you can include as bonuses with your own products and more.

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Sales Funnel

Here is a summary of the entire sales funnel for Learn Build Earn:

[Front End] Learn Build Earn $2497 $1873

This premium training course will give you the expert’s blueprint to creating and selling informational products online. A successful business in product creation is enough to give you the freedom to completely work for yourself and run your own highly profitable business. This is a proven business model that has worked for lots of online marketers, but taking proper action is essential to your success. With Learn Build Earn you are NOT getting another highly generalized product creation course; you are getting a premium training course that covers the business model from A to Z and leaves no stone unturned. The quality of this product will come as no surprise to anyone that is familiar with Mark Ling.

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Special Offer

Learn Build Earn will be available on 8/21 at 9:00 AM EST which also happens to be my birthday so I’m going to invite you to celebrate this awesome day with me.

The price tag is normally $2497 and since I am an affiliate, I will receive a 50% commission if you purchase through my review page which means I would get paid $1200 for each sale (the vendor apparently rounds the commission down which is why it is $1200 instead of $1248) and I’ve decided to be very generous with my cut…

The fact is that if it wasn’t for you I would not be able to make $1200 from your purchase of Learn Build Earn in the first place.

So here is my proposal to you:

Let’s split the commission 50/50 which means I will return $600 cash right back to you through PayPal which effectively gives you a huge discount that you will not find anywhere else and I am still more than happy with $600 commission per sale on my end!

If that sounds good to you please continue reading to see full details of my offer below, but in the meantime I can tell you this offer is NOT available anywhere else online…

[SPECIAL] You will receive all of the FREE Bonuses shown below when you purchase through this page. I am able to give you the best price online at $1897 by taking $600 out of the commission I would receive from your purchase.

Please watch the video below this list for proof of cash back payments that I’ve sent to my customers. In the video you will see me log in to my e-mail and PayPal account and show you EVERYTHING.

cash back

#1 – $624 PayPal Cash Back

My goal is to offer the best Learn Build Earn bonus online, so I have made the decision to take $624 out of the commission that I would earn from your purchase and give it back to you! My logic behind this decision is simple. Learn Build Earn is a rare product that will give you the information, tools and resources necessary to running your own successful online business, but that does not change the fact that $2497 is a lot of money to spend on anything and I recognize that. By reducing your expense by $600, I am basically sharing the commission I would earn from your purchase with you and since I am used to promoting products that give me $10-$25 per sale on average, I would be insane to have any problems with earning $624 commission!

“But why are you really doing this? I know you aren’t just being generous because it’s your birthday…”

Ok you got me! I guess I will have to come clean about why I’m really offering the best Learn Build Earn discount online…

Even though Mecanto Reviews is an authority review site, it is still very small compared to the “super affiliates” that I have to compete with to get your purchase. You probably know some of them by name and some of them have a leg up on me with the ability to offer some very nice bonuses. So giving you $600 cash back is my way of standing out from the crowd and creating a scenario that helps me and you. I have done this in the past with some level of success, so I continue to stick with these cash back bonuses.

Please note: If you choose a payment plan option instead of making your full payment upfront, I will divide your bonus into separate payments accordingly.

Since Learn Build Earn is non-refundable, there is NO delay in getting your PayPal Cash Back! As soon as I am credited for the sale by the vendor, I will take half of my commission and put it right back into YOUR PayPal account!

Rest assured, I have been offering substantial cash back deals for high end products for over a year so I have references from my customers that can be provided upon request and I would also suggest that you watch my video below.


#2 – Private Coaching (Value: $497)

Most private coaching services cost well over $497 by themselves. I have enjoyed consistent results through natural white-hat SEO and I will make myself available to you through Skype and Private E-mail for 60 days to answer any questions you have about Internet Marketing. If you’re wondering about my qualifications, let’s start with the website you’re looking at right now. As an affiliate marketer, I have a strong history of product reviews that have ranked on Page 1 despite tons of competition for every launch. With success, I’ve had to face many obstacles as well. Other marketers have been using my content and layout for their own affiliate marketing sites, but my review site continues to prevail. I have only offered this service as a bonus with one other product on my website and having a small group of students allows me to dedicate more time to you…


#3 – Premium Internet Marketing Courses (Value: $10k+)

I’ve put together a package of products that covers every angle of Internet Marketing. This includes premium courses in affiliate marketing, list building, product creation, video marketing, Facebook ads, social marketing, WordPress themes and plugins, graphics packs, royalty free stock images, royalty free music, and much more. You will be blown away at the sheer volume of content I’m going to deliver here. Please note: As an alternative, you can can pick any 40 bonus products from my list instead of my pre-selected bonuses. Click here to see my complete list of products. Please remember to let me know what you would like to do when you send your receipt!

Here is a video I made that shows PayPal cash bonuses that were sent to customers in the past through other products I’ve reviewed:

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” width=”500″ ]

3 Steps to Claim Your Bonus:

IMPORTANT: Please CLEAR YOUR COOKIES to make sure you will receive credit for this purchase! Click here to see how.

1. Purchase Learn Build Earn through any link on this page or HERE

2. Check your Email and forward the receipt to my address: admin@mecanto.com

3. Your bonuses – including $600 PayPal Cash Back and Private Coaching – will be delivered once the vendor has released commissions to me. I have been advised this will happen at the end of Learn Build Earn launch so that is when I will release your commission depending on the actual date in which commissions are released to me.[/box]

Your Turn

Learn Build Earn is a non-refundable online course. Mark Ling and his team will preview the entire course during the next webinar which is accessible through the link below (and every other link on this review page). Since this product is non-refundable that means I am able to send your $624 PayPal Cash Back promptly upon receiving commission from your purchase of Learn Build Earn. Just make sure to follow the “3 Steps to Claim Your Bonus” above and you will be good to go.

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