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Any time we invest in a high priced launch it comes with the automatic expectation that it better change the way we are making money online… by making a lot more of it!

So when you arrived at my Revamply review page, I think it’s a safe bet that you came to get this question answered:

Am I going to make more money if I buy Revamply?

Fair enough. I would be wondering the same thing. And in this review I am going to make a promise to you…

If I ever rushed through some reviews on this site (sure I have; I’m only human) I will promise to answer the question above as completely and honestly as I possibly can.

By the end of this review, you will have an answer to these 2 questions:

1. How can someone make money with Revamply?

2. Can Revamply help you with your business goals?



Revamply Demo

Check out the demo video below to see Revamply in action and have a look at its functionality and features…


Revamply Review

Revamply is a cloud based software that was created towards the purpose of making it possible to modify ANY website on the fly with no coding or technical skill necessary.

This platform is the result of a 2 year project that started off as a basic web editor and then advanced its technology over time, becoming what it is today which is a one-of-a-kind product that’s even protected by a patent!

When I first saw Revamply in action I was very impressed particularly because it did not matter of the website was built in WordPress or if it was coded from raw HTML, Revamply can make changes to ANY website created with ANY platform.

And when we talk about “making changes” to your website we are talking about a drag-and-drop editor that is arguably easier than writing a document in Microsoft Word and it also includes over 50 design elements and features to implement in your website.

So how does this work exactly?

Revamply pretty much operates with 3 simple steps:

1. Enter your website URL into Revamply

2. Use Revamply’s platform and customize your website to your preferences including utilizing its drag-and-drop elements, modify any existing elements on your website, etc.

3. Add a simple embed code to your website and click “Save”

After you have added the embed code to your website, Revamply will automatically update any changes you make to the website in the future which means you will never have to repeat this process again.

Every change made with Revamply is reflected on your website almost immediately without the need to upload your files through FTP or anything like that.

Inside Revamply

Here is a step-by-step description of how you would use Revamply to work on a website…

When you are inside the Revamply dashboard, click “Add New Website” on the top toolbar and enter the website you would like to work on and click “Start Revamping”.


When the revamping process is complete, click “Open Site Editor” to view the website inside Revamply’s editor.

Here is an example of a website after being loaded into the editor:


Click thumbnail above to view full-sized image

You will notice everything can be edited now even if the website does not belong to you. Every element can be moved around and manipulated, deleted, changed, etc. with no coding necessary; just point and click.

You can also replace any images on the web page by simply clicking on the image and selecting a replacement image from your computer.

In addition, Revamply comes with 50+ elements that can be dragged-and-dropped into any website you are working on. This includes special features like opt-ins, Facebook pixels, pop-up redirects and so much more.

When you are done editing the website click “Preview” to see your changes before they go live on the web. If you are doing work for clients this is also a good way to let them see your changes before the website is published.

When you are ready for the changes to go live click “Publishing” in the top right. Revamply will show you the embed code that needs to be pasted into your website’s code (this is the ONLY part of Revamply that will require accessing code in any way).

After you have added the code to your website you will not need to do it again  for future updates made with Revamply.

Now let’s revisit those questions from the beginning of our review:

1. How can someone make money with Revamply?

Building a website is usually essential towards creating an online business. There are some platforms that make it easier to create websites for people that may not necessarily have the most technical skill such as WordPress, but this also comes with limitations. For instance, when you are building a WordPress blog, the first thing you have to do is choose a theme and your website’s design is going to be heavily based on the nature of your theme.  If you want to add advanced elements and features to your website that require coding, a lot of the time the only way to do this is to hire a freelancer which is another expense.

What Revamply does is gives us a tool that is compatible with ANY website regardless of the platform it has been initially created with and gives us the ability to freely customize these websites however we wish without the need to hire freelancers or programmers for coding.

Revamply gives us the ability to – for example – combine a WordPress theme  that we like with our own vision for a website by allowing us to customize pretty much anything within our website and choose from over 60+ additional features that come with Revamply on top of that! With a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, the last thing you have to worry about is being forced to “learn” how to do something and you can save your money that might have otherwise gone towards an expensive freelancer.

In fact, since Revamply gives you the ability to edit any website on the web, it also gives everyone an opportunity to make money through web design ourselves because in many cases if someone wanted to make a certain change or addition to their website but did not know how to handle it, you could probably load that website into Revamply  and do it yourself.

So as far as the question of how Revamply can help us make money, there are a couple of things that come to mind…

First, it helps us make money by giving us a valuable tool that offers the freedom to build a website based on our vision for an online business without worrying about not being able to execute your vision because you don’t know how to implement a feature or you can’t afford to pay a freelancer.

Second, to answer the question more literally, you could theoretically run your own business as a web designer using Revamply because of the fact that it is such a robust tool that can take any website online and import every single element on that website so they can be edited with point-and-click simplicity.

2. Can Revamply help you with your business goals?

If your business goals involve designing and managing a website – which is characteristic of most online businesses – then Revamply is going to be a valuable asset for you through giving you the freedom to manage your website as easily as writing a Microsoft Word document while giving you access to the latest web elements that can be implemented in your website with a simple drag-and-drop.

Furthermore, Revamply allows us to work more effectively and efficiently by making the web design process much more visual and much less technical so we can shift our time and efforts towards more important business decisions.

And do not forget since Revamply is patented it is truly one-of-a-kind and you will not see another web editor of its kind as a result of this patent.


Product Features

✓ Compatible with all websites

✓ No coding or experience necessary

 Add and modify elements with drag-and-drop editor

 Choose from over 50+ elements for your websites

 Drag-and-drop color application

 Huge and growing application library with several third party apps supported



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Money Back Guarantee

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