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WP Content Machine is a WordPress plugin that allows users to extract fresh content from authority websites on auto-pilot so we can spare ourselves the time it takes to manually write articles and the expensive costs associated with hiring writers.

I am very selective and even hesitant to review products like WP Content Machine because they almost never work as advertised.

Whenever I try a product that claims to produce unique content, it usually involves producing content that is unreadable and therefore does not bring anything new to the market.

I know that it is unrealistic to expect a content app that will “magically” generate beautifully written unique articles because there is no way.

But show me a tool that can pull content from unsaturated sources and turn it into content that I can use for my blogging and affiliate marketing needs and I’m sold!

So the question I am looking to answer in this review is simple:

Does WP Content Machine generate content that can be used by bloggers, website owners and affiliate marketers and save time and money?

I have actually tested WP Content Machine so that I can answer this question for all of us.

Please continue reading to see the results and check out the WP Content Machine demo video below as well to see it in action…



WP Content Machine Demo

Check out the demo video below to see WP Content Machine in action and have a look at its functionality and features…


WP Content Machine Review

WP Content Machine works in the background and searches for the most suitable content for your website and then automatically posts that content to your website along with images and videos to “fill out” your blog posts and make them look more natural and engaging for viewers.

Quality content is essential to on-page SEO and effectively ranking your website and using duplicate content or poorly spun content will only harm your website.

When it comes to producing and publishing fresh content, every online marketer faces the same 2 problems on a regular basis:

1. Writing our own content on a regular basis is too time consuming

2. Hiring writers to create EVERY article for your website becomes VERY expensive

Every marketer would LOVE to have a software that can automatically generate award winning content on-demand, but it is simply impossible to have that because a real person is required to write a truly unique article…

So the next best thing is to have a product that can generate fresh content without spinning it to the point of being completely illegible which is where many of WP Content Machine’s predecessors have failed.

That brings us to the burning question:

How does WP Content Machine generate fresh content and is it content that we can actually use on our web properties?

Fortunately you will not have to take a leap of faith by purchasing WP Content Machine and hoping for the best because I’ve already gone through the testing process for you and I’m going to share the results.

But if you are the type that likes to see for yourself, you are still protected by WP Content Machine’s 30 day money back guarantee. It is always a good sign when the vendor is comfortable enough about their product to offer a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Installing WP Content Machine is just like any other WordPress plugin. You will go through the Plugins option on the sidebar in your WordPress dashboard and select “Add New” and then enter your license key when prompted.

After installing WP Content Machine, I selected “Create New Campaign” to get started. This is where it becomes a “set and forget” system because you are going to setup your campaign which consists of 3 steps (and several options within each step) and that will dictate how WP Content Machine is going to run.

You can have WP Content Machine pull content from 12 different authority sources including EzineArticles, Feeds, YouTube, BestBuy, Walmart and several others. The setup process will vary a bit depending on which source you are going to pull from.

While I was definitely impressed by the abundance of sources compatible with the plugin, the question still remains as far as what the content is going to look like and whether it is truly unique.

When creating my first test campaign I chose EzineArticles since that seems to be a good resource for content.

After choosing my source, I was prompted to enter my keywords which could either be imported from a .txt file or entered manually. You can enter multiple keywords by adding a comma between each keyword.

As I’m writing this, the American Football season is going to start in a few days and as a big fan of this sport, that has been on my mind quite a bit, so it is only natural that I’m going with American Football (or NFL) as my keywords for this test.

One feature I really liked was that WP Content Machine would auto-suggest keywords to use as I typed them, so when I entered “NFL” it suggested the following keywords which I will use:


After selecting my keywords, I moved on to “Step 2” which is where I can define how many words per article I would like to have and it also allows me to modify the post template (another feature I really like) because this allows users to set the format of each article being published by WP Content Machine. To me, this allows for a more natural article structure as opposed to a giant text dump which is how a lot of similar products I’ve used seem to produce articles.


In the final step you can set whether each article that comes in should be automatically published or brought in as a draft and you can also add your affiliate links (if applicable).

The last thing to do is set your “Autopost interval” which controls the frequency at which WP Content Machine will publish articles to your blog. You can set the interval as minutes, hours or days.

After clicking “Publish” to save my test campaign I was given the option to start my campaign with a green start button so it looks like we will finally have an answer to our burning question and find out how these articles are actually going to look on our blog…

Immediately after clicking “Start” WP Content Machine brought back tons of results.


Since I set the article interval to “every 3 minutes” it also published my first article immediately.


I could tell the article was obviously spun with WP Content Machine’s built-in spinner, but that was to be expected. My only concern was readability. You be the judge:


In my opinion – which is the opinion of someone that has seen a lot of spintax as an Internet Marketer – I am satisfied with the readability of the article produced.

As I said earlier, there is no way to make a product like WP Content Machine “perfect” because you cannot replicate the unique writing of a real life person, but the bottom line is that WP Content Machine produces articles that marketers can work with to save a lot of time and money and any experienced marketer knows that once you have established your business model, it becomes a matter of scaling your business and that means constantly searching for ways to save time and money.

Having said that, WP Content Machine passes the test as a viable tool for online marketers and gives us a legitimate way to generate content from a multitude of online sources at a price that couldn’t be any lower than it is.

The interface is a bit crude which is reflected in my overall rating for the software, but in terms of functionality, features and value, WP Content Machine delivers.



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