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WP Mega Pack is essentially the equivalent of an Instant WordPress Theme and Plugin Archive. Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins are individually expensive, so what if you could make one purchase that gives you access to hundreds of premium themes and plugins? That’s exactly what we have with WP Mega Pack and that’s what makes this a real “must have” for any Internet Marketer in my honest opinion. In my personal experience, the most annoying part of any site building process is choosing which WordPress theme I’m going to use. Often times, I will have to end up spending money on another WordPress theme. With the WP Mega Pack, whenever it’s time to build a new website, I can simply open my library including hundreds of themes sorted by niche and I’m off to the races without spending any more money or wasting any additional time.


Is WP Mega Pack Good For Me?

Let me begin by putting things in perspective. To build this site, I had to purchase a premium WordPress theme first. The price tag for one license was $55 at Themeforest.net. This is actually a fairly standard price tag for a premium theme.

While there are free themes, they are generally not considered by Internet Marketers that want to make an impression and a profit with their websites which is why – sooner or later – we learn to suck it up and pay the cost to produce a high quality website that includes its own interface, on-page SEO features, special features, etc.

Now WP Mega Pack comes along and SOMEHOW make it possible to give us unlimited licenses for hundreds of premium themes and plugins for a fraction of the price I paid for ONE license! The fact of the matter is this:

If I had WP Mega Pack before I created this website, I would have Saved $55 on this site… and the next… and the one after that… etc.

The entire concept behind WP Mega Pack is absolutely genius.

Matt Garrett, the product creator, successfully made a deal with developers of thousands of premium WordPress Themes and Plugins. This deal gave him the rights to distribute over $10,000 worth of licensed WordPress products for less than the average price of one theme.

One would naturally think it’s “too good to be true” and I had to see it to believe it myself, but now that I have gone through this incredible Virtual Library of high end Themes and Plugins, I can verify this product is LEGIT.

Even if you didn’t want to take the word of a stranger (me), you are entitled to a 100% money back guarantee with your purchase of WP Mega Pack and that would hopefully alleviate any apprehension or uncertainty towards this product.

WP Mega Pack Includes Hundreds of WP Themes in These Niches:


AND Premium WordPress Plugins Including…

* Google Maps Plugins
* Social Plugins
* Membership Plugins
* Google Analytics Plugins
* SEO Plugins
* Backup Plugins
* Google+ Plugins
* Coupon Plugins
* …MORE Plugins!

Let’s Recap So Far…

In case you missed something or perhaps I did, I am going to run through the main attractions of this amazing product:

* Full Access to Virtual Library With HUNDREDS of WordPress Themes and Plugins
* All Themes and Plugins Were HAND-PICKED From Tens of Thousands Possible Options
* All Themes and Plugins Include FREE UPDATES For The Next 12 Months or More…
* Unrestricted Licensed Means Use Each Theme or Plugin On UNLIMITED Websites!
* Never Buy Another Theme = Savings of AT LEAST $50+ On Your Future Sites
* Save TIME Without the Need to Hunt For Another WP Theme EVER AGAIN

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Just 3 Easy Steps to Claim Bonus:

1. Purchase WP Mega Pack through any link on this page or HERE

2. Check your Email and forward the receipt to my address: admin@mecanto.com

3. Your FREE Bonus will be mailed directly to your Email within the next 24 hours.[/box]

Exclusive Discount

In addition to your Free Bonus with purchase of WP Mega Pack, our link will take you to the Best Price Online at $27 for this product. Our licenses to provide high quality free bonuses with your purchase absolutely free is the only thing just as impressive as the hundreds of WordPress licenses you will get for $27! I would highly recommend WP Mega Pack to any Internet Marketer that uses WordPress Themes and Plugins to build websites. This is a rare opportunity to save lots of money in the long run.

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WP Mega Pack Includes 100% Money Back Guarantee

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