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Since I started this website about 3 years ago and have published over 300 reviews since that time, this is the first time that I’ve decided to bypass my review template and just speak to you directly about OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 because OMG Machines – or more specifically Mike Long, Greg Morrison and David Mills (the “original” OMG Machines) – are THE reason I challenged myself to leave my day job and become a successful full-time Internet Marketer.

This is going to be very different from any OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 review that you find online because it’s real. Even though there will be affiliate links in this article that will take you to the OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 sign up pages, this is an article about how OMG Machines changed my life before anything else. I’m writing this to tell you my story and experience with OMG Machines, so it may end up being quite long, but I have followed these guys since the very beginning, so I have a lot to share with you.

Now, as I was saying earlier, I am one of those former day job employees that ended up being better off working from home with my own online business, but I need to elaborate on that just a little bit so you can appreciate what that actually means…

My daily routine consisted of waking up at 5:30 AM every weekday, walking to public transit, getting on public transit, walking to the office building I worked at until about 5:30 PM, getting back on public transit, and getting home somewhere between 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM. This was my life from the age of 22 to 29. I felt like I was wasting away some of the best years of my life. At some points, I remember being suicidal as well because this was before I had my wife and son, before I could afford my own place, so I couldn’t help but ask myself every day:

“What am I doing this FOR?”

I felt like I was only living for the weekends and then when the weekends finally came around, I was too mentally and physically drained to actually enjoy them. I know some of you can relate to what I’m saying there.

And I accepted that as my fate because the thought of NOT working for someone else to support myself never even crossed my mind.

That’s the hole that we dig ourselves into from getting stuck in these predictable auto-pilot routines in which even our thought processes become a pattern and it has been long since we have actually challenged the stupid ass reality that only exists in our own minds, so it ends up imprisoning many of us unless we get that wake up call and we are receptive to that wake up call. More on that in a moment…

About 3 years into working for this company, I remember sitting at my desk thinking about how someone else was in control over how much I earned through my work, and I wondered if there was anything I could do to change that.  Now, I did not dare to think about working from home at that point. No, at that point I was certain that “people like me” could never work from home. But I did recall being very passionate about the World Wide Web and building my first website in the early 1990’s and I started to remember how voluntarily dedicated I became.

That’s when I went to Google and typed a search query that would change my life forever:

Google search

And somewhere near the top of the search results, after a few of those “Top 10” lists, there was an odd result that I remember clicking on because the title did not include any of the words from the search phrase “make money online”.

It said “Bring the Fresh” and when I clicked on it, I was brought to the first Internet Marketing sales page I had ever seen in my life (or at least the first one that I didn’t subconsciously dismiss as spam and close within 2-3 seconds).

Now, remember I told you that I go back to the beginnings of OMG Machines. Well, Bring The Fresh was run by Kelly Felix, Mike Long and David Mills, but after a little while, Mike and David decided to break off to start their own

Greg Morrison & Mike Long

Greg Morrison & Mike Long

project with a guy named Greg Morrison who signed up as a Bring The Fresh member and really applied himself to all of the resources made available to him through this course and parlayed that into his own successful affiliate marketing website. Greg was also an active member on the BTF forums and made quite an impression on everyone else.

Being that Greg Morrison was up to speed on the latest SEO tactics and had built several web properties by this time that served as evidence of his expertise, Mike and David realized an opportunity to create a new SEO course called OMG Machines with Greg. In fact, “OMG” stands for “One Man Gang” which was the nickname Mike Long gave to Greg Morrison during the BTF days.

At this time I was brand new to Internet Marketing, but as soon as I was exposed to BTF (and later OMG Machines), I was hooked. These guys made SEO look FUN, they made working from home seem REALISTIC and there was a general vibe and attitude around the program that just felt good. Nowadays, they refer to OMG Machines as a “City on a Hill” and it is exponentially larger in size than it was at first,  but I believe OMG Machines’ success today is in large part due to the positive culture that was established from the very beginning.

Soon, I wasn’t feeling depressed every day taking public transit on the way to work; I felt inspired now because I had a purpose. OMG Machines offered several different viable paths in which their students could take and I was particularly intrigued by affiliate marketing which is what I’m doing for a living today.

