SociFunnel Review and Bonus

SociFunnelWhen I first heard about SociFunnel and its claim to steal traffic from popular posts and videos on social networking sites and then redirecting that traffic to any URL, I was very skeptical because – well – I didn’t believe it was possible.

But I decided to give SociFunnel the benefit of the doubt because there have been many IM products that claimed to do things that did not seem possible to me until I saw it with my own eyes.

In this SociFunnel review, I will make this determination and address the product’s functionality and features.



SociFunnel Demo

Check out the demo video below to see SociFunnel in action and have a look at its functionality and features…


SociFunnel Review

SociFunnel is a traffic generation tool that uses viral traffic from popular videos and content from social networking sites and redirects that traffic to your pages and offers.

You can use the search function inside of SociFunnel to find YouTube videos based on your keyword.

After choosing your video, you can add your own headline and tag line that will appear on the video when it is published to your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.)

And the last step is to enter the URL that your viewers should be redirected to when they click somewhere in the post outside of the video.


My biggest issue with SociFunnel is the repeated claim that it can be used to “steal” traffic.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I was skeptical about this claim, but I gave it benefit of the doubt before I knew for sure.

Well now I know…

As it turns out, the only thing being “stolen” is the YouTube that we’ve ultimately taken from someone else, but unfortunately we do not take their traffic (views) as well because that’s just not possible.

Let me give you an example…

Let’s imagine that Drake – a world famous rapper – just released his latest music video on YouTube.

The music video is released on Drake’s official YouTube channel which is also an authority channel with over 4.4 million subscribers (that part is fact).

As expected, the music video goes viral in less than a minute of going live because that’s what happens when you combine one of the most popular music artists in the world with one of the top authority music channels on YouTube.

Meanwhile, dozens of regular YouTube users have uploaded Drake’s music video to their own channels for one reason or another.

The videos on these channels will pale in comparison to the original video on Drake’s official channel.

Furthermore, none of these copied videos would have stolen viewers from the original video because they are all independent videos with their own views.

Now the reason I’m using the example of someone re-uploading a popular video to their own channel is because that is essentially what you are doing with SociFunnel, but instead of uploading a video to YouTube, you are sharing it on your social profile.

And just because an authority YouTube channel generates tons of views does not mean your post on social media is going to do the same.

Besides the fact the original video was already published to an authority channel, the actual YouTube URL to that video was also being shared virally throughout social media within seconds of its release!

Is your Facebook share going to be shared virally like that too? Hell no! Which is why it’s completely misleading to imply that we are getting a piece of that pie with SociFunnel.

Can anyone benefit from this? 

Here’s the thing. SociFunnel is not necessarily a bad product, I just didn’t like the way the product was presented in the sales copy because I think it could cause a lot of confusion that would result in people buying the product based on a misconception, so I wanted to clear that up.

If we look at SociFunnel for what it is, it can be an effective product in sending traffic to your lists and offers in some cases.

What I mean by “some cases” is you need to consider the fact that SociFunnel primarily works through sharing videos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. and then hoping your friends and followers will engage and take action.

Well, if you don’t have many followers on any of these social networking sites, then I can tell you right now that you will not benefit from SociFunnel because you are going to share these videos, but nobody is going to be on the other end to interact with them and ultimately visit your offers.

The other thing to consider is your online marketing niche vs. the interests of friends and followers in your social networks.

For example, if your online niche is video games, but very few of your connections in social media are into video games, then you would not be able to get much out of SociFunnel, if anything.

But on the other hand, if you are in a niche that happens to reflect the interests of a good portion of your social connections, and you have a lot of friends and followers spread out across all the top social platforms, then you might be able to do some damage with SociFunnel.

If you have a sufficient amount of social connections, SociFunnel suddenly becomes an intriguing tool for you, particularly because it gives you the ability to send people to your offer when they click inside the posts being published and this is a feature that you would not ordinarily have access to unless you have another product that can do the same thing.

I would also point out that SociFunnel comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so if you decide to make this purchase and the product does not meet your expectations, the vendor will issue a full refund with no questions asked.



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