MarketerSeal Review and Bonus

Welcome to my MarketerSeal SEO Certification review and bonus page.

I have done hundreds of reviews on this website, but MarketerSeal is unlike anything I’ve done, so I am going to take a different approach here.

For one thing, the training itself is brought to you by one of the world’s most well-known SEO experts in Matthew Woodward which is quite exciting.

This is a guy that has worked his way up the online marketing ranks through hard work and commitment and he has been helping aspiring marketers for a long time.

As far as credentials, if you just Google his name you will see the ridiculous amount of awards he has won especially for his popular SEO blog.

The second reason it is unlike any product or training I’ve ever reviewed is because it really is a training course in every sense; it includes 5 regular exams and a final exam and if you pass the final exam you will receive an official physical SEO certification from Matthew Woodward.

To be specific, you will become a Certified Private Blog Network Specialist and that is because this course is all about how to rank any website in any niche by using PBNs (Private Blog Networks) to drive your money sites’ rankings.

Since I have built my own PBNs in the past, I am also qualified to chime in with my own input in this review which I will be doing.

I can also tell you that years have passed since PBNs have become the best way for individual online marketers (like myself and most of you reading this) to rank websites in the era of “authority rules all” when it comes to SEO and rankings.

That said, if a PBN is not built properly, a lot of time and money will be wasted.

That’s because a successful PBN must fly under the radar and avoid leaving footprints. Google does not like PBN websites and when it detects them, they are usually deindexed and sometimes your money site that has benefited from them will be penalized as well.

But this is how the game is played in 2017 and nobody has played it better than Matthew Woodward, so I am not only writing about this product as a product reviewer / affiliate marketer, but I am also writing from the perspective of a MarketerSeal student because I am also in the business of finding ways to increase my website rankings and I will be going for my certification as well!


MarketerSeal Demo

As part of my MarketerSeal review, I have done a few videos that explain what this product is all about and why it is beneficial to your websites and online business, who is Matthew Woodward and why is he qualified to train this course and also taking viewers inside the MarketerSeal training itself, so I’ve included one of those videos below to show you what this is all about and why this training has me very excited….


MarketerSeal Introduction

MarketerSeal teaches how to rank any website in any niche in 2017.

And of course you are also getting the natural byproduct of Google rankings which is increased traffic.

The MarketerSeal training has actually been through 4 different updates already, but the latest update is the biggest yet and Matthew is spreading the word more than ever.

The training focuses on building a PBN (Private Blog Network) to attain website rankings and traffic.

Google’s search rankings are heavily based on authority which is why when you search for just about anything, its page on an authority website will be one of the first – if not the first – search results you will see.

For example, if you search for the name of a historic event, its Wikipedia page will likely come up first.

If you search for the name of a professional baseball player, his profile on, or his team’s official site will probably come up first.

If you search for an actor or actress, their IMDB profile or Wikipedia entry will come up first.

And generally the results that follow are also authority websites.

So in other words the days of registering and ranking #1 for “John Doe” are over (these were known as EMDs or Exact Match Domains).

The rise to power of authority websites created a situation where if you were not associated with an authority website, you had to go back to the drawing board with your SEO strategies and methods.

This was around the time when the Private Blog Network – which I will refer to as “PBN” from this point forward – became the most viable option for “everyone else”.

Basically, a PBN is your own private network of websites that are used to post backlinks to your money sites.

Since you own the PBN domains, you can use each website’s “link juice” for your own web properties and nobody else’s.

For example, in the past webmasters would commonly dump their backlinks on as many websites as they could which is why guestbooks and blog comments were among the most popular destinations for a backlink to be posted.

The problem is everyone else is posting their backlinks to the same guestbooks and blog comments as you, so if you have hundreds or thousands of outbound links on the same page, each individual link is devalued to an extent.

In addition, backlinks on websites that are in an entirely different niche than yours are less powerful than backlinks on websites in your niche because the former types of backlinks are not relevant to your website/niche.

Well, a PBN domain resolves both of these issues.

For example, let’s say you have 3 backlinks on the home page of one of your PBN sites and one of those backlinks is pointing to your money site. Since there are only 3 outbound links total, each link would carry more weight and since this is a website in your PBN that you created, you can control its niche and make it relevant.

Now you might be wondering why I had 3 backlinks in my example? Wouldn’t our backlink be more valuable if it was the only backlink on our PBN website’s home page? Not necessarily. And not only is that not necessarily true, but if your backlink was the only outbound link on the entire page, that would be a great way to create a footprint and have Google flag your PBN and possibly your money site too.

