WP Freshstart 3.0 Review and Bonus

WP Freshstart 3.0Welcome to my WP Freshstart 3.0 Review and Free Bonus page.

Each time we install a WordPress blog it comes with a bunch of extra junk that we never use.

For example, you will see a sample post, a sample page, etc.

And I’m sure that deleting these useless items one at a time and cleaning out your WP blog is the first thing you do before getting to the more meaningful parts of the website creation process.

But before we can get started we have to lay the foundation and publish those super exciting About Us, Privacy Policy, and Contact pages each time we launch a new blog.

Now, what if I told you that with one click I could automate over a dozen of these manual steps that everyone else is doing one at a time each time they launch another WP blog?

And I’m not just talking about removing your “Hello World” post and “Sample Page” with one click. That click will also build your About Us page, Privacy Policy page, Contact Us page, and more…

The question is… Would YOU like to have this convenient ability whenever you create a new blog?

Or would you rather continue the mundane and repetitive “one at a time” processes EVERY time you start another blog?

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WP Freshstart 3.0 Demo

Check out my demo video below to see WP Freshstart 3.0 in action. I have demonstrated the process of installing, setting up, and running this plugin in this video…

[button color=”blue” size=”big” link=”http://mecanto.com/get/wp-freshstart-3″ target=”blank” ]GET WP Freshstart 3.0[/button]

WP Freshstart 3.0 Review

WP Freshstart 3.0 is a WordPress plugin that significantly improves the blog creation process by taking all of those necessary but mundane and time consuming chores that we have to execute one-by-one every time we start a new blog and consolidate them into ONE step that takes ONE click to execute.


Here are the things you can do with the click of a button if WP Freshstart 3.0 is installed on your blog:

Delete all posts and pages
Set permalinks to /post-name/ for optimal SEO
Delete all comments
Stop new comment notifications
Stop moderate comment notifications
Create pages for About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Earnings Disclaimer, Contact Us, and more
Create pages for Amazon Associate Disclosure, Affiliate Disclosure (FTC Statement), Copyright / DMCA Notice, Anti-SPAM Policy, Medical Disclaimer
Create multiple post categories
Create multiple blank pages & posts
Install multiple plugins at once

A lot of the actions I’ve listed above are necessary towards having a well structured blog that ranks in the search results which is why we take care of them one at a time whenever we start a new WP blog.

WP Freshstart 3.0 allows us to save so much time and work more efficiently by eliminating these tasks that are quite honestly boring as hell, but what makes it even more impressive to me is the fact that it can create all of these different pages that I’ve listed above, some of which normally take a considerable amount of time to complete.


If you’re looking through this list and wondering how some of these things would work, for instance, creating a bunch of post categories and installing several WordPress plugins with the click of a button, it’s actually quite simple.

To create post categories, all you need to do is enter each category name and separate them with a comma. For example:

Category 1, Category 2, Category 3

As for installing multiple WordPress plugins at the same time, all you need to do is enter the URL of the WordPress plugin in the field that comes up once you place a check mark next to “Install Multiple Plugins at Once”.

WP Freshstart 3.0 is a simple and straightforward plugin, but it also comes in handy every time you create a new blog and it makes that process a heck of a lot easier.

That said, I can’t think of any good reason not to purchase WP Freshstart 3.0 if you are someone that intends to create multiple WordPress blogs in the future.

It’s especially a “no brainer” when you consider the cheap and affordable price tag combined with the fact that – even if you don’t like it for any reason – it comes with a money back guarantee.

[button color=”blue” size=”big” link=”http://mecanto.com/get/wp-freshstart-3″ target=”blank” ]GET WP Freshstart 3.0[/button]


WP Freshstart 3.0 will become available on 1/27 at 11:00 AM EDT. At that time, Ankur Shukla will be offering a limited time discount and the pricing will start at $17. I am also giving away the FREE Bonus products listed below when you purchase through my page…

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Money Back Guarantee

WP Freshstart 3.0 also comes with a money back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied, the vendor will issue a full refund of your purchase. Please do not forget to claim your FREE Bonuses listed above if you decide to buy this product through my page!


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