I would listen to my OMG Machines content on the way to work every day by downloading the MP3’s to my phone and just soaking it all in. I don’t think I ever enjoyed learning as much as I did during this time in my life and I think it’s because this program had completely opened my eyes to wonderful possibilities that I would have never dared to think about previously.

There was so much damn money to be made online and I didn’t need to take their word for it because everywhere I looked, they had REAL proof of it. And getting there was not rocket science either; it was just a combination of desire, hard work and commitment.

It was around that time that I quickly realized – through the lessons of David Mills from OMG Machines – that the only reason I couldn’t be a full-time online marketer earning 6-figures per year is because I established that truth in my own mind. Most of us are brought up to think that way. We make ourselves believe that “those” rich people out there had to be more privileged than us, smarter than us, have more connections than us or have more ____ than us. Anything to validate our disbelief and guess what? The more you repeat these thought processes the more firmly you believe in them.

It’s not easy to break years and years of unproductive and negative thinking habits, but as OMG Machines evolved into a community or “City on a Hill” teachers and students would both share their own personal stories and I can promise you that if you tried to guess how much each person was earning based on their background story alone, you would never know whether that person was making $1,000 per month or $100,000 per month today.

OMG Machines constantly challenged and disproved my way of thinking previously and made me realize that when it comes to Internet Marketing, people come from every single background and socioeconomic status you can think of. Hell, most millionaire Internet Marketers I am aware of did not even attend college!

Nothing in my life had ever opened my eyes and inspired me to the extent that OMG Machines had done for me by this time. I felt my perspectives change all around me.

I was doing fairly well as a part-time affiliate marketer, but I started to dare myself to believe that if I was able to scale my affiliate marketing business up to a full-time job, I could earn more money than I was making at my miserable day job.

knew that it would work out, but it would require a sacrifice that went against everything that everyone in my family had raised me to believe; that the process in life is go to school > go to college > go work for someone else. Everyone in my family was doing that, so becoming my own boss never even crossed my mind. Again, that was for “other people”.

And that’s around the time I remember going to work and literally feeling sorry for my colleagues because A) they thought I was crazy for suddenly leaving my job and forcing myself into a sink or swim scenario by starting my own affiliate marketing business and B) they really believed it was their destiny to work in a small cubicle in front of a computer screen 40+ hours per week at a job they openly hated and all they ever had to look forward to was going home late in the afternoon, the weekends and those measly 2 weeks paid-time off per year that our employer discouraged us to use.

And listen, I am sorry if this sounds a little cheesy, but I would still be in the same position today if it was not for that day I decided to search Google for “make money online” and discovered what would ultimately be known today as the life-changing course OMG Machines Project NHB 2017.

I officially left that company in October 2014 and I have been a full-time Internet Marketer ever since. My focus has been affiliate marketing (i.e. publishing product reviews and ranking them aka launch jacking) but I am actually at a place right now where I am challenging myself once again because I would like to take advantage of the connections I’ve made as an affiliate marketer and start working on the other side of the equation as a product creator. In fact, my first Jvzoo product is coming out in a couple months and I will be offering my unreleased product as a Free Bonus to everyone that attends the OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 webinar! More on that later…

Within months of becoming my own boss, I was already making more money every month than I did at my office job during the 6.5 years I worked there! I remember frequently asking myself if this was all for real because making my own money online felt too good to be true. There were times when I’d feel guilty because I could actually travel with my wife on weekdays, sleep in a bit in the mornings, go downtown in the middle of the day and above all, doing something I loved to do for a living.

OMG Machines did not make me a successful affiliate marketer, but it gave me the tools and resources I needed.

  • It gave me the winning attitude necessary to believe I could change my life for the better
  • It gave me the freedom to choose between several different viable online marketing methods and each method was taught by someone that was earning unbelievable amounts of money doing it for a living
  • It gave me the ability to get in touch with experts and not only ask questions, but get them answered
  • It gave me access to its entire community of members so we could share notes, discuss successes and struggles and generally help/inspire each other

I could keep going with this, but just want to give you an idea of what OMG Machines did for me and what the latest version – OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 – can do for you. In fact, I can promise you that if you dedicate yourself to this program and keep at it, you are going to make money online. As someone that has attended several OMG webinars over the years, I guarantee the City on a Hill community will inspire you just about as soon as you tune in. Mike Long has truly built an Internet Marketing “super group” at OMG Machines if there ever was one which has made this program even more powerful than the early stages that I was more closely involved with. And let’s face it, even if all of these things aren’t enough, this course is not cheap, so I would sincerely hope that you would be able to dedicate yourself to something that you’re heavily invested in.