Further explanation of all of this is obviously going to be inside the MarketerSeal training, but I wanted to explain that much so you could understand what I’m trying to say here.

There are also several other factors that determine how much any backlink will benefit your money site. For example, each domain has a lot of metrics that determine its overall authority and a PBN that consists of higher authority domains is usually going to benefit its owner more than a PBN with lower authority domains. You learn all about that in the MarketerSeal training as well.

But the problem with PBNs is they are a clear violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines because – well – they are made to artificially impact website rankings.

The website owner is posting backlinks to their money site on “other” websites while trying to create the impression that those backlinks came about naturally when in fact they were not.

But since 99% of us are not ESPN, Wikipedia, IMDB or CNN, Google has forced us to play our hands this way.

We have to use PBNs to control our success these days because it is the last “loophole” we have left and Google knows this which is why these private networks are constantly Google’s target and it’s why the MarketerSeal training constantly stresses the importance of avoiding footprints and keeping your entire PBN strong and secure at all times.

Since every domain in your PBN is a paid asset and the stronger the domain, the more money it costs to buy, this is not something you want to be unsure and/or carefree towards; you need some peace of mind that your PBN is protected against the constant threat of being penalized and/or deindexed.

You do not want to be like me and know what it feels like to be down thousands of dollars and without a PBN because you were being careless. 

This is where Matthew Woodward’s training comes in.

Among the many things you learn in MarketerSeal, you do not just learn how to build the most powerful PBN within your budget, but you also learn how to keep that PBN safe and protected at all times in 2017.

Now let’s move into the MarketerSeal training itself. In the next section of my review, I will report to you on the actual course from my perspectives as a student and product reviewer.

MarketerSeal Review

So here we are! The purpose of the previous section was to give you a bit of an introduction to the purpose of MarketerSeal, particularly if you were not yet familiar with Private Blog Networks. Hopefully that was beneficial to some of you.

But now we are going to take a look into the MarketerSeal training itself together.

First, here is a snapshot of the “Welcome E-mail” that I received from Matthew after being officially enrolled in the training program. There is actually a bit more to the e-mail, but this is as much of it as I could capture in a single screenshot (and I’ve also reduced the dimensions and quality of the screenshot for SEO purposes)…

MarketerSeal Welcome E-mail

When you log in to MarketerSeal the layout is much like what I would expect from an online training course of this sort where the purpose is to teach you how to ultimately make more money online by learning how to rank any website in any niche and therefore get organic traffic to your websites.

And since this course is about making sure that every student gets his/her moneys worth and truly learns the course material, there are exams along the way, followed by a final exam and finally your certification is issued when you have earned it by passing all exams.

And that is how you know you have become an expert in building PBNs and ranking websites which is one of the most valuable skills you can possibly have towards making money online.

The training course home page breaks you in with “An Introduction to Private Blog Networks” much like what I’ve just written in the previous section of this review, but probably 10x better since it was written by Matthew Woodward who is one of the very best in the business.

On the right sidebar you will see a Certification Progress bar and below that you will find the entire Course Outline which is quite extensive when you click to expand each section.

Click the image above to view it in its full-size

Through the home page you will also get access to the MarketerSeal private Facebook group where you can compare notes with other students that will be building their own PBNs and you can also ask any questions as the community is there towards the purpose of helping each other.

This Facebook community is sure to have a ton of value in itself.

To give you an idea of the MarketerSeal SEO Certification course materials and how it is structured and organized, these are the training modules:

1. An Introduction to Private Blog Networks

– Defining the Perfect Backlink
– What is a PBN?
– Revealing the True Power of PBNs
– The Hidden PBN Advantage
– The Risks of PBNs
– The One Type of Blog Network You Must Avoid

2. Planning a Powerful Network

– The PBN Process
– The Cost of Building a PBN
– Planning Wrap Up

3. Hosting Your Private Network

– How to Avoid Leaving a Hosting Footprint
– Finding PBN Hosts
– Cloud Hosting Option #1
– Cloud Hosting Option #2
– Hosting Wrap Up

4. Finding High Quality Domains For Your Network

– The Domain Expiration Process
– Types of Expired Domains
– Understanding Key Domain Metrics
– Other Things to Check
– Reducing Your Networks Domain Footprint
– Final Domain Buying Checklist
– Expired Domain Source #1-#14
– Bonus Expired Domain Source (Matthew’s personal broker)
– Finding High Quality Domains Wrap Up

