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Welcome to my WP Suite review and bonus page.

WP Suite is not a product that tries to sell you on some far-fetched idea to make more money.

On the contrary, WP Suite helps online marketers make more money by cutting out hours upon hours of unnecessary time spent towards managing our WordPress blogs individually!

If you are logging into each of your WordPress blogs individually and managing them one-by-one, you will want to read this review because I can promise you right now that WP Suite is about to become your best friend.

WP Suite allows users to manage and control ALL of their WordPress blogs from ONE dashboard.

That means all of your themes & plugins are updated from ONE dashboard, you can add/remove content across all blogs from ONE dashboard and so much more…

As an experienced online marketer myself, I can tell you from firsthand experience that the best way to make more money is by saving time and WP Suite does just that.

Please continue reading my WP Suite review to see an actual WP Suite demo below and find out how you can get my exclusive WP Suite bonus offer absolutely FREE with your purchase!

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WP Suite Demo

Check out this WP Suite demo to see how it works in action. This demo will give you a visual concept of WP Suite so you have a clearer idea of how this product would benefit your online business…

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WP Suite Review

WP Suite is a WordPress plugin created by Ankur Shukla that allows users to fully manage all of their WordPress blogs from one central dashboard.

With the click of a button, you can log in to all of your WordPress blogs. You do not even need to enter any passwords.

As you could see in the WP Suite demo above, this plugin gives users the ability to post content, images, videos, manage comments, etc. across all of your WP blogs.

WP Suite’s primary value lies in its ability to allow its users to eliminate tedious tasks associated with having to manage multiple WordPress blogs individually, like most bloggers unfortunately have to do.

For example, you might log in to Blog #1, create a new post, run updates on a couple plugins, update your theme and run the latest WordPress update…

And then log in to Blog #2 and do the same thing over again…

With WP Suite, you can do all of these things from ONE dashboard which allows you to cut your time in at least half!

This additional time that you did not have before can be invested into more important tasks that will actually help you make more money which is the same goal that all of us have.

This is precisely why I would highly recommend WP Suite to any WordPress user that is still managing their blogs individually; you are wasting a LOT of time and money in doing so!

Not to mention, WP Suite comes at a much cheaper, one-time price unlike similar products on the market which charge users monthly fees to manage their WordPress blogs from one location.

Besides saving time, WP Suite allows users to stay much more organized.

For example, if there are plugins that you like to install on all of your blogs, you will only have to select that plugin one time and then upload it to ALL of your blogs simultaneously, instead of logging into each of your blogs and installing that same plugin once at a time… along with all of your other plugins.

As I said at the beginning of my WP Suite review, there is no far-fetched selling point with this product; this is all about savings lots of time which enables you to make more money.

After all, every successful business – whether it is an online marketing business or anything else – constantly looks for ways to become more efficient because having more time allows businesses to increase their profits.

In that sense, WP Suite can easily become the most valuable plugin that you own, if you do not already have something similar.

And if you do have a similar product, there is a really good chance that you are paying monthly for these services which is why I would still recommend WP Suite because of its one-time price for lifetime usage.

So as the say at Lenox Financial:

“This is the biggest no-brainer in the history of mankind!”

And on behalf of all online marketers with multiple WordPress blogs, I would like to say this:

Thank you, Ankur Shukla!

Oh and by the way… I normally use this review space to only focus on the front-end product, but upon review, I am very impressed with WP Suite PRO which is the optional upsell to the regular version of WP Suite.

I have broken down the WP Suite PRO features separately in the “Product Features” section below, but I will briefly explain why I believe the upsell is “worth it”.

First of all, if it was not already convenient enough to be able to select each of your favorite plugins once and then install it to all of your blogs through the WP Suite dashboard, what if you could take it a step forward and create “packages” of your favorite plugins and install ALL of your plugins on ALL of your blogs with 1-click!?

In other words, let’s say you have 5 plugins that you install on every blog you create (very common).

With WP Suite PRO, you can create a package with all 5 plugins and install all of them on your blogs as a bundle instead of installing each plugin, one at a time!

WP Suite PRO also includes several tools that are very useful for bloggers and a lot of the time these tools are sold as separate products on the market which is why I would highly recommend the upgrade from a value standpoint.

As someone that has gone through the unfortunate experience of losing a blog due to malware attack that left irreversible damage, I will tell you right now that it is foolish to neglect the importance of having some type of “protection” for your blogs for the same reason we install anti-virus software on our computers.

WP Suite PRO comes with a malware & site vulnerability scanner which will protect all of your blogs against any attack that can cost you all of your hard work in very little time.

Another excellent tool that comes with WP Suite PRO is the speed & site performance monitor.

The importance of website loading times and site performance is at an all-time high and if your website is executing too many commands, that leads to a slow website, which leads to a poor user experience… which leads to a massive disadvantage in search engine rankings.

This tool allows users to stay on top of these important factors at all times and ensure that ALL of your blogs remain optimized.

There’s also a trio of bonus tools including the SEO Pinger which allows users to ping their blog after creating a new post so your posts will be indexed faster, a domain finder that allows you to reveal which domains are/are not available, and an awesome Link Finder tool that will allow you to plug in any URL and reveal its backlinks (great for spying your competitors).

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Product Features

Here is a breakdown of features in the WP Suite front-end product:

View summary of all WP blogs through dashboard

Add & manage unlimited number of blogs

Install multiple themes & plugins to any blog

Assign tags and groups to blogs and categorize/group them

Globally modify WordPress settings across all blogs

Update your WP themes and plugins with 1-click

Create and manage posts, pages, categories, tags, comments, users, images and videos

And much more…

These additional useful features are available to users that purchase the OTO/upsell (WP Suite PRO):

Run bulk actions on all/filtered sites including updating themes and plugins, installing/activating/deleting plugins, installing/activating/deleting themes, approve/mark as spam/delete comments

Create and install your own packages of WP plugins that can be selected and installed in one shot

Scan for malware & site vulnerabilities across all of your WP blogs with 1-click

Check all of your WP blogs for performance and speed (very important for SEO purposes)

Includes system info module

Bonus tool: SEO Pinger

Bonus tool: Domain finder allows users to check if specific domains are available

Bonus tool: Link finder allows users to enter a URL and retrieve its backlinks (very cool)


WP Suite is going to be available on 8/28 at 10:00 AM EST. At this time, Ankur Shukla will have a limited time discount and pricing will start at $29 on the front-end which will increase to $67 by 8/30.

There are also a few upsells that correspond with upgraded versions of WP Suite. The sales funnel is as follows:

WP Suite (Front-End): $29
WP Suite PRO (OTO #1)
WP Suite Premium (OTO #2)

WP Suite Developer (includes developer rights)
WP Suite Reseller (allows customers to resell the product as their own)

I am also giving away the FREE Bonus products listed below when you purchase through my page…

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Ankur Shukla has also given me his own bonus package to offer my customers! So in addition to all of my bonuses shown above, you will receive all of Ankur’s bonuses when you purchase WP Suite through my page! 

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3 Steps to Claim Your Bonus:

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1. Purchase WP Suite through any link on this page or HERE

2. Check your Email and forward the receipt to my address: admin@mecanto.com

3. Your FREE Bonus will be mailed directly to your Email within the next 24 hours.[/box]

Money Back Guarantee

WP Suite also comes with a money back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied, the vendor will issue a full refund of your purchase. Please do not forget to claim your FREE Bonuses listed above if you decide to buy this product through my page!

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