WP eCom Engine Review and Bonus


WP eCom Engine is a WordPress plugin that automatically builds complete eCom affiliate websites in less than a minute.

WP eCom Engine features a very clean and user-friendly interface that quickly retrieves affiliate products from Amazon, Ebay and Commission Junction based on any product keywords entered.

In this WP eCom Engine review, I will report my findings after installing and testing this plugin in WordPress.



WP eCom Engine Demo

Check out the demo video below to see WP eCom Engine in action and have a look at its functionality and features…


WP eCom Engine Review

WP eCom Engine is a WordPress plugin that allows users to build affiliate websites with products from Amazon, Ebay and Commission Junction on auto-pilot.

Here’s how it works:


1. Install the plugin and then from your WP dashboard navigate to WP eCom Engine > Import Products > Choose Amazon, Ebay or CJ to search from.

2. Enter your product keyword that you would like to search for.

3. WP eCom Engine will report back with very organized and detailed search results that you can look through including the product’s thumbnail, Sku and title.


4. Place a checkmark next to any item(s) that you would like to publish to your website and you can even select which category you would like the product to go into from this page.

5. Click “Add Posts” when you are ready to publish these items to your website (unless you have used the schedule feature in which case it will post on whichever dates you entered).


6. In less than a minute you are able to create unlimited item listings like the one shown above with your affiliate link automatically embedded within the post. Other elements in the listing that are not shown in the screenshot above include Sale Price, two additional Buy Now buttons which send visitors to the actual product page with your affiliate ID, full product description and YouTube video.

7. In WP eCom Engine > Settings you can change stylistic settings as well such as your Buy Now button that appears on each page, whether you want to show images/video on each page and you can also adjust individual settings specific to Amazon, Ebay and Commission Junction.

Final Verdict

As an affiliate marketer myself, products like WP eCom Engine are the easiest for me to review because they are built around my expertise within Internet Marketing.

While WP eCom Engine is a simple product that is not necessarily “feature rich” that is also part of the reason I see it as a success and I am going to approve and recommend WP eCom Engine for affiliate marketing purposes.

Being able to enter a keyword and retrieve related products from Amazon, Ebay and CJ with the click of a button is a really cool feature that allows users to search for products within the same platform and it also saves a lot of time as opposed to navigating to each of these affiliate networks and manually searching for product opportunities.

As far as the product listings, being able to schedule and publish unlimited product listings to our websites with everything already setup including full description, pricing, images, video and affiliate link, a lot of marketers might prefer to come up with their own product descriptions and obviously if you are using WP eCom Engine you are extracting the exact content from the original websites.

That said, it is easy enough to work from the original product description and customize it however you like within the user-friendly WordPress platform and that is a heck of a lot easier and less time consuming than writing the entire listing from scratch.

WP eCom Engine is a huge time saver for affiliate marketers and at the very low price of $17-$27 you really cannot go wrong here.


Product Features



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