5. Building Your Sites To Stay Under Google’s Radar

– WordPress PBN: The Basics
– WordPress PBN: Hiding Your Network From Competition
– WordPress PBN: Essential Settings
– WordPress PBN: Design & Layout
– WordPress PBN: Plugins
– WordPress PBN: Content, Comments & Pages
– WordPress PBN: Sprinkling the Magic Fairy Dust
– WordPress PBN: Congratulations
– WordPress PBN Site Building Hack #1
– WordPress PBN Site Building Hack #2
– Building Your Site Wrap Up

6. Private Blog Network Linking Strategies

– Timing is Everything
– Place Your Links Carefully
– Control Your Anchors to Avoid Detection
– How to Avoid Leaving a Linking Footprint
– Linking Strategies Wrap Up

7. Managing Your Private Blog Network

– Network Management Tools #1-#4
– Manual Network Management
– Network Management Wrap Up

8. How to Avoid Leaving Footprints Behind

9. Other Things You Can Do With Your PBN

10. Learning Resources & Additional Materials

– Course Update Log

I have been going through this entire course not only for my own benefit and knowledge, but also so I can provide you with a complete review on time for the MarketerSeal launch… and I swear to you on the names of my wife and son that this is extremely powerful material that has been proven and it works!

That said, you might find yourself feeling extremely excited and anxious to apply your newfound knowledge while going through the course material (especially after watching the incredible case studies) so when that happens remember this advice: Keep Your Focus!! 

The time to apply this knowledge and start kicking butt in the SERPs will come after you have completed the course and earned your Private Blog Network specialist certification; this entire course is important.

I highly recommend having a notebook or pad handy to write notes while you are going through these lessons. Taking notes has helped me get to where I am as an online marketer today. I literally have tons of notebooks filled up and most of the time I never even go back to review notes that I’ve written, but it’s been proven that when you write things down physically from pencil to pad you will retain much more of what you are learning.

In addition, as someone that experience with buying expired domains and building my own PBN, I can tell you the way this training is structured is honestly perfect as in I cannot think of a single thing I would do differently and Matthew has covered every necessary aspect with nothing left out.

You can also leave questions and comments on every lesson page in the course and of course there is also the Facebook community to make use of.

Even if you are someone like myself that has had experience and even success with PBNs in the past, you will still get a lot out of this training course.

For one thing, it is being taught by someone that – if we are being honest with ourselves – has done it better than all of us.

I mean, Matthew Woodward’s blog has been ranking for some insanely competitive SEO keywords for a very long time.

And for another thing, I guarantee that even if some of this is going to be repeat knowledge for you, there will be a lot of valuable knowledge presented to you that you did not know about before.

For example, when I built my first small PBN, it was small, but it was a success… at first.

I had actually built my PBN before I had a money site which is very unusual, but I did this for a couple reasons:

1. I knew that PBNs were becoming more and more popular which means good domains would become more and more expensive to purchase, so might as well get them sooner rather than later.

2. I figured that I could build my PBN and get the individual websites setup in advance so that when I did have a situation in which a PBN would come in handy, I would already have one ready to go.

And as it turns out, I was glad I had a PBN when I made the decision to get into affiliate marketing (which I am still doing today).

The first product I promoted as an affiliate marketer was called Rent-A-SERP and I did not have at the time, so I had to create a domain just for this review (an approach that was a bit more common at the time as well).

Thing is, review websites for products like Rent-A-SERP wouldn’t qualify as a “money site” to most online marketers, so I thought that if I used my PBN sites to build backlinks for my Rent-A-SERP review site, I would have an immediate advantage over competitors that were building low quality links (i.e. blog comments, forum posts, etc).

My strategy worked out and my first product review as an affiliate turned out to be a great success which is why I would end up making the decision to pursue affiliate marketing long-term…

BUT… I made one HUGE mistake:

My PBN was not built to last long-term. I thought that I built the network carefully to avoid footprints, but when it comes to trying to fly under Google’s radar, it is not enough to think you are doing it right; you need to know you are doing it right.

Even though I only had a handful of websites in my PBN, this mistake cost me somewhere around $2500 after the websites were all penalized and deindexed.

So you may look at a $497 training course as expensive, and it is, but it’s a small price to pay for protecting thousands of dollars worth of assets against a real threat.