What is OMG Machines?

I know, I know. You can fairly accuse me of taking too long to get to this part of the article; the part you came for, but I am hoping some of you can appreciate what I’m trying to do here. I want you to know that I’m not just someone that received access to OMG Machines No Holds Barred 2017 (aka Project NHB 2017) and mindlessly skimmed through the course to give you a bullet-point summary of its features and Pros/Cons while trying to disguise a sales pitch so you can buy OMG Machines through my link.

In contrast, I am someone that has actually lived OMG Machines from the very beginning. And I know that is a strong word to choose, but when a single course completely changes your life for the better in a way you could not have possibly fathomed before discovering that course, it is something that I lived and since I cannot put a price tag on leaving a day job that I worked at for 6-7 years and absolutely hated and transitioning into running my own business from home and living a life that I used to envy, I will forever be indebted to Mike Long, Greg Morrison and David Mills (and if you joined OMG Machines in 2017, you could also add Kotton Grammer, Fletch and “Hurricane Liz” to that list as well).

So that’s why I started this article the way I did, to show you how OMG Machines can completely change your life as opposed to merely describing what it is.

And the scary thing is, I am just one of countless individuals that started from the very bottom of online marketing and currently make more money on their own than we could have by working for someone else.

I would post a few screenshots of earning reports from other OMG’ers but there are just way too many to choose from so I’ll just link you to the list of successful OMG’ers itself and you can see for yourself.

OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 is an absolutely massive interactive online marketing course that is taught by several 6-figure and 7-figure online marketers.

The vast majority of the training will come in the form of training videos that are published in the Members Area for you and each training is lead by the appropriate specialist at OMG Machines.

Each of these online marketing specialists (Greg Morrison, Liz, Fletch, etc.) follow up their training videos with Q&A webinars on a regular basis. I’ve noticed the Q&A sessions seem to be published weekly on average, but sometimes can be more or less frequently.

The Q&A sessions offer members ample time to ask ANY questions they may have and the trainers at OMG literally answer every question one-by-one.

Another opportunity for questions and discussion exists in the OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 private Facebook group in which all of the administrators of the course are actively involved as well as other members.

One of the things I love the most about OMG Machines is that you are being trained by other marketers that became 6 & 7-figure earners through OMG Machines. This adds a strong sense of authenticity to the program.

OMG Machines

OMG Machines product art

Here are some of the money making methods taught at OMG Machines by fellow marketers that have gone from “zero to hero”:

  • Amazon Affiliates
  • Building a PBN (Private Blog Network)
  • CPA Training
  • Local SEO – I.e. building & renting out web properties to small businesses. OMG’ers Fletch and Stephen Floyd specialize in this area.
  • Starting your own SEO consultant business – OMG Machines will even prep you with a very professional WordPress theme that you can use to make your brand stand out without the need to hire an expensive web designer.
  • YouTube Video Marketing
  • Keyword Research – Finding highly profitable keyword opportunities anywhere online (Google, YouTube, Amazon…)
  • Law of Implication – David Mills’ highly praised training that I would recommend watching before anything else to establish the proper state of mind.
  • Rank and Bank Training
  • Retail Arbitage – Selling products on Amazon
  • SEO Training – This is Greg Morrison’s expertise. This guy ranks ANYTHING on demand (and proves it) and he will show you everything he does in his SEO training.
  • On-Page & Off-Page SEO
  • Web Design – Building websites (primarily with WordPress), website security, transforming websites.
  • Treasure Map Series – This is a really cool training series taught by Greg Morrison in which he basically allows you to watch him go through various methods that are relevant right now.
  • So let’s recap and summarize what OMG NHB 2017 is all about:

You have the privilege of being taught several different money making methods by individuals that are among the best at doing them (hint: just Google their names and you’ll see for yourself).

