WP Link Shield 2.0 Review and Bonus

WP Link Shield 2.0

WP Link Shield 2.0 is a link cloaker that protects users against the many possibilities that lead to lost visitors and lost sales because of common problems with link cloakers.

WP Link Shield 2.0 identifies and addresses all of the issues with link cloakers that ultimately result in losing money and ensures that you will receive credit for ALL of your affiliate sales.

In this review, I will go over some of the problems with common link cloakers and explain how WP Link Shield 2.0 gives users a solution to each of these problems.



WP Link Shield 2.0 Demo

In the video below, WP Link Shield 2.0’s developer Chris Hitman explains how common link cloakers have several issues that can prevent marketers from earning commissions for sales they made. WP Link Shield 2.0 addresses each of these problems and gives us a robust and modern link cloaker. This video also goes through WP Link Shield’s functionality and features…


WP Link Shield 2.0 Review

WP Link Shield 2.0 is a link cloaking WordPress plugin that addresses major issues in common with standard link cloakers.

A lot of affiliate marketers use link cloakers to create more visually appealing links for their visitors which allows an affiliate link to look like this:


Instead of looking like this:


Both of these links go to the same website, but one of them looks more inviting, more safe and more legitimate than the other.

But unfortunately there are problems with the standard link cloaker and these problems will often result in losing visitors and/or losing credits for sales that we make.

In this review, I will address the problems with standard link cloakers one by one. WP Link Shield 2.0 offers a solution for each of these issues.

Problem #1:

Did you know the majority of link cloakers actually break mobile responsive sites? You can see a live example of this in the video I’ve posted above. A lot of link cloaking tools conflict with mobile responsive sites and when the mobile responsive version of the cloaked URL has loaded in your visitor’s mobile device, a lot of the time the responsive page does not load properly making it very difficult to navigate and sometimes the page’s links do not work either. With up to 60% of Internet users accessing the web with mobile devices today, this results in a lot of bounced or lost traffic which is completely unacceptable! Especially when the solution is as easy as having a modern and qualified link cloaking plugin. There is no reason we should not be able to EXPECT that each time our visitors click ANY of our links to a website, there should be no issues with its mobile responsiveness. This is one of the biggest issues that Chris has addressed with WP Link Shield 2.0

Problem #2:

Social media does not like affiliate links. As a result, when you try to post an affiliate link to a social media profile (i.e. Facebook) a lot of the time your post attempt will get blocked by their system because it recognizes that you are trying to post an affiliate link. Even if you are using a link cloaker to post the link, FB will typically block your post attempt because it recognizes that your cloaked link is simply redirecting to an affiliate link. WP Link Shield 2.0’s technology allows users to get around this annoying obstacle which means you can post affiliate offers to social media without any issues. With so many users on social media – especially Facebook – it would be a shame not to be able to tap into this big opportunity.

Problem #3: 

With other link cloakers, even after the cloaked link has been clicked, the “raw” affiliate link will appear in the visitor’s address bar making it easy to modify the link. For example, a visitor can easily recognize that your affiliate ID is embedded in the URL and simply highlight and delete it which prevents you from receiving commission if they decide to make the purchase. There are a lot of consumers out there that do not like the idea of affiliates receiving a significant percentage of their money for whatever reason, so do not underestimate how often this happens! With WP Link Shield 2.0 when someone clicks your cloaked link, it will NOT change to the raw affiliate link in your visitor’s address bar after the page loads. This prevents people from being able to steal your commission and it also makes the link appear a lot more natural because it is static and does not appear to redirect.

Problem #4:

This is probably the most uncommon scenario, but as someone that has done this myself, I’m not going to count it out. Sometimes people will access a link – such as an affiliate link – in one browser and for whatever reason they will end up opening another browser and going to the same website in that browser instead. Now you might be wondering why someone would switch browsers in the first place? I cannot speak for everyone out there, but I can tell you why I’ve done it in the past. Sometimes I have trouble loading flash content in Firefox, so when I’m on a website with Flash content, I will launch Chrome instead and go back to the same website. There are also instances in which – for whatever reason – a website I am trying to access does not load in the browser I am using, so I’ll try to access that same website in another browser… and then it works. So my point is there can be a variety of reasons for someone to switch from one browser to another, but the problem for affiliates is that when this happens we lose between 20% and 30% of sales. I’m not a very technical person myself, so I can’t explain the fine details as far as how WP Link Cloaker 2.0 is able to ensure that we receive credits for sales even when visitors switch browsers, but I can tell you that it has to do with how WP Link Cloaker 2.0 stores our browser cookies and that basically secures your affiliate ID from the first time a visitor accesses your link and as a result, your affiliate ID is still stored when they go back to that website even if they do not use your exact affiliate link in the exact browser.

WP Link Shield 2.0 is not your ordinary link cloaker; it offers additional features that go beyond those I’ve just mentioned. For example, the plugin also includes statistical analysis, tracking pixels which allow you to target specific visitors and automated meta tag migration I’ve listed some of these features in the section below for you to see.

Ultimately, I recommend WP Link Shield 2.0 as a valuable tool for affiliate marketers that will help you earn more money through your affiliate marketing campaigns by protecting you against lost traffic and lost sales.


Product Features

✓ Prevents lost commission from link sharing and switching browsers

✓ Blocks unwanted exit pop-ups

✓ Includes built-in reporting and statistics analysis

✓ 100% social media friendly (works on FB and Twitter)

✓ Instant social sharing to FB and Twitter

✓ And much more (explained in review section above)



WP Link Shield 2.0 will become available on 6/25 at 10:00 AM EDT. At that time, Chris Hitman will be offering a limited time discount and the price will be $39-$67 depending on license. I am also giving away the FREE Bonus products listed below when you purchase through my page…

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Money Back Guarantee

As someone that cloaks links myself, I can vouch for the importance of using a link cloaker. As far as link cloaking tools go, my honest opinion is that WP Link Shield 2.0 is the most complete link cloaking plugin on the market right now and it addresses some very important problems with similar tools. These problems are important because they directly influence how much money you are making through your affiliate marketing campaigns. In my review, I outlined the four major problems that have been addressed by WP Link Shield 2.0 one at a time. When you saw those you might have been thinking “how often does any of this actually happen?” Even if each one of these events were uncommon, they add up and when you think about it there’s actually a significant chance of any ONE of the following scenarios happening when a visitor goes through the process of making a purchase through your affiliate link. It could be a cloaked link breaking on a responsive website OR losing social media clicks OR losing commission when your affiliate ID is exposed and can be manipulated by visitors OR your visitor switches browsers; the possibilities add up! WP Link Shield offers protection against ALL of these possibilities and ensures that you will earn commissions EVERY time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link as you should. WP Link Shield 2.0 also comes with a money back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied, the vendor will issue a full refund of your purchase. Please do not forget to claim your FREE Bonuses listed above if you decide to buy this product through my page!


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