And let me put it this way:

Matthew Woodward is not a low profile marketer; he would definitely qualify as a “target” in the eyes of Google, but his PBN assets have been safe and secure for years which makes the man an expert when it comes to getting your PBN domains and keeping them.

Oh and another thing…

When I was shopping for expired domains to add to my PBN, I only knew of 3 sources to find them and today those 3 sources are hardly viable options anymore because everyone knows them which makes the domains sell for much more than they should in auctions.

Now, I don’t know about you. You might have more than 3 sources, but do you have FOURTEEN of them!? Because that is how many you will get in the MarketerSeal training. And that is some huge value right there.

And on top of those fourteen domain sources, Matthew is giving out the contact info for his personal broker which is likely more valuable than ALL of those sources.

Back to the MarketerSeal training home page. When you are ready to begin the course, you would start by clicking the first module link in the sidebar.

Our first lesson is going to be An Introduction to Private Blog Networks > Defining the Perfect Backlink:


The screenshot above shows how the lessons are presented.

At the top of the page under the lesson name you see the “Topic Progress” bar which keeps track of which lessons (topics) you have completed in the corresponding module.

The lesson’s content follows in a very clean and well-structured format as you can see in the screenshot. The majority of the content in these lessons are in text, but there are also videos that have been embedded throughout the lessons.

When you are finished with the lesson there is a “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of the page to save your progress.

If you are confident and would like to skip around sections in the course, I am afraid that is not possible.

You cannot see any lesson in the course until the previous section has been marked complete which really speaks to how this is intended as a real online course and it is structured to make sure that you learn and master the course materials which is something that I am not used to seeing in courses that I review, but I really appreciate it both as a reviewer and as a student.

Matthew Woodward has been successful with seemingly everything he has done as an online marketer and this course is going to be no different especially because it is entirely based on his previous proven success as he is handing it to all of us on a silver platter and the course has also been carefully designed to ensure that all of us will be successful once we pass the final exam and earn our Private Blog Network Specialist certification.

That is unless we do not bother to apply this new knowledge and neglect to start building our own PBNs, but I cannot understand why someone would go through this entire course and earn their certification if they have no intention of putting it into action anyway.

Quite frankly, if you have websites and you are not satisfied with their position in the search results for the keyword(s) you are targeting, then MarketerSeal is for you and from the bottom of my heart I mean it when I say that if I’ve just described you, and you can afford this training course, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not signing up because this is the solution that myself and many other marketers have been waiting for. I stand by that 100% regardless of whether you sign up through my website or anyone else’s because it is the truth (and your decision to sign up is entirely up to you but that is my best advice).

Things You Will Learn

How to rank any website in 2017

 How to create a private and secure PBN

 How you should NOT build a PBN

 How to build your network within specific budgets and save money

 Learn the best and most affordable hosts for your PBN

 What specific metrics you should be looking out for when looking for domains for your network

 15 different sources where you can find domains

 Contact info for Matthew Woodward’s personal domain broker

 The cheapest way to source quality relevant content for your network sites

 How to keep your PBN hidden so nobody else can find out your domains

 The best ways to use your PBN sites to boost rankings for your money sites

 4 different methods to manage, monitor & maintain your network

 How to avoid leaving footprints that can result in your domains being penalized and/or deindexed

 Easy to follow step-by-step blueprints and checklists to make the process extremely user-friendly

What’s Inside The Training?

MarketerSeal SEO certificate 10 modules

 53 lessons

 39 videos

 6 cheat sheets

 All lessons presented in text, image or video formats

 All videos are available as text/image as well

 Certification includes 6 exams (5 module-specific exams and 1 final exam)

 Physical certification will be issued upon successfully passing the final exam


MarketerSeal is going to be available on 9/22 at 10:00 AM EST. At this time, Matthew Woodward will officially launch this training course at the price of $497.

