Covert Conversation Review and Bonus

Covert ConversationCovert Conversation is a WordPress plugin that creates advertisements mimicking Skype, thereby significantly increasing the click through rates compared to standard advertisements. The theory behind this plugin is that if a visitor is on a website and a Skype call pops up on their screen, they are going to click and when that happens, the visitor is redirected to any destination website you’ve specified. If the plugin works as described, there are obviously many possibilities for Internet Marketers to send more traffic to their ads, affiliate links, etc and increase their commissions, but does it work as described? I’ve had the privilege of reviewing the actual product prior to its release, so I will give you my analysis and honest opinion in this review. If you are interested in Covert Conversation after reading my review, do not forget to take a look at my exclusive bonus offer because I’m giving away $2000+ worth of products absolutely free with your purchase!

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Why Covert Conversation?

This product allows website owners to create pop-up ads in the same window as the web page being viewed.

However, Covert Conversation ads are very different from pop-up ads you have become familiar with. That’s because these look identical to Skype calls when a family or friend tries to contact you through Skype.

Now here’s the best part. Since these ads are intended to be misinterpreted as Skype calls every single time, initial tests of the product revealed a significantly greater CTR (Click Through Rate) compared with other forms of pop-up advertisements.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise why the CTR went from 1-2% (other pop-up ads) to over 85% because visitors very seldom click an advertisement willingly, but they will accept a phone call from Skype almost every time just like people normally pick up a ringing telephone, right?

Well from the perspective of your visitors, you are creating that incoming phone call and not ANOTHER typical ad so that’s exactly why the CTR is much higher with this product. Catch my drift?

Bottom line is you WILL send more traffic to your landing pages – whether it’s a money site or affiliate offer – but it’s your job to be smart and creative enough to take advantage of this new traffic tidal wave!

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How does it work?

Covert Conversation is a WordPress Plugin, so it can be installed and activated through your WordPress dashboard or uploaded to the Plugins directory of your website’s FTP.

There are two things I’ve always appreciated about products created by IM Wealth Builders and they’ve done it again with this plugin:

1. SUPER easy Step-by-Step setup process

2. Tutorial VIDEOS are available in every step!

Their plugins have always been the most user friendly, so the question is in regards to QUALITY and EFFECTIVENESS.

After watching the first tutorial video which was extremely helpful, I setup my first advertisement.

Clicking Create Ad takes me into the simple 5 step setup process which looks very clean and impressive as shown below.

Covert Conversation screenshot

As you can see the instructions are clearly laid out and once again we have another tutorial video for more visual learners.

Basically we need to select an image that will display in our ad (covertly disguised as a Skype call) and in my case I chose an attractive babe because – let’s face it – when something is easy on the eyes you are going to have even more clicks 🙂

I was also prompted to give the advertisement a Name and enter the Caller’s Name.

In the following step, you can choose whether you want to make it appear as a Video Call or Voice Call. I suppose this would depend on the nature of your advertisement or you could even do some split testing here as I plan on doing, but for the time being I rolled forward with Video Call as my selection.

At this point, I am given the option to close the ad after the button is clicked which is something I would probably do in every case because I do not believe it’s necessary to leave the ad exposed after the desired action has already been taken by our visitor.

Finally, we are prompted to enter our destination URL. Something I thought that was really cool here is that we also have the option to make a Skype call upon click instead of going to the specified website. Depending on what type of campaign we are running, this can be very useful as I’ll explain later on.

Alright here is what the FINAL step looks like:

Covert Conversation screenshot

I was very impressed and quite honestly overwhelmed with excitement after I saw the final screen in the setup process because this is where the plugin truly delivered on everything that WILL allow Covert Conversation to become a

I think these features are AWESOME. Being able to set a delay on when our advertisements appear is critical towards making the Skype call look and feel natural. For instance, if I was reading an article, and about 10 seconds later I receive a pseudo Skype call in my browser window, I would DEFINITELY believe that it’s a legitimate call and I’m going to click on it for sure.

In addition to setting the delay, you can select the Categories for your ad(s) to appear in, so this does not have to be a global change unless you want it to be. You can also select which pages it should display on (i.e. Home page, Search results, Single pages, etc). And the plugin uses cookies to keep track of when your visitors last saw your website and you can use that information to determine how the ad will run automatically for each visitor.

Watch My Skype Ad In Action!

Alright, so we’ve setup the plugin, the process was VERY easy, and now it’s time to see how it looks in action! Whenever I’m testing WordPress themes and plugins, I use one of my guinea pig WordPress sites because I’m obviously not going to use a money site for testing purposes, so just don’t be surprised when you see that I’ve been testing on a standard “Hello World” WordPress page 🙂

I was smiling from ear to ear when I saw the Skype call appear naturally after 10 seconds because it completely grabbed my attention – which is the intended effect – and it resembles a real Skype call.

I am positive that people will be clicking these at a MUCH higher rate than your average popup which means you can make a LOT of money if you are creative with this plugin…


I sincerely do not wish to pressure anyone, but the vendor is in charge of pricing, and the vendor has opted to offer a HUGE discount off the normal price at $17, but this amazing price will get its first bump after just 24 hours, so unless you want to spend more to get it later, it would be wise to buy now. So if you want to pickup this product with my 31 exclusive bonus products below, you will be spend peanuts compared to the insane value coming your way and I promise there are no strings attached! But if you decided to pickup this product today, it would only take ONE conversion to make your money back and since your click through rates are about to shoot through the roof, you should really prepare yourself because that’s gonna happen FAST.

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Should You Get It?

I’m going to give you 3 really good reasons to buy Covert Conversation today:

#1. I’m highly recommending this product and will be using it myself. Why? Because these are the most effective ads I’ve EVER seen and I know I’ll make money with them.

#2. The price is VERY inexpensive! $10 for a product that will increase your conversions more than any other advertisement plugin created? Heck yes I’ll take that!

#3. Money back guarantee and that means exactly what it says. If you are not satisfied with this product for ANY reason, the vendor will issue a full reimbursement with no questions asked.

…and don’t forget that massive bonus you just saw above because that’s yours too. Honestly, I wish this offer didn’t look “too good to be true” because we’ve all been taught to believe anything that seems too good to be true normally is not, but the only thing I can do is give you my word that this IS as good as it looks. And with a money back guarantee, there is absolutely NO risk involved.

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