The “nucleus” of OMG Machines has always been about leveraging Google to get free traffic – the foundation of just about any successful online business method – and since being able to get free traffic is such a valuable skill to have, you will learn how to monetize your new skill through:

Client consulting, Amazon, eCommerce, local SEO, affiliate marketing / launch jacking, product creation, CPA, social media marketing, YouTube marketing and more.

To say that OMG Machines’ training is extensive would be an understatement, but to give it some perspective, this is by far the most extensive training I’ve reviewed in my <3 years as an affiliate marketer (and you already know what it has done for me and many others).

But what makes it special is the style in which you are trained. All of the training series in OMG Machines follow an “A to Z” format in which it is automatically assumed that some viewers have never been exposed to each method, so that way nothing is left out.

In fact, it is for that reason that Mike Long himself issued a warning on the OMG Machines NHB 2017 announcement page:

Be warned: We have a LOT of training, at this point, but you don’t need to master all or even most of it in order to create or increase your income. Our training is all by people who are currently doing exactly what they are training about and having massive success.

Furthermore, each of the training series is supplemented with Q&A sessions on a regular basis as I mentioned before, so you will never have to feel like you are flying blind or being left in the dark after watching these videos, taking your notes and struggling to apply the methods.

OMG’s all-star coaching staff consists of people that are making at least $50k per month and they feel responsible for YOUR success as well. It all goes back to that growing “City on a hill” mentality that exists throughout OMG Machines. By that I mean, if coaches and members alike start to recognize your dedication through seeing your name constantly appear in these live sessions, they are going to want to make you the next success story.

Anyway, I think I have given you enough to think about by now. I hope that some of you can relate to my story as far as where I was in my professional career before I found OMG Machines and if you believe for a second that you “aren’t capable” or “aren’t good enough” to do this, please remember that I felt the same way too, and I would like to share the same program that changed my life (and the lives of many, many others) with you. All of us deserve to enjoy our lives…

It all starts here. You will not be asked to buy anything at all so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. All I’m asking is that you attend their webinar for your own sake. You will not regret it. All you need to do is click on this link and scroll down to the text link that reads: “Click here to join our webinar participation Facebook group, The OMG Way!”


To attend webinar, find the link that says: “Click here to join our webinar participation Facebook group…”

How to Join

The doors to OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 will be open for a very limited time only from March 21 to March 30 so there is not much time to waste! However, you do not need to make a rushed/pressured decision because OMG Machines wants you to attend one of their webinars before you join. This is because OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 is not your typical launch (as if I really need to remind you of that again, right?) and they want to make sure that YOU completely understand what you are signing up for and that this WILL require your hands-on dedication in the following months if you are going to be successful. This product is the real deal and they want to make sure that you are mentally prepared for what is coming…

Here is your own special link to get access to OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 via their next webinar and you also get the latest news from Mike Long himself. I would definitely suggest having a look for yourself.

Free Bonus

Affiliate Takeover

“Affiliate Takeover” is the name of my upcoming launch. I was reluctant to give away a free copy of this unreleased course at first, but if there was ever a course worthy of giving out my first premium online marketing product, it would have to be OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 because if not for OMG, my product never happens!

Affiliate Takeover is the exact blueprint that I’ve been using to run my own affiliate marketing business since I quit my day job in 2014. This is full disclosure with nothing held back. I’m telling you how I started my business, showing you how I do what I do on a regular basis and I’ll even show you how to spy on your competition and find out what they are doing. In other words, I am crossing a boundary that similar products have not dared to cross yet.

My product is absolutely free should you decide to move forward with OMG Machines Project NHB 2017. To claim your bonus, all you need to do is follow my simple instructions directly below…

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” width=”500″ ]

3 Steps to Claim Your Bonus:

IMPORTANT: Please CLEAR YOUR COOKIES to make sure you will receive credit for this purchase! Click here to see how.

1. Attend the OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 webinar by going HERE

2. Sign up for OMG Machines during the webinar and forward your receipt number to my e-mail:

3. Your FREE Bonus will be sent directly to your e-mail within the next 24 hours.[/box]


To attend webinar, find the link that says: “Click here to join our webinar participation Facebook group…”

This product is also known as:

OMG Machines
OMG Machines 2017
OMG Machines No Holds Barred
OMG Machines Project X
OMG Machines Project A
OMG Machines Project NHB

OMG Machines Project NHB 2017 is the latest version of OMG Machines and all products listed above.


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