I am also giving away the FREE Bonus that will be an excellent supplement to your training as I will serve as an additional mentor to help you with any questions or confusion you may have along the way, so that you will have the best possible chance at succeeding…


#1 – Private Coaching (Value: $497)

Most private coaching services cost well over $497 by themselves. I have past experience with building my own PBNs and have had success with PBNs that I’ve deployed. That said, I know that MarketerSeal offers a lot of information related to building strong and successful PBNs that I did not know before, so I am going for my Private Blog Network Specialist certification as well. Between my past experience and the fact that I will be taking this training course with you, I can be an excellent resource for other students which is why I’ve decided to offer my one-on-one support with the MarketerSeal training. You can ask me anything via e-mail or Skype messenger. While it is true there is a Facebook community for this training, it is always nice to have someone that you can consult with directly – especially if a lot of this is new to you – and that is what I can offer. I might not be the multi-million dollar blogger that Matthew Woodward is, but I have enjoyed enough success to where I can proudly say that when I left my day job after 7 years, I already made more money in my first year as a full-time affiliate marketer than I ever had made before. If you’re wondering about my qualifications, let’s start with the website you’re looking at right now. As an affiliate marketer, many of my Jvzoo product reviews this year have ranked on Page 1 despite tons of competition for every launch. This is the first time I am offering my private coaching bonus so far this year which means I have a clean slate and I can spend more time assisting each of you with your questions related to MarketerSeal and Private Blog Networks…

Please note: My private coaching service will go into effect after I have confirmation that your refund period for MarketerSeal has ended.

bonus offer

#2 – Emperor de Affiliates (My unreleased product!)

Emperor de Affiliates is my first product launch in the Jvzoo marketplace… except I have not released it to the public yet. The product itself is complete after over 1 year of literally putting my heart into it because this is a very comprehensive affiliate marketing course that is literally a blueprint of my own successful affiliate marketing business and it can be replicated. In fact, when combined with what you will learn from MarketerSeal this can be extremely powerful because you will be an expert on ranking web pages with PBNs after the MarketerSeal training and then with my training you will learn the best ways to promote digital products as an affiliate and earn commissions for each sale. This is exactly what I have been doing to make a living as my own boss through affiliate marketing since leaving my day job after 7 years. In 2015, my first year as a full-time affiliate marketer, I was already making more money than I was making after seven years working for my employer! And when it comes to affiliate marketing there is no ceiling; I will show you how you can take this method as far as you are willing to take it. In fact, you can easily take this knowledge and have more success than I have had in this business because once you know the blueprint and method then it becomes a matter of how much dedication and commitment you are willing to invest in this business. I never intended to give this product out as a bonus before its official launch, but since MarketerSeal is the most powerful online marketing training I have seen to date, I think that warrants a very special bonus offer for everyone that is generous enough to sign up for MarketerSeal through my links on this review page.

This product includes – but is not limited to – the following training modules:

 How to find domains with existing authority to build your website

 Which products are the best to promote and why?

 How to apply to promote Jvzoo products and get approved

 Getting review access to products (free copies of the products you review)

 Creating your reviews from templates and writing strategies

 Creating YouTube videos and video marketing strategies

 Building backlinks – Secret weapon #1

 Building backlinks – Secret weapon #2

 Building backlinks – Secret weapon #3

 How to spy your competition and use their resources

Listen, I don’t want to turn this into my sales page because that has no place in this MarketerSeal review page and because I’m not trying to sell you a free bonus, but since you might be wondering:

How do I know this guy really gets the results he says he does?

I thought it would be relevant to show you some proof of my own product review rankings:

(That was an extremely small sample by the way & there are a lot more screenshots in my course)

Once again, you will be getting this unreleased product with one-on-one access to me through my private e-mail in addition to Matthew Woodward’s groundbreaking course and when you combine all of these things together you will come out of it with tons of valuable skills:

  How to rank any website in any niche in 2017

 How to build the best possible PBN within your budget

 How to crush it with affiliate marketing

 All of my own secret weapons for building backlinks

 Valuable on-page SEO tactics

When you combine expertise on PBNs, link building and on-page SEO what do you get? The formula to dominate your niche and generate free organic traffic through Google (like you can see in all 10 case studies inside MarketerSeal)

Please note: My private coaching service will go into effect after I have confirmation that your refund period for MarketerSeal has ended.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” width=”500″ ]

3 Steps to Claim Your Bonus:

IMPORTANT: Please CLEAR YOUR COOKIES to make sure you will receive credit for this purchase! Click here to see how.

1. Purchase MarketerSeal through any link on this page or HERE

2. Check your Email and forward the receipt to my address:

3. Your FREE Bonuses will be issued at the end of your refund period for MarketerSeal as mentioned above.[/box]

Money Back Guarantee

MarketerSeal also comes with a money back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied, the vendor will issue a full refund of your purchase. Please do not forget to claim your FREE Bonuses listed above if you decide to buy this product through my page!

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