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Rocket Builder[UPDATE 1/21] The Rocket Builder is now CLOSED. Congrats to everyone that got in. I will update this page if/when they re-open the doors. If you are looking for a similar theme in the meantime check out Pro Styler..

Rocket Builder is a drag-and-drop WordPress based website creation tool with 75+ pre-made templates and over 180+ web elements.

Considering the fact Rocket Builder costs about the same price as a single WP theme, you might ask yourself if this product is the equivalence of 75+ paid WP themes to choose from?

Because 75+ for the price of 1 is a heck of a deal.

While this comparison may seem valid, it ultimately would not account for everything else that Rocket Builder does.

Rocket Builder lets you build a brand new website from a blank template and style it however you want by using the drag-and-drop page builder and the 180+ web elements included.

It also lets you combine elements from different templates that have been included (think hybrid WP theme).

And have you seen how some of the world’s top authority websites have started to implement full page video backgrounds? Well you can do that too…

Rocket Builder gives its users the tools and resources to build cutting edge websites that will earn your visitor’s respect and more importantly in the SEO world, their engagement.

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Rocket Builder Demo

Check out the demo video below to see Rocket Builder in action and have a look at its functionality and features…

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Rocket Builder Review

Rocket Builder is a WordPress theme that can build websites by either using one of the 75+ website templates included with the theme or by creating a website from scratch.

The templates are very unique and spread out across many different niches.

Here is a screenshot that shows some of the templates available to use:


You can also mix and match elements from templates that have been pre-installed with Rocket Builder.

Rocket Builder includes a drag-and-drop page builder and editor and provides over 180+ elements that can be used when creating your web pages.

Here is a screenshot that shows a lot of the elements available to use:

Rocket Builder elements

Are there too many similar products already?

There are similar products on the market – many of which were released in the past year – but here are some of the differences between those products and Rocket Builder:

It is not a web-based page builder. It is a WordPress theme that can be installed and used from directly inside of your WordPress dashboard.

There are no monthly fees for using this theme.

✓ They do not offer as much customization and functionality as Rocket Builder.

✓ They are often limited to building single page sites (i.e. landing pages, webinar pages, etc.)

✓ They do not offer professional website templates in various niches that rival authority websites in just about any niche in terms of quality

Now you might say that last point was a bit opinionated, but I think if you watch the Rocket Builder demo video (above) you would come to the same conclusion in regards to quality.

Rocket Builder also includes a drag-and-drop page builder which makes it very easy to create a website without any technical skills.

But to be fair, building websites in general has become much easier in the past couple years because of the emergence of these drag-and-drop page builders.

In fact, it has come to the point where I expect that any new WordPress theme or page builder is going to come with drag-and-drop functionality.

And as far as drag-and-drop page editors go, Profit Canvas still has the best drag-and-drop that I’ve ever used, but you can’t build a niche website with Profit Canvas either (i.e. dentist website, lawyer website, etc.)

One of my favorite features inside Rocket Builder is the ability to use video backgrounds for your website.

Over the past year, you might have noticed how a lot of top authority websites on the world wide web have remodeled their layouts and now they feature backgrounds with short video clips that loop as opposed to static background images. One example of this can be seen on PayPal’s website.

Well, Rocket Builder lets users do the same thing with full page video backgrounds. Many of the pre-loaded templates actually come with these video backgrounds in place, but you can easily modify them or replace them with a different motion background altogether.

Final Verdict

I am very impressed with Rocket Builder and I would highly recommend it to all marketers. Despite the fact there are other good drag-and-drop page builders on the market that come with pre-loaded templates, I don’t think you can even put Rocket Builder in the same class because – first of all – it can build an entire website (not just a page) and it’s also the only WordPress based website builder of its kind that I’ve seen.

But perhaps best of all is the value that you are going to get out of using Rocket Builder. 75+ pre-loaded templates is the same thing as 75+ different WordPress themes as far as I am concerned especially because if you look at these templates you will notice how each of them are very unique. But the price tag on this product is still roughly the same as most individual WordPress themes.

And that’s before we take into consideration the fact that Rocket Builder can also build a website from scratch and it can also modify any of the pre-loaded templates which gives the user unrivaled flexibility. And with over 180+ web elements at your disposal, I don’t think you have to worry about not having enough resources if you choose to build a website from a blank template.

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Product Features

✓ Pre-loaded with 75+ website templates in different categories (i.e. dentists, restaurants, etc.)

 Pre-loaded with 180+ built-in web elements

 Includes templates in many different niches

 Includes eCommerce templates that work with WooCommerce

 Templates can be combined with each other

✓ Simple drag-and-drop page builder

 One click color scheme changing

✓ Full page video backgrounds that can be easily modified

 Includes 3D animated web content

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Rocket Builder will become available on 1/19 at 11:00 AM EDT. The Lite version is currently priced at $19+ (dime sale) and the Developer version is priced at $37. I am also giving away the FREE Bonus products listed below when you purchase through my page…

bonus2 Please note: If you already have some of these products, please
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3 Steps to Claim Your Bonus:

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1. Purchase Rocket Builder through any link on this page or HERE

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Money Back Guarantee

Rocket Builder also comes with a money back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied, the vendor will issue a full refund of your purchase. Please do not forget to claim your FREE Bonuses listed above if you decide to buy this product through my page!

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